Is chicory useful?

Chicory is a plant that grows almost everywhere. It has many healing properties for the female body. In chicory, both the flowers and the root itself are useful. It is used in cooking and cooking sweet dishes. Chicory is a good substitute for coffee, while not having the harmful compounds it contains.

One of the most useful qualities of chicory is its ability to improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system. In folk medicine, it is valued for its choleretic, anti-inflammatory, sugar-reducing, antipyretic, diuretic, antihelminthic and astringent properties.

Chicory composition

  • Leaves and seeds of chicory contain in their composition inulin, widely used as a sugar and starch substitute for diabetic nutrition.
  • Chicory root contains organic acids, tannins, resinous and bitter substances, carotene, vitamin C and group B.
  • The composition of chicory seeds includes protocatechin aldehyde, and the flowers contain glucose, bitter substances and glycoside. Glycoside intibin, which is part of it, helps to expand the blood vessels, remove tachycardia and calm the central nervous system.

Useful properties of chicory

Chicory has antimicrobial and tonic properties.. Chicory root has a sugar reducing and astringent effect. It is very useful for the treatment of diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract and diabetes. The best time to use chicory is the initial stage of diabetes. It can be used as a choleretic agent, used to arouse appetite, be taken as a sedative and anti-inflammatory agent. Chicory can enhance heart activity, help the heart work, and also be used as antipyretic and vasodilator.

Recommendations on the use of chicory

Chicory is very useful, but it also has contraindications. Those who suffer from vascular diseases, varicose veins, hemorrhoids use chicory root is undesirable. People suffering from heart disease should consult a doctor.

Are tinctures with chicory useful?

  • Exactly tinctures and decoctions of chicory root improve digestion, increase appetite and soothe the nerves. Chicory is used in diseases of the spleen, liver and kidneys.
  • For the treatment of tumors, old wounds and eczema, alcoholic chicory tincture is used, and for washing the wounds, chilled broth from chicory root is used.
  • If you make chicory instead of coffee, you can get a healing drink that will help the good movement of blood, dissolving and removing gallstones. A chicory drink will invigorate and relieve insomnia at night. It will be useful during recovery from viral hepatitis.
  • Tincture made from chicory inflorescences will increase the amplitude and slow the heart rate.

Chicory for treatment

  • For cooking infusion of chicory, useful in metabolic disorders and obesity, take 1 tbsp. tablespoon chopped chicory roots, 0.5 liters of water. Pour boiling water over chicory. Take 0.5 glass before meals 4 times a day.
  • For increased bile formation prepare an infusion of chicory root. Take 2 tbsp. spoons of chopped chicory roots, 2 cups of water. Fill the roots with water and boil for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, strain. Infusion take 0.5 glass before meals 4 times.
  • For treatment of furunculosis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis Prepare an infusion of 2 teaspoons chopped root and 200 ml of boiling water. Bay of chicory roots with water, let the infusion cool. From this, make applications every day for 30 minutes for 5 days, until the inflammation diminishes or the wet surface dries out.
  • With acute inflammation, eczema, allergic dermatitis with alcohol infusion can be done applications. To prepare alcoholic tincture of chicory, pour 2 tbsp. spoons of 100 ml of alcohol or vodka. After 2 days, use the infusion for washing abrasions and wounds.

Useful Chicory Recipes

  • For treatment of children's diathesis You can make a douche and lotion, using a decoction of chicory. To prepare it, take 2 tbsp. spoons finely chopped root, 2 tbsp. tablespoons chopped above-ground part of chicory. Fill them with 1 cup of hot water and boil for 30 minutes. After 10 minutes, strain and squeeze. Take a bath at night. Repeat the procedure 3 times.
  • To restore vision, You can make juice from chicory, parsley, carrots and celery. It will help nourish the muscular eye system. Acceptance of 250-300 ml of this juice every day is able to restore vision in a few weeks.
  • With enlarged spleen You can make a tincture of 2 g of chicory root and a glass of boiling water. Bay boiling water, wrap the infusion, and after 40 minutes, strain. Take 2 tbsp. spoons 3 times a day. This tincture will help strengthen, soothe, numb and eliminate the tumor.
  • AT eczema treatment help decoction, prepared as follows. Take 1 tbsp. spoon of chicory root, 20 g of watch, fennel, dandelion and buckthorn bark. Pour the mixture with 1 cup of boiling water and hold for 15 minutes in a water bath. After this, strain and squeeze the remaining mixture. Bring the resulting volume to 1 cup.

Chicory in cooking

Chicory is added to pastries, used as a seasoning, and gives the dishes a coffee-nut flavor and taste. To make chicory salad, take 1 chicory head, chop it, add chopped apple, leek and 2 eggs. Season with sour cream, homemade mayonnaise or airan.

Chicory has many beneficial properties. It will help prevent the development of disease. Chicory, drunk instead of coffee, will not have a harmful effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems. All parts of this plant are good for health. If you want to cope with chicory skin diseases - the first of the plants that will help you with this.

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