Janine - low dosagend combined contraceptive drug. In women who take it, menstruation becomes more regular, painful, less frequent, shorter.l and the intensity of bleeding, as a result reduces the risk of anemia. There is this drug and other advantages.

Janine: instructions for use and reviews

Janine is taken orally, drinking water, every day without a pass, preferably at the same time. The order of reception indicate on the package: 1 tablet per day, without interruption for 21 days. Reception of each subsequent packaging must begin after a week break, during which usually there is bleeding. Most often it occurs on the 2-3rd day after taking the last pill, it may not be interrupted before using the next pack.

Janine: Doctors reviews

If you did not take any hormonal contraceptives in the previous month, start taking zhanin on the 1st day of your menstrual cycle. Suppose taking on the 2-5th days of the cycle, but in this case, you must additionally use barrier contraception on the 1st week of taking the medication.

After childbirth or abortion, which were in the 2nd trimester, doctors prescribe the drug on the 21-28th days. If it is started later, you need to additionally use other means of protection during the first week of using the product. If a woman has had sexual intercourse, then before you start taking zhanina, you should completely eliminate the pregnancy or wait for the 1st menstruation.

In the opinion of doctors, some patients have breast tenderness, their increase, migraine, changes in libido and mood in general, poor tolerance of contact lenses, changes in body weight, etc., when taking the drug. In rare cases - increased fatigue, diarrhea. As with ingestion of other hormonal contraceptives, thrombosis is likely to occur in rare cases.

If we talk about the cost of the drug Janine, its price fluctuates around 700 rubles. for packaging, which causes adverse customer reviews. Many believe that it is quite expensive.

Janine with endometriosis: reviews

Endometriosis is a disease characterized byI overgrow the inner lining of the uterus. The causes of endometriosis are not fully understood. However, it is known that a hormonal imbalance can provoke ailment. The effectiveness of therapy zhaninom based on the principle of the drug.

Janine: Doctors reviews

After ovulation in the 2nd half of the cycle, under the influence of hormones, the woman’s preparation for pregnancy begins, which is also characterized by the growth of the uterine mucosa. In the case of pathology, this extends to the inner membrane of this organ and other areas. Depending on their location, the main symptoms of endometriosis occur: bleeding, cycle disturbances, abdominal pain. Janine retardation, therefore, and subsequent changes are mild.

  • Marina: Do not worry about endometriosis, this is not the reason why you can not get pregnant. I am 40 years old, endometriosis has long been. I got pregnant, everything is fine.
  • Irina: The doctor prescribed Zhannin to me from endometriosis, I drank it a little, then threw it away. There were side effects, severe nausea.
  • Lera: In my opinion, janin endometriosis does not completely cure, the disease just subsides for a while, while you are drinking the drug. But all my life I’m not going to drink it, I’m too hard to endure hormones.
  • Alain: I have been drinking Janine for 3 years. Was prescribed for the treatment of endometriosis. A year ago, the monthly stopped. I thought that pregnant, it turned out - no. Now, some doctors say that this is normal and you can continue to drink, and others that you need a break to restore the normal cycle. I do not know who to believe me! But I would have drunk! I endure it beautifully, and without monthly "inconveniences" in general, beauty. But somehow it is unusual that they are not. I'm afraid it's a pathology.

Janine: Doctors reviews

Janine is the choice of those who want to protect themselves from pregnancy without using a condom and solve a number of other problems, for example, to treat endometriosis.

As with any drug, zhanin has side effects and contraindications. The gynecologist will help to weigh all the pros and protees, as well as the state of your body when taking this drug.