Inexpensive and good lozenges for sore throat in adults and


Impairment of well-being and loss of voice during illness can spoil a person’s long-awaited rest or distract from important work. One of the most common ways to get rid of discomfort is to buy throat lozenges for sucking. The main thing is to be able to handle them and not to be mistaken when choosing a drug.

For the treatment of inflammatory processes of the larynx, people often use tablets that dissolve in the mouth. Getting disinfecting, softening and healing substances directly on the nidus of infection helps to recover faster and get rid of painful symptoms within a few hours.

Secrets of "therapeutic sweets"

Pills for sore throat

Tablets of sore throat, in addition to the active substances, usually contain flavoring agents and sweeteners, giving them a refreshing, pleasant taste, reminiscent of mints. These drugs are prepared by a special technology that allows medicinal components to be slowly released in the oral cavity. So that the tool does not turn out to be useless, take it correctly:

  • put a pill on the tongue or under the tongue;
  • keep in mouth until completely dissolved, without chewing;
  • Do not eat or drink liquids for 3 hours after taking the pill.

It is possible to treat children with such drugs only from the moment when the baby learns to dissolve the medicine on its own. In addition, healing candies need to be especially carefully hidden from babies, otherwise overdose is possible, fraught with poisoning.

Throat lozenges will help with:

  • mild upper respiratory tract infections;
  • cold and flu;
  • inflammation of the gums and oral mucosa;
  • hoarseness and cough reflex.

Due to the abundance of additional components, such medicines are undesirable for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes or an allergy to essential oils. Before using a particular drug, you should carefully read the instructions and consult with a specialist.

What doctors prescribe: the best choice

Throat lozenges for sucking

"Tantum Verde"

Antiviral agent that has minimal side effects and does not lead to laryngeal spasms. Therefore, it (most often in the form of lozenges) is used to treat inflammations of the throat, not only adults, but also children. Older patients take 1 tablet three times a day, babies under 6 years old are given ½ at one time. If there is no relief after 4 days, you can take the drug for two weeks. "Tantum Verde" is contraindicated for children under 3 years of age and for those who are allergic to the components of the drug.

"Septolete pastilles"

Benzalkonium chloride and eucalyptus and mint oils that make up the pills destroy harmful bacteria and heal damaged tissues. In order for these inexpensive throat lozenges to be effective, you need to strictly observe the dosage: dissolve 1 lozenge in the mouth every 3 hours. All under 12 years of age consume up to 8 lozenges per day. This tool can be given to children from 4 years, but the dose should be reduced to 4 lozenges per day. From 10 years old it is allowed to take up to 6 lozenges. The course of treatment is completed on day 5. You can not take "Septolete" with congenital metabolic disorders and deficiency of digestive enzymes.


Ambazon, which is the main active ingredient, destroys Streptococcus and Staphylococcus - bacteria that cause sore throat. If the drug does not cause an allergy in a patient, he is recommended to dissolve 4-5 tablets in 12 hours. Children from 3 to 7 years old give 3 tablets per day.

"Grammidin with anesthetic"

In addition to the anti-inflammatory substance gramidicin, lidocaine is added to this drug - a means to get rid of sore throat after the first dose. It is necessary to be treated according to the following scheme: adults and children over 12 years old - 2 tablets for sucking 4 times a day, children under 12 years old - 1-2 tablets. "Grammydin" take 1 week. This drug will have to give up allergies and nursing moms.


Tablets for resorption from sore throat

In addition to the bactericidal substance, this medicine is enriched with essential oils of peppermint and anise, as well as vitamin C, so that it strengthens the immune system and removes allergies. There are "Strepsils" with other additives, for example, with eucalyptus and menthol (which favors the coughing up of sputum), or with medicinal plants and lemon (to enhance the resistance of microbes and remove redness). Adults and children from 5 years old dissolve 1 tablet every 2-3 hours (but not more than 8 tablets per day) for 4 days.


Flurbiprofen, of which the medicinal lozenges consist, stops the inflammatory process and eliminates the pain in half an hour after the remedy has dissolved in the mouth. "Strepfen" is suitable for adults and children over 12 years old. It is taken after meals up to 5 times a day for 3 days. These pills are harmful for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for those who suffer from a stomach ulcer in the acute phase, an allergic reaction to non-narcotic analgesics.

To prevent a sore throat or another illness from spoiling your plans and mood, you can try to cure it in a few days with the best throat lozenges. The timely start of treatment, the advice of the otolaryngologist and the observance of the rules for taking the drug will help to quickly forget about the inconveniences that are inevitable with colds and her companions.