Intestinal scrub

With age, many of our body systems begin to work worse. Also, they are affected by poor diet, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, ecology and stress. But do not be afraid! There are proven methods that improve the body. One of them is a super scrub for the intestines.

What is a super intestinal scrub for?

You can prepare this tool using the most common products. The use of the scrub is that it cleans the digestive tract from the inside, removing slags and toxins. But do not think that this tool adjusts only the work of the intestine. It machine guns improves the condition of the skin and hair. The reason is simple - everything in our body is interconnected. Also, a super intestinal scrub is used in combination with a diet for weight loss. The result of cleansing can be the loss of a few extra pounds. Super intestinal scrub helps to solve other problems:

  • Normalization of pressure. It splits arterial plaques. Due to this, the blood begins to circulate faster. As a result, pressure normalizes. As a result, you will have headaches and migraines.
  • Improving the emotional background. You will feel lightness throughout the body, which will inevitably affect your mood.
  • Prevent Aging As already mentioned, the scrub helps to enrich the skin with useful substances. He also eliminates rashes and successfully fights wrinkles.

Scrub for the intestines: what is it?

There are several ways to cleanse the body, which in action resemble a scrub. Their action is based on products with certain active substances. Some women who look after their appearance use bran. Their action can be explained by the composition - vegetable fibers. Purging the intestines with bran is due to the fact that they swell up strongly under the action of water. The resulting mass presses against the intestinal walls and leads to emptying. Together with its contents, toxins, slags, unhealthy cholesterol and other bad substances are eliminated from the body. Bran has a significant advantage - over time they become more palatable. Of course, we are talking about constant use.

Scrub for the intestines of bran does not actually need to be cooked. All you need is 1 tbsp. water or juice. Bran is sold in any supermarket in the department for diabetics or a healthy diet. Scrub must be used on an empty stomach for 15 minutes. before meals. To do this, drink 2 tbsp. bran 1-2 tbsp. water or juice. Some nutritionists advise to use mineral water for scrub without gas and decoction of rose hips. In fact, you can choose what suits you. The main thing is to use enough water. It should be no less than 1-2 tbsp. Otherwise, the bran will not swell. Also remember that the maximum daily dose of bran is 6 tbsp. It can not be exceeded - there may be problems with the stomach. Accept bran scrub 3 times a day before meals for a month. It is worth remembering that after the procedure you can not eat about 3 hours. Cleaning with bran is not for everyone. It is not recommended for diabetes, heart disease.

Oatmeal Intestinal Scrub: Application

Another extremely useful product for our stomach and intestines is oatmeal. Her flakes are also scrub. The product has many beneficial effects, ranging from cleansing the skin and ending with anti-depressive properties. The effect on hair and skin is caused by potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other substances in the composition. It's hard to believe, but with occasional use of oatmeal, the skin just shines! With regard to improving mood, then in the flakes there is vitamin B, which has long been used for depression.

Scrub for the intestines: what is it?

The main feature of oat scrub for the stomach is the choice of the right raw materials. Therefore, before buying cereal, inspect the package. They should be uniform light in color. Pay special attention to the lack of debris. Even a small crumb in some cases speaks of the poor quality of oatmeal.

The advantage of this product is also in taste. Oatmeal intestinal scrub can be used as a normal breakfast. Usually it is flavored with a small amount of honey, low-fat cream, dried fruits and nuts.

Oatmeal Cooking Recipe

The most common recipe suggests evening brewing of oatmeal.


  1. Flakes - 0.5 tbsp.
  2. Boiled water at room temperature - 0.5 cht.
  3. Cream - 1 h.
  4. Honey - 1 tsp
  5. Cinnamon - to taste

Cooking method:

  • Before going to bed, fill 0.5 st. oatmeal. Then add the same amount of cold boiled water to them. The resulting mixture should be left in a glass until the morning.
  • In the morning to the softened oatmeal, add lean cream, honey and spices. Optionally, you can flavor the mixture with dried fruit.
  • Many people do not like the texture of oatmeal, which softened overnight and turned into slime. Exit the situation can be, if you fill them with water for 20-30 minutes. before prigotovolveniya.
  • The resulting scrub is eaten on an empty stomach. After it, it is not recommended to take food for 3 hours. Do not be afraid of this - the feeling of hunger in most people using the tool during this period of time is minimal. If you are overweight, you should use an oatmeal scrub for the intestines for about a month. Then a 60-day break is taken.

Will oatmeal help to lose weight: reviews

Scrub for the intestines: what is it?

In Soviet times, the so-called beauty salad was particularly positive. In fact, he was the same oatmeal scrub, as in the previous recipe. Most women, after using it, noticed that their skin became smoother, their tone leveled, and rashes disappeared. They also noted a surge of strength and normalization of digestion.

Particularly noteworthy reviews of the fair sex, who used a super scrub for the stomach with diet or exercise. On average, for the month of cleaning, they lost about 5 kg. With a normal diet, a scrub can take 1-2 kg.

There were 2 versions of beauty salad - American and French. In the first, it was necessary to mix 2 tbsp. oatmeal and 3st.l. water. All this mixture is left to swell overnight. Then in the morning kefir or yoghurt is added to the oatmeal to taste. The consistency should be mushy. Also, add 1 tbsp to the scrub. dried fruits. Fill it for taste 1 tsp. honey Eat an oatmeal scrub on an empty stomach for 30 days. After a similar breakfast, you need to have dinner only after 4 hours.

For the French beauty salad you need to pour 2 tbsp. oatmeal 50 ml of water. This mixture is infused for 1.5 hours. Then 50 ml of milk is added to it, 1 tsp. honey and a small grated green apple. Add a healthy mixture of lemon juice. Eating a salad scrub should be slowly chewing carefully. The optimal cleaning period, as in previous cases, is a month.

Super scrub for the stomach helps to normalize digestion, remove toxins, slags and bad cholesterol from the body. Often the tool is made from oatmeal. Flakes are poured with water and allowed to infuse. Then they add fillers - cream, yogrut, honey, dried fruits. Also, a cleaning scrub is done with the help of bran. In both cases, the tool is applied on an empty stomach for 30 days.

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