Is it possible to recover from watermelon


On the scales weight gain !!! You start to sort through the options in your head, which could contribute to this sad fact. Do not be surprised, but perhaps extra pounds caused the consumption of watermelon!

Do you get better from watermelon?

Do you get better from watermelon?

You can get better if:

  1. There is a watermelon with a loaf. Many people like to seize this delicacy with white bread. In such a situation, weight gain is guaranteed, but not from watermelon, but from flour. By the way, if you need to gain weight, flour products whipped with juicy scarlet pulp is a win-win option. So bodybuilders support their weight.
  2. Give in to the feeling of hunger. After consuming watermelon, your appetite may increase, so try to restrain yourself from excessive food intake. Hunger due to high glycemic index of the product.
  3. There is a watermelon in large quantities. It seems that the berry contains only water, but it is sweet. No wonder that watermelon is called sugar. 38 calories per 100 g is a small figure, but remember that the average weight of a berry is 5-7 kg, and eating a watermelon in one sitting is not so difficult. We take away the peel and multiply 5000 by 38 and divide by 100, it turns out the daily rate of calories. But besides this, we eat during the day, and others. Food. Here also those extra kilos run.

You can not get better if:

  1. Practice fasting days on watermelons. When the berry does not mix with other products, it is well absorbed, perfectly cleans the body from toxins and toxins. Not the news that diuretics are actively used for weight loss, and here there is also a lot of vitamins.
  2. There are watermelons between meals. To the berry is well digested, do not mix it with others. Food, the principle of separate nutrition plays a big role. Try to use watermelons, after 1 - 2 hours after eating and before the next snack, observe the same time interval.

After eating juicy pulp sometimes gives the impression of overeating, but this is a temporary effect that you can use for your own benefit. For example, during a diet often there is a feeling of hunger, a watermelon is a wonderful way to fight it. Firstly, it fills the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety, secondly, it is sweet, which means it can diversify boring dietary days. A good mood is very important for the motivation to lose weight.

Calorie watermelon

38 kcal per 100g. Sugar, which is contained in watermelons, does not affect the increase in body weight, it is well absorbed and is not deposited in fat.

Calorie watermelon

On a watermelon day, eat as little salt as possible, so the healing effect of cleansing the body will increase and there will be no edema on the body in the morning.

Do not store sliced ​​watermelon in the refrigerator for a long time, it deteriorates quickly and they can be poisoned.

You can not get better if you observe moderation. You can even sit on the bottom of a watermelon mono diet. But it is better to replace the watermelon dinner. However, before you lean on this berry, check whether it contains nitrates. Watermelon poisoning occurs very often. If you decide to practice a diet, then start it in August. During this period, the most environmentally friendly berries are sold. There are a few rules that will help test watermelon for nitrates:

Dip a piece of pulp in a glass of clean water. If there is no nitrate, then the water will become cloudy, if there is, it will turn pink or red.

Pure watermelon with a sugary slice, without yellow streaks. Smooth cut - a sign of artificial cultivation.

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Remember that natural watermelon is not only tasty, but also very useful.

  1. Rich in vitamins: A, C, B1, B6.
  2. Strengthens the immune system due to the antioxidant lycopene.
  3. Potassium lowers blood pressure.
  4. Proven detox agent.
  5. Improves skin condition.
  6. Normalizes the urogenital system.
  7. Choleretic agent.

Do not be afraid to recover from watermelon, if you follow the rule of moderate consumption. Do not eat watermelon with other food, especially flour products. If you are afraid to buy poisoned berry in the store, grow it in your summer cottage. The climate of the middle lane is perfect for growing small but useful watermelons.