Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes. medicinal properties and


People with diabetes are forced to especially carefully monitor their diet. Their well-being and the course of the disease depend on it. There are products that have not only a pleasant taste, but also a whole list of useful qualities. So many doctors advise diabetics to introduce topinambur in their daily diet.

Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes mellitus began to be used relatively recently. Up to 19th century this fruit was just an exotic vegetable. The fact is that it was grown by the Indians of North America. The wave of interest rose only at the beginning of the 20th century. Then the whole hectares were sown with this crop. Today, the popularity of Jerusalem artichoke due to its healing properties. It is believed that it is much more useful than potatoes, carrots and beets. Fruits contain a lot of iron, vitamins and other microelements. Attractive topinambur and the fact that it is very unpretentious. It grows on any soil, resistant to pests and does not require special care. Most often it fills the beds like a weed.

Jerusalem artichoke: medicinal properties

Jerusalem artichoke in its appearance resembles a small sunflower. In contrast to this plant, the edible part is located underground. Eat tubers of Jerusalem artichoke. Therefore, it is also called an earthen pear. Healing properties of Jerusalem artichoke may be different. So, in addition to saturating the body with vitamins, it normalizes digestion, has a slight laxative effect, is used as a choleretic agent. Especially in detail should be told about why Jerusalem artichoke is recommended to include in the diet of diabetics.

Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes

Patients need to constantly monitor the level of sugar. Some are forced to make insulin injections. The use of Jerusalem artichoke sometimes leads to the fact that injections can be waived. Its composition contains a polysaccharide, which is broken down in the body into glucose. As a result, when insulin-dependent type of diabetes is reduced sugar levels. This is due to the fact that fructose penetrates the cells and acts as a natural insulin. In addition, the earth pear absorbs glucose from the intestines. As a result, the body begins to produce insulin independently without the help of drugs. With type 2 diabetes, with a constant use of the earthen pear there is a decrease in weight. The general well-being of patients is normalized. It is worth remembering that for a positive effect, an earthen pear should be used regularly in any form!

Jerusalem artichoke is used:

  • To strengthen the immune system
  • To improve the condition of patients with atherosclerosis, pancreatitis
  • With anemia
  • To lower blood pressure
  • To cleanse the body. Jerusalem artichoke removes heavy metals, their impurities, toxins from the body
  • With hormonal disorders
  • To improve vision

How to cook Jerusalem artichoke?

Surprisingly, Jerusalem artichoke does not lose most of the useful properties with different ways of cooking. It is useful in both fresh and processed form. It is worth noting that the way of storage affects the taste. Tubers must be moved to a cool place. Otherwise they will wrinkle. For this reason, part of the crop is harvested in the fall to be used for food, and others are left in the ground. In contrast to potato tubers, the earth pear is well kept in frozen soil. In this form, it can lie until spring. After the snow has thawed, the tubers are dug out and begin to use for the preparation of salads, main dishes, juices and syrup.

The French believe that Jerusalem artichokes taste like artichokes. Therefore, it can be used to replace this ingredient in any dish. The taste of an earth pear resembles potatoes and cabbage combined. It is something like nuts.

Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes

You can cook Jerusalem artichoke in different ways. Some out of habit, they remove peel from root crops. You can do without it, because It contains many vitamins and nutrients. Fruits need to be thoroughly washed and walk on them with a brush. After that the Jerusalem artichoke is ready to cook various dishes.

In cooking, Jerusalem artichoke is used in the same way as potato tubers. It is boiled or fried. Optionally sprinkle the dish with spices. The essential difference is that various salads with vegetables and juices are made from earthen pears. For the first option fresh Jerusalem artichoke cut into strips, mixed with carrots or any other vegetables. Juice can be obtained by rubbing root vegetables on a grater or grinding them in a meat grinder. Then the mush is filtered through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is diluted with a small amount of water and drink as tea or juice.

When using Jerusalem artichoke as food, it is worth remembering about contraindications. Some people have individual intolerance to its components. Also, a raw earth pear can lead to colic and bloating.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup

Despite its name, this drink does not contain sugar, because It is designed to normalize its level in the blood of patients with diabetes. You can prepare it as follows:

  1. Wash and peel several tubers of earth pears.
  2. Jerusalem artichoke grind blender or mince.
  3. Gruel pour hot water. 3-4 tablespoons leaves about 1 l. water.
  4. Let the resulting solution brew for 2-3 hours. Drink before meals, like water. If desired, it can be sweetened with stevia. It has almost no calories, and it has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Topinambur syrup can also be purchased at pharmacies. It is prepared from boiled raw materials at a temperature of about 55 degrees. Due to this, nutrients are not destroyed. Most often, Jerusalem artichoke syrup is used as a sweetener. They can not only be treated, but also give a sweet taste to various dishes.

Jerusalem artichokes in tablets

Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes

If you do not have an infield where you can grow an earth pear, you can buy Jerusalem artichoke tubers on the market or replace them with pills from it. Often they are produced as dietary supplements. Among them:

  • Inulin - contains polysaccharides, obtained from Jerusalem artichoke. It stabilizes the intestinal microflora, has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol. Improves blood formation. Available in tablet form or in powder form. Before use, it is diluted with milk, juice or water. Drink while eating 1-2 p. per day. In the form of capsules take it 2 tablets and 2 p. in a day. Inulin is used not only to normalize diabetes, but also as a prophylactic agent.
  • Dolgolet is an inexpensive dietary supplement consisting of dried topinambur. Has an immuno-strengthening effect. Lowers blood sugar levels. Helps to normalize metabolism and reduce weight.
  • Neovitel is a complex created on the basis of an earthen pear. Affects metabolism. Normalizes the synthesis of carbohydrates and fats. Used to improve the condition of patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes. The supplement contains stevia. Therefore, it tastes a bit sweet. It helps to reduce weight and is involved in the synthesis of carbohydrates.

Jerusalem artichoke should be used not only for diabetics, but also for healthy people. The spectrum of its action is wide enough - from the removal of toxins from the body to reduce the level of sugar in the body. It can be used both in its raw form, and by preparing a salad or main course from it. Also produce supplements based on Jerusalem artichoke.