Is it possible to drink distilled water


About the healing properties of water is known to many. Water - an indispensable source of life for each of us. But it can be different: it is the water contained in our body, in each of its cells (approximately 80%) and the water on our planet (river, lake, sea water, water from swamps, etc.).

Drinking water is freshwater. We can drink and mineral water - water from special clean sources, the mineral composition of which helps from many diseases. Is there some more distilled water. Many have heard about it, but whether it is possible to drink it, they do not know.

What is distilled water?

What is distilled water?

Unlike drinking, distilled water is water purified from various impurities of salts, macro- and microelements. It does not contain any extraneous inclusions. It is water without bacteria and viruses, it also does not contain heavy metals.

But is there such water in nature? Certainly not. In nature, distilled water does not exist, it is an invention of human hands. But everything that man creates with his own hands is artificial. therefore distilled water is dead water.

Undoubtedly, in distilled water there is nothing harmful for a person, but nothing useful is left after the special cleaning technology either. That is, uhthe neutral water is very clean, no harm and no good. And before you deal with the question of whether it is possible to drink it, it is necessary to understand why a person created it, in which areas it is used.

Use distilled water

  • Distilled water is primarily needed to dilute the acid in car batteries.No one would argue that water is a good solvent. But in order not to run electrochemical reactions in batteries, only purified distilled substance is used.
  • Distilled water is also used. in steam generators or irons. With its help, steam is created when cleaning or ironing.

Use distilled water

  • Distilled water is used. in heating systems also due to the fact that it lacks any impurities. And it helps to avoid clogging of pipes and circulation disorders.
  • Such water is widely used to dissolve pharmacy industry.
  • There are people who use distilled water for the treatment of various diseases. But this is an extremely controversial question: can water, in which there is nothing useful, have healing properties and help the person to recover?
  • The effect of distilled water is based on the fact that there are no harmful substances in it. Therefore, many consider it capable of removing their body slags. But there are those who disprove their theory. They claim that along with the removal of harmful substances from the body, distilled water also removes beneficial substances. The issue of this dispute is still open.

Can I drink distilled water?

Do not drink distilled water by doctors and doctors. It is dead water, so it can not have healing properties. This water is unpleasant to taste, and it was created not for drinking, but for technical purposes.

If you still decide to be treated with distilled water, then it must be revived. To revive in this case is to structure. This can be done with the usual freezing of water.

Can I drink distilled water?

Thawed distilled water is really useful, but not for long, just for 5-8 hours after thawing.

Thus, before you run to the store for distilled water and use it instead of normal, think. Because there is no harm in it, there is no use. Do not rush to the first reviews on the Internet or the newspaper of popular recipes to treat chronic diseases with distilled water. It is best to consult a doctor.

But since the question of the benefits and harms of distilled water remains open, it is also important to note that water is a substance of unique nature. Scientists are still struggling with its amazing properties. Living water has a memory, changes its structure depending on the impact on it of words, music, positive or negative energy. Conspired (or charged) water heals the soul and body.

On how to clean the water, read the article Seven ways to clean the water from the tap. Cooking live water.

That is why the same chemical composition of water has such different properties. As for distilled water, scientists still have to work hard to finally answer the question whether it is possible to drink it.