Is it possible to eat raw beets every day


Proponents of proper and balanced nutrition know how important it is to eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily. As you know, nature gives us a lot of useful, nutritious, fortified micro and macro elements. Every day we eat a variety of root vegetables, including beets. In this regard, many people are interested in whether it is possible to eat raw beets. And if so, how many, and what are the contraindications for this? That is what this article is about.

Is it possible to eat raw beets?

Our great-grandmothers often used beets for cooking various dishes.

Our great-grandmothers often used beets for cooking various dishes. It gives not only a beautiful, rich color to the finished dish, but also an unusual aroma and taste. Our ancestors used this root crop not only for the manifestation of their culinary abilities. First of all, people evaluated the benefits of beets for the body. So, what are the beneficial properties of this root?

By eating raw beets, you can improve your health and replenish vitamin reserves, in particular:

  • normalize the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • improve the production of gastric juice;
  • clean the intestines of toxins;
  • replenish the supply of a number of fortified elements: retinol, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, group B vitamins, nicotinic acid;
  • cope with anemia;
  • normalize the functioning of the endocrine system;
  • improve thyroid function;
  • prevent the occurrence of malignant or benign tumor neoplasms;
  • remove from the body the released radicals;
  • deal with constipation, including chronic;
  • restore male potency;
  • reduce pain during menstruation;
  • eliminate the manifestation of allergic reactions;
  • improve the condition of the vascular walls;
  • reduce the likelihood of blood clots;
  • normalize the level of pressure;
  • improve the functioning of the heart muscle;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • normalize hemoglobin level.

Of course, with a single ingestion of raw beets, all these positive results cannot be achieved. To strengthen your health, you need to eat no more than 50-70 g of raw beets daily. Of course, it is impossible to eat it in its pure form, so there are many recipes for salads, as well as beet drinks. Try it and you will definitely find a recipe to your liking.

Many people wonder if you can eat raw beets every day. There are no categorical restrictions on this issue, but one should not forget that everything is good in moderation. Therefore, you can periodically eat salad with raw beets or drink beet juice, for example, for constipation or to cleanse the body. Cleaning in this way can be done no more than once every three months.

Contraindications to eating raw beets

As already mentioned, raw beets have a laxative effect, so it should be eaten with extreme caution, especially for people who suffer from diarrhea. Before you decide to enter this root vegetable in its raw form into your diet, consult with your healthcare professional.

Doctors recommend to exclude from the daily ration of raw beets in such cases:

  • with the development of diseases of the digestive tract in the acute stage;
  • in the presence of pathologies in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • in case of kidney dysfunction;
  • with the development of urolithiasis.

Raw Beet Dishes

Most of the raw beets prepare salads and fortified cocktails. Let's look at a few recipes for delicious and healthy salads.

Mostly raw beets make salads and fortified cocktails.

Recipe number 1

If you want to get the maximum benefit from eating salad, then try to add only fresh and selected vegetables and fruits. It is best to fill the salad with flaxseed or olive oil.


  • raw beets;
  • black radish;
  • fresh carrots;
  • an Apple;
  • any vegetable oil.


  1. Peel the roots and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Using a fine grater, chop them, do not pour out the juice.
  3. Apple can be pre-peeled. It also needs to be grated or cut into portions.
  4. Put all the ingredients in a deep container and season with vegetable oil.

Recipe number 2

Chop celery root with a knife

Many of us know how celery benefits our body. If you use it reluctantly, try adding celery to your salad. And to give the dish a spicy taste, use freshly squeezed lemon juice for dressing.


  • 1 lemon;
  • raw beets;
  • celery root;
  • any fresh greens;
  • seasonings;
  • vegetable oil.


  1. Chop celery root with a knife.
  2. Raw beets are best grated.
  3. Put these ingredients in a separate container, add salt and seasonings. Mix everything well.
  4. Add freshly squeezed juice of one lemon and vegetable oil to vegetables.

Recipe number 3

With salad recipes you can experiment

With salad recipes you can experiment. Raw beets can be added to meat dishes and vegetable side dishes. We want to offer you a unique recipe for fortified cocktail based on fresh beet juice.


  • cranberry berries (fresh or frozen);
  • beet juice - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • liquid honey - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • purified water - 150 ml.


  1. Pour the freshly squeezed beet juice into a glass.
  2. Add liquid honey and mix everything well.
  3. Cranberry berries suppress a little and put them in a container with beet juice.
  4. Add purified water and shake everything well.
  5. Your vitamin smoothie is ready to eat.

Despite the undeniable benefits of raw beets, it is not recommended to consume their food in excessive amounts. Do not forget that for health promotion you need to eat properly and in a balanced way. It is best to add raw beets to various dishes, since in its pure form it has a specific taste. Be healthy!