Iris essential oil

Exquisite flower iris can decorate not only your garden or window sill, but also closely tackle your health and mental balance.

The word "iris" in Greek translates as "rainbow". Like a rainbow, it has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body may need. The oil has an antiseptic effect, cleanses the body of toxins, stimulates the immune system, updates the blood.

Among the indications for use - chronic bronchitis, sore throat, pneumonia, cough, non-healing wounds or ulcers. A few drops of Iris oil can give you a feeling of harmony and security, enveloping you with a feeling of comfort. After all, it is not without reason that it is recommended for people with a vulnerable and sensitive psyche.

In addition, the oil can moisturize, cleanse the skin and stimulate hair growth. It is the only of all oils that can be used in small quantities without dilution. When applied to the skin, you may feel a slight tingling. Therefore, at home, using iris oil should only be used externally, and even then very carefully. Some types of iris, for example, LargerBlueFlag, can be poisonous. To refuse any manipulations with the product should be pregnant. The most ideal option - consultation with a specialist.

Iris oil awakens intuition

Iris essential oil is of two types: thick light yellow oil - concrete and yellow liquid oil - absolut. They both have a rich violet scent. Use this oil can be different. Aromatherapy with iris has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

In addition, the oil stimulates the creative and creative abilities of the person, enhancing his intuition. Therefore, the iris oil fell in love with mediums; it helps them to find contacts with the other world. For aromatherapy, you can choose not only the iris, but also perfectly complementary aromas: cedar, sandalwood, violet, rose, sage, bergamot, cypress, mimosa and even incense.

The root of this plant spends the whole three years in the growing season, after which the oil is obtained. It is for this reason that the price for the product will be high. If you see that the essential oil of an iris costs less than ten thousand rubles, then this is a fake.

Toffee oil: application

  • If you already decided to purchase such an expensive product, take care of every drop of it. For a massage, you need up to 10 drops. Do not forget that it is still necessary to dilute this oil. For this fit any vegetable or sesame oil.
  • In creams, masks and lotions should not be more than 3 drops of Maslana one tablespoon of cosmetics. One thing is important here: it is better to immediately choose products without synthetic fragrances. A mixture of harmful chemicals and oils can cause headaches or, even worse, allergic reactions.
  • In the bath add safely to 7 drops. But first, mix them with honey or a glass of milk, and only then pour it into the bath.
  • If you want to amaze a room, you can drop it on a wet napkin and leave it in the room for a while, not for long. Another option: fill the vase with warm water and drop a few drops. The fragrance in your room may be just the way you want it.
  • If you like the flavor of toffee, buy aromamedallion, fill it with two drops of oil. Favorite smell can always be with you.
  • For the most generous: essential oil in the amount of a few drops can be used to flavor the linen, add when washing or drying the linen, disinfect the surfaces and clean the mirrors. But be careful: the oil can damage the rubber parts of the washing machine.

If you, of course, do not mind, you can apply the oil in the home, but this iris does not expect from you. He deserves a more reverent and attentive attitude. Therefore, it is better to use every drop of such expensive oil for its beauty and health. Good luck to you! May your personal rainbow always raise your spirits and paint your life with bright colors.

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