Instructions for use and the use of the solution furatsilina

We everywhere use furatsilin tablets and its solutions for timely disinfection of the body. The drug has a strong antimicrobial effect, perfectly disinfects, stops the spread of infection. At home, we use furatsilina solution for gargling, treating wounds, washing eyes. The drug is safe to use at any age, and the treatment is quite simple. How to make a solution of furatsilina tablets?

Furacilin solution: instructions for use

Pharmaceutical tablet form is not particularly suitable for local disinfection.

Tableted farm forms are not particularly suitable as local disinfection. Tablets need to crush into powder and mix with other ingredients. The pharmacy can also find the drug in the form of a spray, ointment or alcohol solution. Tablets - the cheapest analogue: long stored, always at hand if necessary, can be used for different cases of disinfection.

Furacilin is not a classic antiseptic, that is, it does not immediately kill all germs. Its action can be compared with antibiotic therapy, but unlike the latter, furatsilin is safer to use.

Oral treatment with pills may cause side effects and an allergic reaction to the components of the medication. External treatment of the affected areas is much less likely to be accompanied by side effects. Let us consider in more detail how to make furatsilin solution from tablets for different applications?

How to gargle?

Before preparing the appropriate solution, furatsilina tablets should be crushed to powder

Before preparing the appropriate solution, furatsilina tablets should be crushed into powder. For gargling, you can use a pure aqueous solution of furatsilina or with the addition of salt. On the glass of funds will need:

  • 2 tablets furatsilina;
  • 200 ml of warm water (temperature 40 degrees);
  • a pinch of salt.

We combine the components in the same container and stir until the solids completely dissolve. After the product is ready for use. The use of furatsilina to gargle is recommended fresh, in the form of heat.

We treat eye diseases

In the treatment of eye diseases, the instructions for use of the furatsilina solution are as follows.

In the treatment of eye diseases, the instructions for use of the furatsilin solution are as follows:

  1. Crush into powder 2 tablets furatsilina.
  2. Connect with 200 ml of warm water.
  3. Thoroughly stir until complete dissolution of the drug.
  4. The temperature of the solution, suitable for eye treatment, should be no more than 37 degrees Celsius.
  5. There should be no furatsilina solid particles in the solution; if necessary, the solution should be drained before use.
  6. For the convenience of disinfecting the eyes, cotton pads or special eye funnels are used.

Furatsilina solution for wound treatment

The prepared solution is additionally boiled for half an hour. Also recommended sterilization dishes. Before rinsing the wound, it should be cleaned and rinsed with warm water. Applicable compresses, rinsing and baths. The solution can also be impregnated with bandages and dressings.

Furatsilina solution for external use - an effective way to combat infectious processes. It has a mild effect on inflamed tissue, while healing takes place rather quickly and painlessly.

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