Iron wrap for waist

Slim waist - the dream of every woman. But over time, in the whirlwind of everyday cares, our waist is far from being as perfect as it was in youth. This is not a reason to give up and not to fight for what nature gave us all. This will help us the simplest iron hoop that we all had in childhood.

The benefits of classes with iron hoop

Exercises with an iron hoop, in addition to returning your former slimness to your waist, will also help improve the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Will have a beneficial effect on the vestibular apparatus, and will not cause harm to internal organs. Doing exercises with an iron hoop, you can increase the number of calories burned. Torsion of the iron hoop will enhance the circulation of lymph and blood circulation, improve skin condition and color. Strengthen muscles, which will help in the acquisition of slim figure, as well as wasp waist.

Recommendations for practicing with a hoop for waist reduction

Iron Wrap for Waist

  1. Try to turn the iron hoop daily.
  2. 20 minutes in the evening will be enough for the first time.
  3. Just do not forget that any exercise should be performed 3 hours before bedtime.
  4. For more fun you can turn on your favorite music.
  5. Watch your breath. When you strain your muscles, breathe out, and when relaxing, take a breath.
  6. Having done one exercise, relax your waist.
  7. Before the start of classes, do a little warm-up.

Warm up before exercising with iron hoop

  • Stand up straight. Legs set shoulder width, arms - along the torso. We exhale through the nose. We hold the breath, tilting forward torso.
  • Lie on your back and lift your legs together, try to hold them for 40 seconds. If you wish, you can make scissors with your feet. So you can use your lateral muscles.
  • We lay down on our back, hands are behind our heads, legs are bent at the knees, we rise up and fall down. 20 times. This exercise will help engage the front abdominal muscles and waist.

These exercises will help enhance the process of burning excess fat, improve the functioning of internal organs and prepare your body for exercise.

Basic exercises with a hoop for the waist

Basic exercises with a hoop for the waist

Put the iron hoop on the waist, and start to turn it slowly, gradually increasing the pace. Twist first one way, then you can start turning the other way. This will help to use all your obliques. 30 minutes is enough.

After you feel that you do not feel the load, increase the exercise time and add special exercises.

Contraindications for practicing with a hoop

Everyone can use iron hoop regardless of age and ability. Training with an iron hoop is almost harmless, but if you have any problems with internal organs, diseases, before starting to perform these simple exercises, be sure to consult with your doctor.

If your waist is not as good as you would like, or you wish to remain as slim for a long time as a better product than doing an iron hoop, you simply cannot find it. It does not require you to perform any special exercises, facilities, and even clothing. Twist iron hoop can be everywhere. And in order to return to you and keep your beautiful waist, now is the time to recall this children's hobby.

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