Inhalation with dry cough at home


In most cases, any catarrhal and viral diseases affect the respiratory system, resulting in a cough. You can cope with it using the most ancient method, which, unfortunately, is forgotten by many today. Of course, we are talking about inhalation with dry cough.

Miraculous therapeutic procedure

Is it possible to inhalate with a dry cough?

Many people who are faced with such an unpleasant symptom are always interested in whether it is possible to inhalate with a dry cough. Profile doctors say that it is not only possible, but very necessary. However, such manipulation will bring benefit only if all the rules for its implementation are observed.

Remember your childhood. Many of us had to breathe over a saucepan with boiled potatoes or a bath with essential oil extract. As children, we did not understand the value of this procedure. And now we practice inhalation already on our children.

It is known that it is a dry cough that gives a person many inconveniences and is considered one of the most dangerous symptoms. Inhalation with a dry cough at home helps to moisturize the mucous coating, contribute to the speedy delivery of drugs to the larynx and bronchi.

In the modern world inhalation manipulations can be carried out not only with the help of herbal remedies. Often, doctors advise the use of pharmacological agents. Of course, that it is difficult for many to choose the right medicine for many, and self-treatment is not welcomed by medical professionals. It is important to contact a medical institution in a timely manner and undergo an examination, because the profile doctor must first determine the nature of the cough, and only then choose an appropriate and effective treatment.

What inhalation procedure to choose?

The question of how to make inhalation with a dry cough is very relevant. The final result directly depends on the choice of a medicine or a phytomedication. It is also very important to choose the right type of inhalation manipulation. To date, there are the following types of such procedures:

  • steam;
  • wet
  • heat and moisture;
  • oil;
  • nebulizer.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate type of inhalation manipulations taking into account physiological features, diagnosis and nature of cough. Especially it concerns inhalations at dry cough at the child. The baby needs help and not harm. As you can see, special attention should be paid to a comprehensive survey.

what to do with dry cough inhalation

Let's take a closer look at the types of inhalation. So, steam procedures, as you already understood, are carried out on the basis of the steam produced. Usually, water and a towel are used to carry out this procedure in order to prevent the dispersion of steam.

You can not use hot water, its maximum temperature should be 52 °, otherwise there is a risk of burning the mucous coating. In order for the procedures to give results, various herbal teas, tinctures and essential oil extracts are added to the hot filtered water.

Previously, heat-moist inhalation manipulations were carried out with the help of a kettle. A tube was installed in the spout of the teapot, through which the patient inhaled the vapor product of herbal remedies or essential oil extracts. Such inhalations are carried out with saline with a dry cough.

To date, special inhalers are used to conduct such manipulations. Such devices are simply necessary for the treatment of dry cough in children. You can add any herbal medicine or medication, whose action is aimed at eliminating cough, but first it is better to consult a doctor.

Wet inhalation procedures are generally recommended for people suffering from bronchial asthma. To carry out this manipulation, special devices containing an aerosol agent are used. Medications are selected depending on the severity of the disease. These include:

  • bronchodilators;
  • hormonal agents;
  • antibiotic drugs;
  • painkillers.

Oil inhalation procedures are carried out using a special oil extract. Only the attending specialist will be able to choose the appropriate remedy, considering the nature of the cough and the state of health of the patient.

Nebulizer - Home Assistant

Special attention should be paid to inhalation with a dry cough nebulizer. Such a device should be in every home in which there are people who suffer from occasional coughing. Nebulization inhalations facilitate rapid penetration of the drug or medicine used to the affected bronchus. The main thing is to pre-enlist the support of a specialized doctor. Also note that any inhalation manipulations carried out using a nebulizer necessarily require the preparation of the correct solution. The drug is diluted in appropriate proportions with saline.

inhalation with a dry cough nebulizer

Most often, to perform such manipulations, complex pharmacological agents are used, which accelerate the process of formation and discharge of sputum. Among those should include drugs with the active substance Ambroxol.

In addition to the above funds, for the inhalation manipulations are used drugs belonging to the group of mucolytics, in particular:

  • "Ventolin";
  • "Berodual", etc.

If the dry-type cough is bacterial in nature, then a solution with antiseptic substances, such as "Furacilin" or "Decasan", should be used for inhalation. Inhalation with a dry cough in a child with a nebulizer can be carried out using pure saline. Doctors are allowed to perform such manipulations several times a day. Despite the safety of the procedure, you must first consult with your healthcare professional.

Recently, herbal remedies have become very popular in treating many ailments, including cough of various natures. For inhalation nebulizer can also use a variety of decoctions and infusions. Please note that the solution must be thoroughly filtered, since there are special filters in the nebulizer. At hit of the smallest particles filter pads can become clogged.

Specialized doctors recommend using "Rotokan", which includes pharmaceutical chamomile. This solution has anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects.

Self-treatment of dry cough with inhalation manipulations should be carried out exclusively after consultation with the doctor, otherwise you can harm your health and aggravate the ailment. Despite the safety of the procedure, the wrong dosage of the drug or the pharmacological agent itself may lead to the development of complicated consequences.

Herbal inhalation

Let's look at several popular options for inhalation manipulations with the help of traditional medicine.

Method number 1

Herbal inhalation

Inhalations with baking soda with dry cough are very popular. The main thing is to prepare the soda solution correctly. By the way, you can not only make a steam procedure, but also use a nebulizer. 200 ml of filtered water, we take only ½ tsp. baking soda. It is recommended to carry out such manipulations 90 minutes after meals and no more than twice a day. If the mark of subfebrile temperature exceeds 37.5 °, then it is necessary to refrain from inhalation.

Method number 2

Potato pairs are familiar to us from childhood. Mothers and grandmothers with the appearance of cough made us sit for 15-20 minutes over a pan with boiled potatoes. To maximize the benefits of such a procedure, roots should be boiled in their skins. Potato steam helps to cope not only with a dry cough, but also with nasal congestion.

Method number 3

Do not forget about the beneficial properties of bee products. Honey is good at coping with dry cough. To prepare the solution, we take 2 tbsp. l honey and diluted in 1 tbsp. boiling water. The duration of the manipulation does not exceed 15 minutes.

The following are the best remedies for fighting cough:

  • pharmaceutical camomile;
  • calendula flowers;
  • dried thyme;
  • sage flowers and leaves.

Undoubtedly, inhalations are very effective and useful procedures, especially when dry coughing. However, do not self-medicate, but rather consult with your doctor first, especially for children. Be healthy!