Iron preparations for anemia


Interestingly, if there were no iron on the planet, what form would life take on Earth then, and maybe it would not have originated at all? After all, if such an essential trace element is removed from the body, it will cease to exist. Inside a healthy person contains up to five grams of this metal. It would seem that this is a tiny amount compared to the total weight, but no.

As they say, the spool is small and expensive: 70% of these five grams are components of blood, and without them it will not have a red color. When the hemoglobin level decreases, the state of health and sensations, frankly, unpleasant. And then save only iron supplements for anemia.

The value of iron for the body

The value of iron for the body

Let's remember together what we owe to the gland and how irreplaceable this metal is in our body. Here are the main life processes involving iron:

  • Hematopoiesis - the process of occurrence, development and maturation of the constituent elements of the blood, one of which are red blood cells. It is in them with the participation of iron atoms hemoglobin is synthesized. Each molecule of this protein contains four iron atoms. Hemoglobin is part of the red blood cells, stains the blood red and saturates it with oxygen.
  • Transportation and stockpiling of oxygen. Atoms of iron in hemoglobin bind free oxygen passing through the vessels into the lungs, and carry it throughout the body. After oxygen is delivered to the tissue cells, hemoglobin removes carbon dioxide from them and carries it back to the lungs, where it is safely exhaled. For the formation of oxygen reserves is responsible for another protein - myoglobin. Iron, which is part of it, also binds oxygen atoms and holds them in the cells of the muscle tissue, where myoglobin is contained. Because of this, we can hold our breath for a while.
  • The accumulation of energy in the cells. Iron enters the structure of protein energy molecules and participates in the processes of biological oxidation, providing tissue respiration.

In addition, without iron, such important processes in the body as:

  • metabolism;
  • thyroid hormone production;
  • DNA synthesis and connective tissue;
  • immunity strengthening;
  • prevention of anemia;
  • neutralization of toxins in the liver;
  • redox reactions;
  • increased skin tone.

Treatment of anemia: iron supplements

Anemia is caused by a decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood

Anemia is caused by a decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood, that is, an iron deficiency in the human body. Anemia is often called anemia. In mild anemia, general weakness and malaise, increased fatigue are felt. If the anemia becomes pronounced, then the patient has pallor, shortness of breath, tinnitus, increased heart rate, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite. With severe anemia, heart failure can develop.

Treatment of anemia is carried out under medical supervision. Self-treatment in this situation will only aggravate the patient's condition. It is also necessary to consult a doctor because anemia could have been provoked by hidden bleeding in the internal organs:

  • open ulcer;
  • bleeding polyps;
  • ovarian rupture;
  • uterine myoma.

The basis of therapy is the administration of iron preparations, as well as vitamin B12. Depending on the degree of anemia and the condition of the patient, if the hemoglobin index is very low, a blood transfusion may be performed to replenish the red blood cell mass. Treatment should be carried out in stationary conditions. The patient is recommended a balanced protein diet with the use of foods rich in vitamins and iron.

Iron preparations for anemia: names

on the shelves of pharmacies there is a wide range of medicines containing iron

Today on the shelves of pharmacies there is a wide range of medicines with iron content, intended for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency. These are mainly preparations based on salts or iron hydroxide. It is also possible to use combined means, which, in addition to iron, include substances that contribute to its absorption in the body.

All of these drugs vary in speed of action, the degree of absorption and the presence of side effects. Selection and appointment of the dosage of the drug is carried out by the doctor depending on the age of the patient, the results of laboratory tests, the tolerance of drugs, their side effects. Based on professional experience, doctors recommend the best iron supplements for anemia:

  • Complex preparation on the basis of iron sulfate + α-amino acid (serine) - Aktiferrin. Dosage form: capsules, syrup, drops for internal administration.
  • The drug is based on iron - Ferlatum. This is a solution for oral administration.
  • Medications based on iron trivalent hydroxide polymaltozate - Maltofer: chewable tablets, syrup, drops, as well as oral solution.
  • Ferrum Lek - ampoules with a solution for intravenous or intramuscular administration.

How to determine the effectiveness of drug treatment?

The effectiveness of the treatment of iron deficiency anemia is determined by changes in laboratory tests carried out in the dynamics of the disease. Achieving positive results is evaluated by a number of criteria:

  • One of the early indicators of the correctness of treatment tactics is an increase in the blood level of reticulocytes - young red blood cells. Their number increases in comparison with the initial data up to 2% a week after the start of therapy with drugs.
  • From the tenth day of taking iron preparations, the hemoglobin content begins to increase, and by the end of the fourth week of therapeutic measures its concentration should increase by 10 g / l compared with baseline at the beginning of the disease.
  • Late evaluation criteria - the normalization of hemoglobin and the elimination of iron deficiency in the body. This usually occurs after a three-month course of treatment.

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In conclusion, we once again draw your attention to the inadmissibility of the uncontrolled use of iron preparations. Overdose of any drug in this series can lead to poisoning, allergies and other side effects. Do not rely on the case, seek medical help. Be healthy!