Indian onions


Few of us know that attractive plants growing on a plot or windowsill are truly medicinal. Many housewives are raised at home tailed birdworm. In everyday life it is called Indian onions. And if earlier this poultry was found only in its homeland in South America, today Indian onions grow in almost every home. And what healing properties does it have?

This article will discuss how to use Indian onions, whose healing properties help to cope with many ailments.

Indian onions: healing properties

Indian onions: healing properties and application

Indian onions are widely used in traditional medicine, but all its useful properties have not been fully studied so far. Traditional medicine does not confirm that the poultry lamb is a medicinal plant. Herbalists focus on the proper use of Indian onions: funds prepared on its basis, in any case can not be taken orally.

Indian onion is considered a good antiseptic, contributes to the rapid healing of wounds and has an analgesic effect. And for the preparation of traditional medicine, you can use arrows, bulbs, leaves and juice. From the Indian onions prepare tinctures, decoctions, ointments, compresses and baths.

Herbalists on the basis of long studies have concluded that in a certain form and the right proportion, a folk remedy made from Indian onions can cope with a number of diseases, such as:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • toothache;
  • headache of varying degrees;
  • polyarthritis;
  • rheumatism;
  • acute respiratory diseases;
  • radiculitis;
  • salt deposits;
  • tonsillitis;
  • mastitis;
  • angina;
  • skin wounds;
  • bruises;
  • bites.

The use of onions in traditional medicine

As already mentioned, the use of medicines, prepared on the basis of Indian onion, you need to be very careful and only outwardly. For the treatment of various diseases and pathological processes are prepared ointments, decoctions and infusions of poultry. There are a number of universal medicines that can be used as compresses to combat various ailments. Let's look at some of them.

Recipe number 1

Such a drug is universal. Infusing poultry meat is best alcohol-based. You can add chopped leaves, feathers and onions.

Medicinal properties of Indian onions in tincture


  • freshly chopped Indian onion - 1 part;
  • Vodka or alcohol - 10 parts.

Preparation and use:

  1. Parts of the Indian onion plant should be thoroughly chopped and put in a glass container.
  2. In the tank, the crushed medicinal plant should be compacted and filled with an alcohol base.
  3. To insist the mixture is necessary at a low temperature threshold in a dark place for 14 days.
  4. After the time for infusion, the mixture should be drained and poured into another container.
  5. It is better to store this drug in the refrigerator and use as a rubbing or for compresses.

Recipe number 2

The ointment prepared from parts of the plant of Indian onion copes well with bruises, radiculitis and a number of other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.


  • Indian onion leaf not less than 20 cm long - 1 pc .;
  • lanolin-based cream or natural fat component - 1 tube;
  • liquid honey - 2 tbsp. l

Preparation and use:

  1. The leaf of a plant needs to be crushed carefully to make gruel.
  2. In a separate container, mix the cream or fat base, chopped Indian onion and liquid honey. All must be thoroughly mixed to form a homogeneous mixture.
  3. The tool can immediately be used for rubbing into the area of ​​the appearance of pain.
  4. Store this ointment should be in the refrigerator in a glass container.

Recipe number 3

For the treatment of rheumatic processes and various tumor neoplasms, herbalists advise the use of such tincture.


  • Indian onion leaf not less than 20 cm long - 1 pc .;
  • filtered water - 1000 ml.

Preparation and use:

  1. The leaf of the bird cat should be thoroughly crushed and put into a deep container.
  2. The crushed plant needs to be filled in with filtered water.
  3. The mixture must be boiled in a water bath for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Then you need to insist about 45 minutes.
  5. Then the mixture should be drained and poured into a separate container.
  6. The tincture is rubbed into the area of ​​manifestation of pain.


Indian onions contraindications

Perhaps many readers are interested in the question of how the drug works on the basis of Indian onions. As already mentioned, it is used only for external use. When rubbing into the problem area, you first feel a strong tingling, and then excessive burning. After that, the person is relieved, as blood rushes to this part of the body.

We all know that each drug has its own contraindications. Indian onions can trigger an allergic reaction. To check and make sure that you normally carry the active components, rub the tincture, ointment or decoction into the elbow or wrist and wait 4-6 hours. If there are no signs of allergy, then you do not have individual intolerance, and you can safely use Indian onions for treatment.

In no case is it allowed to use Indian onions for people with hemophilia. It is also not recommended to rinse the mouth cavity with decoctions from this plant if there are diseases of the gums or they bleed. The sap of the plant contains potent substances, so prevent its contact with mucous surfaces.

Indian onion treatment tips

Before you start treating folk remedies based on Indian onions, read some tips:

  • do not self-medicate - be sure to consult with your healthcare professional;
  • improper dosage may cause burn wounds;
  • Do not take infusions and decoctions orally;
  • Most of the active ingredients are found in the old large leaves of the plant.

As you can see, Indian onions are a very useful plant. But it should be used very carefully so as not to hurt yourself. Consult with your doctor and in combination with pharmacological preparations undergo a therapeutic course. Be healthy!