Itching legs below the knees


Probably every person at least once in his life experienced itchy legs below the knees. It may be so intolerable that people often comb their skin into the bloodstream, causing scarring. The reasons for this phenomenon can be many. The only rule that you need to follow without fail during a strong itch is to try not to scratch your legs, otherwise you can bring an infection.

Why feet itch: medical facts

Itching legs below the knees: causes

  • Dermatologists believe that one of the most common causes of itching is any skin disease. In this case, itching is often accompanied by various rashes, redness and peeling. One of the most common skin problems affecting the legs is dermatitis. Dermatitis is manifested by a strong inflammation on the skin that is chronic. Another common cause of itchy feet is allergy.
  • Allergy and dermatitis actually appear for the same reasons, which include physical, chemical or biological stimuli. For example, constant friction of the skin, contact of bare skin with certain plants, and long exposure to high or low temperatures can be attributed to irritants. In addition to stimuli, an important role is played by heredity and elemental non-observance of hygiene.
  • Itching of the legs due to allergies may occur to anyone. Inappropriate hygiene products, poor-quality clothing, washing powder, creams and ointments may contribute to this. In addition to the itching, there may be spots, peeling and rashes during allergies. If these symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor to identify the causes and begin a qualified treatment.
  • The next reason why the legs itch, is a fungus that should be treated only under the supervision of a dermatologist. The fungus is capable of causing intolerable itching of the legs, yellowing of the nail plates, their crumbling and peeling. To relieve itching from the fungus, it is enough to take a foot bath with soothing herbs. As soon as possible, consult a doctor immediately - he will prescribe ointments, gels and sprays.
  • It so happens that the legs below the knees itch because of an allergy to animals. In this case, the allergen is not the animal itself, but its saliva or wool. In this case, you may experience itching not only on the legs, but also throughout the body, as well as a runny nose, cough, tearing of eyes, shortness of breath, in exceptional cases - swelling of the face and fever. If you have such an allergy, you must prescribe pills.
  • Another serious cause of itchy feet can be food. There are enough products that can trigger it. Allergens include chocolate, citrus fruits, grapes, strawberries, strawberries, fatty meats, sausages, smoked meats, caviar, etc. Observe, after which products you experience itchy feet and eliminate them from your diet.

What else causes of itchy feet?

Itching legs below the knees: causes

Some people have itchy legs because of nerves. Stress, nervous shocks, panic, feelings and phobias - all this can provoke such a condition. This is a kind of response of the body to shake from the outside. Sometimes itching can begin immediately, sometimes - after solving all problems. In this case, it is enough for the person to calm down or take a sedative, and the discomfort will immediately pass.

Allergy to cold is another cause of itching on the legs. Extreme temperatures are not necessary for the onset of symptoms, just cool weather can cause itching. Such an allergy can be calculated by the following signs: blisters, hives, dizziness and fever. Allergies to cold can occur at any time of the year.

Itching of the skin can disturb people with diabetes. Patients suffering from this disease, often observed dehydration, which provokes scabies. Lower limbs itch the most. In this case, the itch persecutes a person constantly, and medications can only relieve him for a while.

If you notice that your feet itch in the evening - this indicates hormonal changes in the body and an imbalance of hormones. An unpleasant symptom can also torment you at the initial stage of varicose veins.

Can licked legs from tights?

Itching legs below the knees: causes

When the legs of the legs itch after wearing tights - this is a signal that it is time to switch from synthetics to natural fabrics. Especially delicate skin areas are affected by synthetics. It is also possible that tights affect the epidermis as a result of improper shaving. In any case, you need to watch for some time the reaction of the skin to certain tights (before and after shaving), and then draw conclusions and change something.

Itching of the feet always causes discomfort. In the case when it occurs one-time or because of synthetic clothing - you can not pay special attention to it. When the legs itch constantly or often enough, you should immediately consult a doctor so that he prescribes a qualified treatment and identifies the real cause of the itch.