Internal hemorrhoids

What do you think, is it possible not to notice the appearance of hemorrhoids? "Well, that is unlikely!" - you say. After all, the manifestations of this disease are very eloquent. It hurts so that, as they say, neither sit down nor stand up. But there is also internal hemorrhoids. Its symptoms in women at first almost not expressed. By what signs can it be recognized and what to do with it?

Where is the disease hiding?

Internal hemorrhoids: symptoms in women

At risk of hemorrhoids are ... all people! Yes, yes, this is not a mistake. This enemy can attack people who are engaged in heavy physical labor or spend most of their time in an office chair or on a sofa. He lurks those who have to stand for a long time or be in a sitting position.

About women and say no! Literally every second experienced the "charms" of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and childbirth. But if you still have a chance with the firstborn without such problems, you should get pregnant again - and hemorrhoids are right there.

Internal hemorrhoids is a disease of the circulatory system associated with pathologies of rectal vessels. With an increase in internal nodes, pain is not felt for long. It is impossible to notice the bumps, as they are located deep inside. These are detected only if they fall out or begin to bleed.

You can cure the disease. But only a doctor is able to identify and decipher the first symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. In women, the proctologist performs the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology. If the disease is not started, then conservative therapy will allow to achieve long-term remission. For the treatment of severe forms or complications will have to connect the surgeon.

Where do the nodules come from not "in memory"?

Women have specific causes of hemorrhoids. The most important of them, as already mentioned, is the bearing and birth of a child. How is this related to the disease? During pregnancy with each month increases the pressure on the pelvic organs - because of this, the blood flow is disturbed and venous stagnation is formed.

Other causes also contribute to the development of the disease: professional activities, diets, fasting days, uncontrolled intake of laxatives, constipation, addictions, overweight, poor nutrition, and oncologic diseases. In addition, nature decreed that women every month have a rush of blood to the pelvic organs. So such an unpleasant "acquisition" can get and not giving birth to a lady.

How does it start and how does it develop?

What signals the internal hemorrhoids

What signals does an internal hemorrhoid give? Symptoms in women are different at different stages of the process. When the nodules are still small, the patient has no complaints. At times, she is worried about only a slight discomfort or feeling of a foreign body in the anus. Sometimes a trail of blood remains on toilet paper after a bowel movement. This is the first stage of the process.

The disease is gaining momentum - the nodes become larger, blocking the intestine. This increases the discomfort. Dense fecal masses, moving in the direction of the anus, cling to the knot and cause pain. It becomes stronger when trying to empty the bowels.

Inflammatory areas form on the mucosa. An inflammatory fluid is leaking from the anus all the time. It causes skin irritation in this place, which causes itching and burning. Bleeding appears. It can be plentiful and frequent.

If the lump settled close to the entrance to the intestine, it may fall out during the straining process, but then again hides in its cavity. All this suggests that the disease has passed into stage 2.

If untreated, symptoms turn into more pronounced. The node grows further, the movement of feces more and more difficult, the wall of the intestine begins to stretch, the integrity of the mucous membrane is broken, it is covered with cracks. Walking "big" is becoming more problematic, as tormented by unbearable pain. A large amount of blood is secreted during bowel movements, leading to anemia.

If the disease is so neglected, then the node falls out during both bowel movements and physical exertion. By itself, he does not return to the place.

The disease becomes chronic. In remission, he behaves quietly, and during aggravation causes serious suffering to a lady or girl.

How is the survey carried out and why is it so disliked?

internal hemorrhoids: the woman has no symptoms

In the early stages, even physicians find it difficult to identify an internal hemorrhoids: the woman has no symptoms. What and how to treat - these questions cannot be answered without a special examination. It is quite painful and unpleasant and implies such diagnostic measures:

  • finger study. The doctor probes the nodules with his index finger and sets their soreness and density. The method is not too informative. If the bumps are high, then it will be impossible to reach them;
  • anoscopy. Examination of the intestine is carried out with the help of an anoscope - this is a tube equipped with an optical device. She will show the doctor mucous for 10 cm;
  • sigmoidoscopy. This is the same tube, only longer: it goes into the gut to a depth of 25 cm.

How to recover?

  • local drug exposure. In the first place are candles from hemorrhoids. Inexpensive and effective suppositories - Gepatrombin G, Anuzol. More expensive counterparts - Relief, Relief Advance, Relief Ultra, Natalsid, Anestezol, Proktoglivenol. Proktosedil, Ultraprokt;
  • venotonic agents (to strengthen the venous network and prevent the growth of new cones) - Flebodia, Detralex (treatment course - 3 months);
  • alternative methods are homemade suppositories made from candied honey, aloe leaf, potatoes, propolis. Mini enemas with a decoction of calendula, chamomile, potato or beet juice, sea buckthorn oil;
  • photocoagulation (removal of small formations by infrared radiation);
  • cryotherapy;
  • ligation of vessels feeding the lump;
  • ligation of the intestine with latex rings.

In order for you not to "visit" hemorrhoids, it is not enough to choose a highly effective drug. It is necessary to reconsider the way of life: to improve nutrition, to abandon spicy, fatty, smoked, "quarrel" with alcohol and cigarettes. Move more, do not overstrain yourself with hard work - and may you never again have to look for a means of salvation from unnecessary knots inside you!

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