Inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ears


The lymphatic system is the main helper of the body, since it promotes effective cleansing of tissues and cells of the human body and occupies one of the main places in the process of metabolism. That is why the inflammation of the lymph nodes is an alarming symptom.

Lymph nodes act as a unique and effective filter for lymph. The fact is that they contribute to the breakdown of all waste of the lymphatic system, and are also responsible for the production of antibodies. If signs of an infectious process appear in the body, it is the lymph nodes that begin to localize the virus, thereby preventing its further spread. Inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ears may also indicate the presence of infection in the body.

If the lymph nodes are not inflamed and are in a natural state, then it will be very difficult to feel them. Normally, they are rather elastic, they are distinguished by a regular oval shape, the structure is slightly soft, and the diameter is not larger than a pea.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ears

Causes of lymph node inflammation

  • Quite often, inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ear is the first and main sign of the development of the common cold, as well as a variety of respiratory viral infections that can be accompanied by a bad cold. In addition, there are cases when this phenomenon occurs due to the presence of a serious infectious disease - for example, rubella or mumps (mumps). After the disease is completely cured, the lymph node regains its correct shape.
  • If you observe the development of severe inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ear, which is accompanied by swelling, increased soreness appears - this is the 1st sign of lymphadenitis. Consequently, the inflammation of the lymph node itself has begun, which can be triggered by the defeat of infected lymph nodes from other foci of infection. In this case, the patient may have a fever, and suppuration begins in the affected area.
  • The main sign of lymph node inflammation is an increase in its size. Also, during palpation, there is pain that can be given to the submandibular region and to the side of the ear, with possible redness and swelling of the skin immediately above the site of injury.
  • With the development of a purulent process that affects the lymph node behind the ear, there is a strong, continuous, throbbing or shooting pain, which may simply be intolerable. If such symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor who will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.

What to do with inflammation of the lymph nodes?

Most often, in the inflammation of the lymph nodes, the doctor prescribes treatment with antibiotics, but at the same time, traditional medicine methods can be used (only after consultation with the doctor).

In some cases, warming the inflamed area is beneficial. To do this, you can take a simple fabric bag filled with iodized pre-warmed salt, and a simple warm dressing with a scarf or a woolen scarf will also do.

You can take dry or fresh leaves of celandine and pour boiling water, and as soon as they cool down a little, attach them to the inflamed lymph node, as well as the skin around it. For both adults and children, celandine leaves are advised to be applied as a warming compress, for this purpose they are covered with polyethylene and a warm scarf.

If there are no unpleasant painful sensations, but at the same time the lymph node itself has become hard or characteristic ulcerations have appeared in its area, pus is secreted, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.

Be sure to take care and strengthen your own immune system, you should try to avoid severe hypothermia and colds. In the diet is useful to add foods that contain the maximum amount of vitamins.

If the disease proceeds in an acute form, with signs of poisoning begin to appear, it is necessary to drink as much warm liquid as possible. For example, rosehip infusions, herbal teas, an infusion of echinacea flowers, raspberry leaves are beneficial. In this situation, you should also immediately consult a doctor.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ears

Methods of treating inflammatory lymph nodes behind the ear

If the inflammation of the lymph node behind the ear has begun, there is no need for any specific treatment, since it is enough to eliminate the underlying disease that provoked such a phenomenon. Then the lymph node will return to normal.

This disease in young children suggests that the body is trying to resist the infection on its own. Despite this, it will not be superfluous to consult a leading specialist to rule out the possibility of more serious complications.

In the first place it will be necessary to turn to the therapist. After a complete examination of the patient, he will write out a referral to a specialized specialist. In no case can not leave the enlarged lymph nodes without attention, because this may be a sign of the beginning of the development of a serious disease that requires immediate treatment.

It is important to remember that any inflammatory process that occurs in the head area, poses a serious danger to human life. Also, even a slight delay in purulent lymphadenitis can result in serious consequences. In the worst cases, infection of the blood (sepsis) occurs, and adenoflegmon develops - an inflamed lymph node ruptures.

Inflammation of the lymph node behind the ear is a serious symptom. It may indicate the presence of infection in the body, weakening of the immune system, as well as the development of serious diseases. The treatment of ailments as medicamentous and folk remedies, should be under the supervision of a doctor.