To confirm many diseases, it is necessary to use additional research methods. So, to eliminate or, on the contrary, confirm pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular the intestine, irrigoscopy has been used for a long time and successfully. Despite the fact that medicine has made great strides forward, this method of research has long held a strong position in the arsenal of doctors. Its essence lies in the X-ray examination of the intestine using a contrast agent.

The intestine perfectly passes x-rays, and, accordingly, is not visible in standard images. But in the case of the use of contrast - a substance that will inhibit the beam, you can get a great shot and explore the intestines. Such a processing mechanism is used in the study of all hollow organs.

The procedure allows to study the state of the intestines: the ascending part of the small intestine, the descending part of the rectum, as well as some calving of the small intestine and appendix. Moreover, it is possible to determine the localization, shape and internal diameter of the colon, to determine its ability to stretch. The study allows you to diagnose: tumors, polyps, diverticula, disorders of the state of the intestinal wall, etc.

Preparation for an irrigoskopiya: features

Irrigoscopy: what is it?

To be able to complete the survey, the procedure must be prepared. A couple of days before the patient needs to drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day, if there are no contraindications. On the eve of the study, in the evening, the intestines are cleaned with laxatives, and at night they make a control cleansing enema. After waking up, it is necessary to repeat the enema procedure, until the outflowing water is clear.

In addition, it is recommended to adhere to a specific diet, which is recommended to follow for 2 - 3 days before the study. It is recommended to exclude potatoes, rye bread, mushrooms, legumes, spicy and sweet foods, all gas-forming beverages from the diet. It is also necessary to reduce the number of raw vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The basis of the diet should be semolina, boiled meat, fish, broths, spicy soups, dairy products. As a drink, it is recommended to use juices, tea, fruit drinks, mineral water. During the preparation, it is not recommended to refuse food at all.

Bowel irrigoscopy: reviews

The procedure itself may take about 30 minutes. Initially, a control X-ray is taken in order to ensure that there are no fecal masses. Thereafter, a special tube is inserted into the anus with an attached container that contains the radiopaque substance.

Irrigoscopy: what is it?

Contrast infusion occurs under x-ray observation, the total volume of the substance can be from 0.5 to 2 liters. In some cases, it is shown the introduction of a small amount of air, which will help straighten the intestinal wall, respectively, the contrast will be better to display its walls. After the distribution of the contrast, several X-rays are taken at different angles.

Many patients are interested in the tactile side of the question: what are the feelings? Pain is absent, for these reasons, the procedure does not require anesthesia. According to reviews, during infusion of a contrasting substance, there may be urge to defecate, heaviness in the abdomen, and sometimes spasms. Such spasms are mild, painless, and cause only minor inconveniences, but not pain.

The advantage of this procedure is its safety, after extremely rare any complications arise. In addition, according to patients, this procedure is transferred much easier than colonoscopy. Even from the point of view of medicine, irrigoscopy is the preferred method of investigation. It is more informative, since with a colonoscopy it is not possible to study every part of the intestine thoroughly.

Decoding results

Normally, an evenly swollen intestine is visible on the X-ray image, with clearly marked physiological protrusions. As soon as the contrast is out, the intestines will return to their normal state.

In case of oncological diseases of the intestines, the picture will show a clear boundary between healthy and dying tissue, as well as violations of the bowel filling. Sometimes, you can see the intestine, which is similar to the apple core, in which case it is necessary to suspect diffuse changes that are characteristic of inflammatory bowel diseases - colitis, diverticula.

Price of the procedure

Irrigoscopy: what is it?

Pricing policy procedures are very diverse. And if you have to contact a paid medical center for such a procedure, then patients need to be ready to pay from one to several thousand rubles.

In addition, even in the hospitals themselves, this type of research is included in the list of additional methods, respectively, will need to be paid. Although the pricing policy of medical centers and hospitals is significantly different.

It should be remembered that the objectivity of the study will largely depend on the preparation of the patient for its implementation. The presence of feces, or remnants of a contrast agent, after a previous study can significantly distort the real picture of what is happening. After the procedure, the patient does not overlap, you can eat in the same mode. And, as a rule, a complete cleansing of the body from the contrasting substance occurs within 24 hours.