Inhalers - which is better to buy for home


Inhalation is an effective method of combating respiratory viral diseases. The times when for this purpose they used a saucepan with steam, are long gone. The popular methods were replaced by modern devices - nebulizers. Today we will find out what inhalers are, which one is better? And feedback from consumers and professionals will help us in this.

What are inhalers, and what are they for?

Absolutely all inhalers are designed for accelerated

Absolutely all inhalers are designed for accelerated "delivery" of a drug in the respiratory tract. However, each type of nebulizer is subject to limitations in its use.

Today inhalation devices of the following types are produced:

  • ultrasound;
  • steam;
  • compression;
  • membrane.

Choosing an inhaler for a child and adult: reviews

All inhalers differ not only in their internal structure, but also in purpose. Let's try to consider in more detail each of the types of nebulizers, based on the experience and feedback from consumers and professionals.

Ultrasonic Inhaler Reviews

In these devices, the sputtering of the active substance occurs under the influence of ultrasound. The liquid is divided into small droplets of 5 microns in size, due to which they easily fall into the most inaccessible places of the respiratory tract and bronchi.

Advantages of an ultrasonic inhaler:

In steam devices, the active substance is activated due to the high temperature of the drug

  • suitable for adults and children;
  • effective in treatment;
  • compact and noiseless;
  • easy to handle;
  • available in price.

Disadvantages of an ultrasonic inhaler:

  • only the use of drugs is possible, and essential oils and herbal extracts cannot be poured;
  • unstable even on a flat surface;
  • due to the fact that the inhaler is silent, when using it for a child, it is necessary to control the process of the device operation.

Steam Inhaler Reviews

In steam apparatus, the active substance is activated due to the high temperature of the drug in the inhaler bowl. Due to the formation of too large drops, it is used to treat only the upper respiratory tract. Steam inhalers are designed for ether-oil solutions and herbal infusions, since most drugs do not tolerate exposure to high temperatures.

Advantages of a steam inhaler:

  • maintaining a constant temperature;
  • continuous intake of medication;
  • ease of use;
  • availability of inhalation products;
  • effective in the treatment.

Cons of a steam inhaler:

The principle of operation of the compression nebulizer is similar to the ultrasonic

  • can not be used for inhalation of very young children;
  • narrow spectrum of action;
  • has a large list of contraindications: influenza, diseases of the cardiovascular system, a tendency to bleeding, it can not be used too weak patients.

Feedback on compression inhalers

The principle of operation of the compression nebulizer is similar to ultrasound. However, a significant advantage of this particular type is that it can use various drugs, herbal extracts, essential oils, antibiotics, hormones, etc. Also, this inhaler is recommended by doctors for asthma and its exacerbations.

Pluses of a compression inhaler:

  • compliance with price and quality;
  • helps in all manifestations of the disease;
  • multifunctional and easy to use.

Disadvantages of compression inhaler:

  • creates a bit of noise;
  • small vibrations at work.

Membrane Inhaler Reviews

Membrane or, as they are called, mesh nebulizers - a major breakthrough in the creation of inhalation technology. In principle, the work of this type of inhaler is a plate that periodically vibrates and breaks the active medicinal substances into small molecules in the form of an aerosol. It is thanks to this form of exposure that the membrane inhaler easily copes with any diseases: from a common cold to obstructive pulmonary disease.

Use of all medical medicines, herbal infusions and essential oils is allowed. Such an inhaler can be used to soften indoor air.

Advantages of a membrane inhaler:

  • the fastest therapeutic effect;
  • inhalation can be done in the supine position, which is especially convenient for young children;
  • silent operation;
  • wide spectrum of action;
  • a huge plus is that this nebulizer can take the form of various animals, and this makes the procedure for inhalation for children not so frightening.

Disadvantages of a membrane inhaler:

high price category

  • high price category.

Reviews of many parents say that this type of inhaler is best suited for a child.

Inhalers for home

The selected nebulizer must be:

  • reliable and easy to use at home;
  • have masks in a set for different ages;
  • suitable for the treatment and treatment of the selected disease;
  • available for use of most types of drugs;
  • have a timer available.

For many, when choosing an inhaler, pricing becomes the decisive factor. However, it should be understood that not always expensive apparatus gives the desired result. It is advisable to consult with a doctor before purchasing a nebulizer, who will give comprehensive recommendations and help you choose the device for individual use.

An inhaler is a modern and indispensable thing in every home, especially if there are children in it. It will help to quickly cope with respiratory diseases, as well as prevent the development of various complications. The main thing is to make the right choice.