Inflammation of the hip joint in an adult and child


The limited movement takes away from man many opportunities and pleasant moments of life, disrupts the normal development of the child. Often the cause of this condition is inflammation of the hip joint. Symptoms and treatment of this disease - information that helps to successfully cope with the problem.

The hip joint most often becomes inflamed in the elderly. But in recent years, the number of patients with this disease has increased, and not only young people have appeared among them, but even children. If the pain in the hip is left unattended, over time, irreversible changes will occur in the joint, and recovery without surgery will become impossible.

Correct diagnosis is a condition for successful treatment.

a sign of inflammation in the hip joint

The main symptom of the inflammatory process in the hip joint of a patient of any age group is a sharp pain of varying strength. Also, the patient is concerned about:

  • swelling and fever of the muscles in the affected area;
  • limited movement;
  • redness of the skin over the joint;
  • weakness and sweating.

The intensity of these sensations may vary at different stages of the disease. The first phase of inflammation with a mild course is characterized by pain, which appears only occasionally. In the second stage, the pain is very strong, and after exercise the person often begins to limp.

In order for the treatment to be correct, it is important not to confuse the symptoms of hip joint inflammation with the manifestations of other lesions of the musculoskeletal system. To clarify the diagnosis, the traumatologist refers the patient to:

  • urine and blood tests;
  • Ultrasound;
  • x-ray.

The results of these studies will help to understand whether there is a pathological process in the intended location and how much the patient’s general condition has deteriorated.

Joint damage is not a sentence

To become mobile again, you need to undergo a course of therapy in the hospital. In a child, hip joint inflammation often has a tuberculous form - in this case, special chemotherapy and orthopedic measures are necessary. For other forms of hip joint disease, the following drug treatment is required:

hip joint disease requires medication

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • local anesthetic administration;
  • vasodilators to improve blood circulation;
  • chondoprotectors to prevent joint destruction;
  • hormonal steroid medications.

If the illness progresses heavily and has progressed for a long time, as the person did not seek medical help, special gels may be needed. They expand the joint and provide it with additional lubrication necessary for the further development of the inter-articular fluid.

Additional methods of stopping the inflammatory process include:

  • magnetic and laser effects;
  • hirudo and reflexology;
  • electrophoresis;
  • massage, in which attention is paid to the spine as the basis of the nervous system (especially recommended for children to combat pain and impaired blood supply);
  • diet in order to normalize weight.

Every 2 months, doctors change the plaster cast, with which they reduce the load on the leg (the affected joint should be at maximum rest) and monitor the condition of the inflamed area by x-ray. If it was not possible to eliminate the pathology by conservative means, surgical intervention is indicated.

Folk secrets of recovery

Any patient would like to defeat the disease as quickly as possible and without surgery. To make such a desire become a reality, it is possible to combine drug treatment of hip joint inflammation with the use of folk remedies.

Therapeutic bath

  • Fill the bath with hot water and drop there 1 kg of bath salt, a few crushed Jerusalem artichoke tubers, 2-3 pine branches, 10 g of turpentine from turpentine.
  • Mix components thoroughly.
  • Stay in water until it starts to cool.
  • Then apply a grid of iodine on the sore spot, spread a small amount of honey on top and apply steamed film of internal pork fat.
  • The course of treatment is 10-12 baths.

Anesthetic Honey Lotion

Anesthetic Honey Lotion

  • Mix in the same doses of floral honey, iodine, glycerin and alcohol.
  • Leave the mixture to infuse for 3 hours.
  • Liberally moisten a cotton pad in the solution and apply it to the joint and places close by, making upward movements.

Ointment "3 healers"

  • Grind 2 tbsp. l mint and the same amount of eucalyptus.
  • Connect the plants and add 1/5 tbsp. agave juice.
  • Mix components to make a homogeneous substance.
  • Three times a day grease the site of inflammation.

Nettle juniper ointment

  • Combine nettle leaves and not quite ripe juniper berries in proportion 1: 1.
  • Mix the crushed ingredients thoroughly, using a slightly warmed lard as a base.
  • 3 times a day, lubricate the joint with this tool until relief comes.

"Strong" rubbing

  • Mince 100 g of turnip.
  • In the resulting mass, put 100 g of flower honey and 50 ml of alcohol and mix everything.
  • Rub the gruel into the diseased part of the body until the pain stops.

To suffer agonizing pains and limp if the hip joint is inflamed is meaningless. Neglect of treatment leads to sad consequences and can deprive a person of movement. Combine the therapy offered by the official medicine and the medical procedures, proven by popular experience, to have a beautiful gait and excellent well-being!