Inflammation of the sciatic nerve


Symptoms such as back pain and back pain, partial numbness of the limbs may indicate inflammation of the sciatic nerve. In medicine, it is called sciatica. Contrary to popular belief, this ailment can also occur in people who consider themselves to be completely healthy and have never encountered similar problems.

The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves. It begins in the lumbar region, passes through the tailbone, the posterior surface of the pelvis and both lower extremities, and reaches the feet.

For these reasons, with inflammation, the pain will spread not only to the lumbar region, but throughout the course of the nerve. In itself, this disease is not a separate nosological form, but is a symptom of any pathology.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve: symptoms

The symptoms of inflammation is not so difficult to guess. In the first place it is pain from the loins to the pelvis. The characteristics of the pain may be different - dull, tingling, acute. Sometimes there is a combination of these sensations. Sometimes the patient loses the ability to move.

Most often, the symptoms are expressed on the 1st side. Numbness may appear in the thigh or leg area. It is often combined with bouts of pain. The pain may increase during movement, when a person gets up or sits down, in the process of coughing or sneezing, also laughter. As with any kind of pain, with inflammation of the sciatic nerve, it increases at night, and in such a way that it is not possible to fall asleep. If these symptoms appear, consult a doctor.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve

Particularly disturbing indicators, the appearance of which requires the prompt consultation of a doctor, are the following:

  1. Swelling and redness in the back and pelvis;
  2. Increased body temperature;
  3. Numbness and weakness in the legs;
  4. Rolling pain from the pelvis to the lower limbs;
  5. Urinary incontinence;
  6. Sharp and intense pain that does not go away for a long time.

Treatment methods

How to treat sciatic nerve inflammation? The question is rather complicated, because in any case an individual approach is needed when drawing up an action plan. Everything will depend on the symptoms of inflammation and the severity of the patient's condition. But in any case, the complex therapy includes several standard procedures.

In the 1st turn this mode. In the acute period, when the painful reaction is most intense, it is recommended to comply with bed rest, although it is impossible to fully move, and the pain is too acute. The mattress on which you must lie must be hard.

After the study, the doctor will prescribe a drug treatment, most often it is anti-inflammatory drugs in combination with muscle relaxants, vitamins. It is necessary and local treatment in the form of ointments, gels, which are designed to relieve pain.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve

In addition, they often prescribe warming compresses, various heating. The effect of such procedures in conjunction with medication is greatly enhanced. After the abatement of the acute reaction, a massage is prescribed, which helps reduce pain, improve blood and lymph flow.

Not without physical therapy. The program of occupations is selected individually. Some of these exercises can be recommended for execution in the first days of the acute process - lying in bed. Gradually, when the motor activity begins to recover, the load gradually increases. Also recommended to visit the pool. Water can reduce pain, relieve muscle spasm and noticeably ease movement.

If conservative methods of treatment do not help, and the pains become almost chronic, the indications for surgical treatment are opened. In addition, the same indications are severe violations of the pelvic organs.

Qualified treatment, which was started on time, will help not only quickly get rid of inflammation, pain and restore physical activity, returning to the usual way of life, but also to avoid repeated relapses.

International therapy

Traditional medicine also offers its own methods of treatment. Most often it is a different type of lotion and compresses. Often in the preparation of traditional medicines use honey and all bee products. For example, the most common recipe is the tincture of honey on alcohol.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve

  • For cooking use melted or heated honey (1 tbsp.), And alcohol (50 g). The resulting ointment should be rubbed into the place of the most intense pain, and ideally do a massage with this tool. Also use preheated beeswax, which you just need to apply to the inflamed area. This procedure is similar to the application.
  • You can do complex, multi-component compresses. For their preparation requires shredded horseradish, 1 tbsp. l honey, raw potatoes, pre-grated. Horseradish and potatoes should be mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1. The place on which you plan to do a compress, you must first grind with sunflower oil. It is not recommended to keep the medicine for more than an hour.
  • You can use fir oil. Such compresses strongly burn the skin, for these reasons it is necessary to carefully monitor the time. The maximum period of use should not exceed 2 hours.
  • Such a medicinal plant as aloe, known for its unique healing properties. You can use it for inflammation of the sciatic nerve, but at the same time, the plant must be at least 3 years old. For the preparation of a therapeutic mixture, it is necessary to grind the aloe pod, and mix it with red pepper. By the way, it is this tool that has the most positive reviews. For healing, just a couple of procedures are enough, which can be repeated 2 times a day - in the morning, after waking up, and in the evening before bedtime.

Preventing disease is always easier than curing. And prevention must be addressed not only to people who have already experienced sciatic nerve inflammation, but also to those who know this only by rumors. The complex of preventive measures is not complicated. And mainly consists in maintaining the tone of the muscles of the back. Do not forget about strengthening gymnastics, control of correct posture. In this case, the probability of developing sciatica is significantly reduced.