Is it possible to pierce the corn


Corns - the eternal companion of women running in pursuit of fashion in high heels. Unfortunately, beautiful shoes are not always comfortable. The result is pounded leg skin.

What is the callus? This is a kind of hardening of the skin, which has turned keratinous and has arisen due to friction or pressure on that part of the skin where it was formed. There are 3 types of corns:

  1. dry - the initial stage of the occurrence of compaction, in this case, the skin swells and cornea in a certain area;
  2. wet - has the appearance of a bladder, which contains the lymph;
  3. blood lymph, which is present in the upper layers of the skin, contains an admixture of blood. Such a corn is the most painful and requires immediate treatment.

Is it possible to pierce the corn?

Most often, corns are formed on the legs, especially due to wearing a new shoe. A little less often they can appear on hands because of intensive physical labor. Especially this problem worries gardeners who use garden tools - rakes and shovels.

Do I need to pierce the corn?

Often the question arises: is it necessary to pierce the corn, especially wet? This is not recommended. But sometimes you just need to quickly get rid of the painful growth. If its size is not too large, and you urgently need to go somewhere, then you must first smear the corn with iodine. It will slightly dry the painful area and give some relief when moving.

If you do not need to go anywhere during the day, then do the following. Take the needle, dip it in the alcohol or liquid in which it is contained, and then ignite it with a lighter or a match. Now it's time to take a callus: you need to pierce it so that the needle enters it 2 times. This is necessary in order for all the liquid to flow out of the bubble, the residue must be squeezed out with clean hands. Then the corn should be smeared with iodine. Socks can not be worn, you can only open slippers or flip flops. So, damaged skin dries faster and gets worse.

Corn to pierce or not?

  1. Piercing the corn yourself can increase the risk of infection. Try to wait until it breaks through on its own. At this time, seal the bubble with a bactericidal plaster. If rubbed skin is very worried, you can take painkillers.
  2. Often there is a situation where the corn breaks itself - then the skin should be washed with soapy water, smeared with any anti-bacterial ointment and bandaged with a bandage. It will be good to give breathing to the damaged area of ​​the skin, removing bandages from it and washing away the ointment for a while.
  3. To pierce corn or not - the choice depends on the situation. Of course, it is undesirable to injure pounded skin, but sometimes it is just necessary to speed up the process of its healing and, for this, pierce the corn. But it is better to treat it with ointments and patches, avoiding puncture.

Prevention of corns

  • Try to prevent the appearance of corns. Shoes are better to choose comfortable, in which the legs do not feel discomfort and do not sweat. Do not ignore the choice of socks - it is best to choose those that are made from natural materials and absorb moisture well. If you have to walk a fairly long distance, it is better to turn the socks inside out. Thus, you will save yourself from the formation of growths, because the seams of socks can greatly rub the skin of the feet.

Is it possible to pierce the corn?

  • Before a long walk in distance and time, you can put on 2 pairs of socks as follows: thin at first, and tighter at the top. And the second pair must be turned inside out. The socks should still be tight, within reasonable limits, of course, it is good to hug the foot and not to move down from the foot. Too dense are also harmful - they can worsen the blood circulation of the legs.
  • Shoes are better to choose the one that is made of genuine leather or canvas - it is well breathable. In size more or less, shoes and shoes are better not to acquire, they must be exactly on the leg. In the new shoe is better not to make long walks, for this purpose, choose the pair, which went at least several times.
  • If there is a pair of shoes at home that you can’t carry, and she rubs your feet anyway, then you should carefully smear the hardest part of it with Vaseline.
  • Before you go on a long walk, it is better to stock up on a band-aid or bandage in order to promptly treat a blister if it appears.
  • Gardeners, before starting work with garden tools, it is better to wear gloves. If not, then you can use powdered chalk or talcum powder to powder the skin of your hands. The palms will not slide over the handle of the spade or rake. This will protect you from the appearance of corns.

How to treat corns?

If the corns have already appeared and give you discomfort, it is necessary to treat them. On your own, you can choose the necessary remedy (ointment, cream, patch) at the pharmacy, following the advice of the pharmacist. In the event that the corn does not pass for a long time, it is very sore or inflamed, immediately consult a doctor. He will prescribe treatment, make a professional dressing.

The appearance of corns on the legs is a common thing. Almost every person at least once in his life, but came across this annoying illness. For all its routine, do not treat this problem carelessly. Be sure to treat the corns, and if necessary, seek help from specialists.