Is it possible to recover from honey

The constantly accelerating pace of life makes a person always be in good shape. Help in this is sports and proper nutrition, an integral part of which is honey.

There are many varieties of honey: acacia, peppermint, lime, raspberry, heather, chestnut, buckwheat, clover, etc. It also differs in color. It is light, moderately colored and dark. Its color depends on the type of plant from which the bees collected nectar. The most useful product is a dark color, because it contains more minerals and other useful substances.

Honey has long been used along with other beekeeping products (propolis, pergoy, royal jelly, wax) not only in Russia, but also in Eastern countries as a means of traditional medicine in the treatment of various diseases. The popularity of this product is reflected in the folklore works of different nations of the world.

Is it possible to recover from honey?

The healing properties of natural honey are highly valued at present. Its chemical composition is rich in minerals, various trace elements, group B vitamins (folic, nicotinic and pantothenic acids, thiamine, biotin, riboflavin and pyrodoxin), provitamin A, vitamins C and PP, essential oils that improve the nutrition of tissues and accelerate their regeneration, maintain the condition of the blood vessels in the norm and significantly increase the body's resistance to infections. Enzymes (diastase, catalase, amylase, phosphatase, lipase), which are part of natural bee honey, have an antibacterial effect, and phytoncides stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. Due to the abundance of chemicals honey has anti-inflammatory properties, is involved in enhancing the metabolism, has a tonic effect on the human body.

  • Bee honey is useful for anemia, has a beneficial effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the activity of the kidneys, liver, and is effective in treating cardiovascular diseases. It strengthens the central nervous system, normalizes sleep, stimulates the body's defenses, so doctors recommend it to people with poor health, children and the elderly.
  • To maintain normal functioning and working capacity of our body, energy is necessary, the source of which is food. The high content of glucose and fructose in honey provides us with this energy. The presence of these substances in the product makes it indispensable for infectious hepatitis and even cirrhosis of the liver, increasing glycogen stores, improving the processes of tissue metabolism.
  • In addition, natural honey can be used as a means of body care in the composition of cosmetic masks and peels, because the potassium and magnesium contained in it, maintain the youthful skin, preventing premature aging. In addition, honey softens the skin, eliminates its dryness and peeling, increasing tone.

Calorie honey

Despite its beneficial properties, honey is a high-calorie product. Caloric content ranges from 302 to 415 kcal, depending on its type: light ones contain less calories than dark ones. At the same time, the nutritional value of honey exceeds the nutritional value of boiled fish or meat (for comparison, the caloric content of a 100-gram slice of boiled mackerel is 211 kcal, and that of beef is 218 kcal).

Is it possible to recover from honey?

A high content of glucose and fructose (about 80 percent) in honey when it is excessively consumed can contribute to the development of obesity. Glucose entering the body enters the liver, where it is processed and distributed, depending on the needs of the organism. Why do we need glucose? It is used for instant blood saturation in order to provide energy for current processes, in the synthesis of glycogen, necessary for the implementation of muscle activity, and in the synthesis of fats, if it is not needed for the two processes mentioned above. Thus, with regular overeating, glucose turns into hard-to-consume fat, which is stored in the body "for a rainy day."

If honey is so high in calories and saturated with sugars, the question immediately arises: Do you get better from honey? How to eat it to not get better? Moderation will help keep weight normal. The optimal amount of food that can be eaten per day is approximately 100 g for adults and about 40-50 g for children. People who are intensely involved in sports can consume up to 200 g of honey throughout the day.

Honey is a useful and tasty delicacy, which will not be superfluous in the diet of any person, regardless of age. Restrict the consumption of the product will have only people with individual intolerance. Calorie honey is quite high. If you are overweight, include this product in the menu in small portions. In moderation, it will not damage your figure.

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