It hurts under the left shoulder blade


Have you ever come across what hurts under the left shoulder blade in the back? Perhaps it was a one-time phenomenon, and this problem no longer bothers you. But if the pain bothers now, then, without delay, make an appointment with a doctor. Which one exactly? We will try to answer this question.

From ulcers to heart attack: why does it hurt under the scapula?

why hurt under the scapula

It may seem to someone that the pain under the scapula on the left is not such a dangerous symptom. Sore and pass - maybe slept on the wrong side. It also happens. But not always. Very often it is a signal of impending disaster. After all, pain in this place can talk about problems with the heart, ulcer, pleurisy, and many other very serious diseases, the consequences of which can lead to disability and even death.

ODA disease sign

If it hurts under the left shoulder blade, then, most likely, this is a manifestation of diseases of the bone and muscular system. These include:

  • osteochondrosis (in the cervical or thoracic region);
  • injury to the scapula (fracture or cleavage), which caused damage to the supra-scapular nerve;
  • diseases of the scapula: osteomyelitis, inflammatory process in the subscapularis, tuberculosis, tumor;
  • the pterygoid scapula (Sprengel disease);
  • myofascial syndrome;
  • intercostal neuralgia.

If the pain is triggered by these ailments, then it is of such a nature: aching, pulling, becomes stronger at rest or after physical activity, often not only hurts under the left shoulder blade, but the left arm also dies, dizziness appears. By evening, the pain becomes more pronounced, in the morning it subsides somewhat, but muscular stiffness occurs. Discomfort cannot be relieved with heart medicine. In neuralgia, shootings and intense girdle pain are noted.

In order not to be mistaken with the diagnosis, an x-ray is needed.

The consequence of pathologies of the broncho-pulmonary system

pain under the shoulder blade on the left side

Diseases of the respiratory system are in second position among the factors causing pain under the scapula on the left side. The following diseases can be felt by such a symptom:

  • left-sided pneumonia;
  • dry pleurisy;
  • lung abscess;
  • acute bronchitis, tracheobronchitis.

If the reason lies in the above pathologies, then the patient reports that he has pains and breathing under the left scapula at the back (when pleurisy develops penetrating cutting pain, with pneumonia - aching). At the same time, it is localized at one point. Additional symptoms that are important for the differential diagnosis are coughing, wheezing, fever, and general weakness.

To accurately identify the disease, it is necessary to make an x-ray.

When is the problem caused by heart disease?

Very often, the main "suspect" among all the potential perpetrators of pain in such a place becomes the heart - which is understandable, because it is located on this side. Indeed, this symptom appears in many cardiac pathologies. If the patient complains that he has a pain under the left scapula, the ECG and ultrasound of the heart will prompt exactly what it can be. In general, pain, localized in this area, can cause such dangerous ailments:

  • coronary heart disease;
  • heart attack;
  • angina pectoris;
  • pericarditis;
  • aortic aneurysm;
  • mitral valve prolapse.

Since these diseases are life threatening, more attention should be paid to their symptoms. With a heart attack, there is a burning sensation, an air deficit, a paroxysmal pain radiating to the left arm, jaw, neck, under the scapula. Patients describe it as a pressing, constricting heart.

Pericarditis is manifested by pain reflected in the left side of the body. It decreases slightly at rest, in a sitting position and when the body is tilted forward. In ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris and infarction, the pain initially appears in the chest region (or in the middle of the back) and has a diffuse character. If the patient has an aortic aneurysm, then the pain syndrome is characterized as permanent, aggravated. It makes itself felt harsh, shooting through pain.

These are extremely dangerous conditions requiring immediate hospitalization.

With what diseases of the digestive system does pain appear under the scapula?

What diseases of the digestive system causes pain under the scapula?

The culprit of pain under the scapula should be sought among the organs of the digestive tract. It causes such diseases of the digestive system:

  • peptic ulcer or duodenal ulcer;
  • spasm in any part of the esophagus;
  • reflux esophagitis;
  • pancreatitis.

One of the worst diseases of this kind is an ulcer. Of course, pain under the scapula is not the main symptom of the disease. Its manifestations are paroxysmal pain, which appears on an empty stomach at night and is intolerable. If there is a disorder in the work of the digestive tract, it may appear nausea, sharp pain, bloating.

To confirm the preliminary diagnosis, an ultrasound examination of the digestive organs, fibrogastroscopy, and blood tests are prescribed.

Other culprits

In addition to the reasons that have already been mentioned, there are several other provocateurs for pain in the subscapular region on the left. These include:

  • vegetative vascular dystonia. The patient is not only worried about the pain - there are such symptoms: increased sweating, slow heart rate, irritability, memory disturbance, hand tremor, fear, panic, lump in the throat;
  • professional activity. These pains are caused by activity that is associated with overstrain of the muscles of the shoulder girdle;
  • awkward movement;
  • uncomfortable position during the night rest.

Unfortunately, in most cases the pain under the left shoulder blade is a beacon of serious diseases that can be fatal. Therefore, for any atypical sensations in this part of the body, call the ambulance team or consult a specialist. Do not try to get rid of suffering through strong anesthetics: by this you only contribute to the progression of dangerous diseases. Remember that the effects of self can be tragic.