Is hormonal drug duphaston


Women's health is very fragile, a rare woman today can boast of a complete lack of gynecological problems. Unfortunately, no one is insured against them: neither women are aged nor young girls. Modern medicine is looking for solutions. Duphaston has become a popular drug prescribed to women. One of the frequently asked questions is the combination of duphaston and alcohol, the compatibility of which is in serious doubt.

Explosive mixture: duphaston and alcohol

Explosive mixture: duphaston and alcohol

Duphaston is artificially synthesized hormone progesterone. Tablets are prescribed in the case when the natural hormones are disturbed for any reason. On the background of hormonal disorders, there are problems with the menstrual cycle, the work of the ovaries, the maturation of the eggs and, as a result, the conception and gestation of pregnancy.

The period to which duphaston is appointed can be quite different - from several days to several months. In the instructions for use there are no indications about the possibility of drinking alcohol during treatment, but this fact does not mean that duphaston is compatible with alcohol. Reception of the majority of drugs by default implies the rejection of alcohol. Duphaston is no exception:

  • Alcohol greatly accelerates the metabolism, reducing the therapeutic effect of duphaston;
  • Drugs, in turn, have a serious load on the liver. Many experts recommend combining duphaston with hepatoprotectors to support the body. Alcohol does an extra blow;
  • Alcohol affects the composition of the blood, duphaston also, regulating the hormonal background of the body, is very dependent on blood counts;
  • Very often, the appointment of duphaston precedes the onset of pregnancy. And in this case, the woman should think about how to cleanse your body of toxins and, in principle, to give up alcohol.

It is a mistaken opinion that when taking duphaston, you can drink alcohol in small doses or low-alcohol beverages. If we are talking about the adjustment of the cycle, then the period for which the drug is prescribed is only ten days. It is desirable to completely limit the intake of alcohol for a clear and clear picture and for the full impact of the drug.

dyufaston, being a hormonal drug, is not always easily taken by the body

Duphaston can not be called a cheap drug, taking a long course will cost a decent amount, but his appointment is just the case when the result is worth the effort. Even small doses of alcohol can significantly reduce the therapeutic effect, negatively affecting not only the state of health, but also the state of the wallet. Another important point: dyufaston, being a hormonal drug, is not always easily accepted by the body. Side effects may occur:

  • headache,
  • migraine,
  • allergic reactions
  • rash,
  • itch
  • weakness,
  • slight nausea.

Alcohol only exacerbates their manifestation, worsening the condition of the body.

There is a popular belief that hormonal drugs lead to weight gain and increased hair growth on the body. In this connection, a natural question arises: is hormonal drug dufastone or not? If so, how will it affect female beauty and attractiveness? Duphaston is indeed a hormonal drug, but it does not lead to a set of excess weight and does not cause excessive appetite, just as it does not affect the body hair.

Do not be afraid of taking duphaston, this drug is able to solve many serious problems in the female body, but the doctor must appoint it. Self-treatment in any case is unacceptable! But as for the pair of duphaston and alcohol, the compatibility of which is not justified by doctors, everyone should decide for himself what is more important in this case: a glass or two at a party or an effective treatment, on which the whole future life may depend.