Increased cortisol in the urine and blood in women


Hormonal balance is one of the most important conditions for the well-being of the fair sex. But overwork and life troubles can lead to nervous breakdowns and various diseases. In this case, it is found that the hormone cortisol is elevated in a woman. The causes of this phenomenon should be immediately clarified and eliminated.

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands (their work, in turn, regulates the pituitary-hypothalamic system). This substance balances metabolic processes, stimulates the immune system and the brain, promotes the formation of the lungs of the fetus during pregnancy. The adrenal glands secrete more cortisol, and its level in the body increases when the child is born or in an extreme situation. In other cases, the hormonal imbalance is abnormal. The appearance of excess weight, infertility, depressive states - a signal that it is necessary to pass an analysis of cortisol.

"Bad behavior" cortisol

Cortisol is elevated in women: causes

In a healthy woman, the rate of this hormone varies from 145-630 nmol / l in the blood or 20-230 μg / l in the urine. This is due to biological rhythms: in the morning it is more than at the end of the day.

Pathological changes in hormonal levels can not proceed unnoticed by the ladies. If cortisol is elevated, the following symptoms are observed:

  • a strong increase in body fat in the shoulders, back, waist, sternum and face;
  • feeling of muscle weakness;
  • the occurrence of burgundy stains on the skin;
  • reproductive and menstrual disorders;
  • the growth of hard black hair on the chest and chin;
  • frequent fractures as a result of reduced bone strength;
  • constant state of excitement, which prevents sleep;
  • severe fatigue even with light physical exertion;
  • reduced immunity, which is manifested by the increasing number of infectious and viral diseases;
  • malfunctions of the digestive system - diarrhea, constipation or intestinal colic;
  • psycho-emotional disorders - depression, suicidal tendency, indifference to everything;
  • earlier puberty girls.

Why is the hormone getting too much?

Elevated levels of cortisol in biomaterials often indicate the presence of certain diseases:

  • tumors on the adrenal glands (malignant or benign);
  • pituitary adenoma;
  • tumors on the ovaries or bronchi that produce hormones;
  • acromegaly;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • diabetes;
  • genital pathologies;
  • acute inflammatory processes of infectious nature and fever.

In addition to these diseases, an increase in the hormone cortisol provoke:

  • alcohol abuse and smoking;
  • hormonal medications, including contraceptive pills;
  • chronic stress;
  • unbalanced diets (for example, protein, because the exclusion from the menu of food containing fats and carbohydrates, is a shock to the body).

So, having learned that cortisol is elevated and what it means, you need to take urgent measures, otherwise you can forget not only good health and beautiful appearance, but also lose the opportunity to become a mother and / or give birth to a healthy baby.

Normalization of hormonal background in your hands!

increased cortisol in the blood due to a dangerous disease

Those who want to get rid of the annoying symptoms of hormonal imbalance, first of all you need to visit the doctor and undergo diagnostic procedures. If an increase in cortisol in the blood is caused by a dangerous disease, an appropriate type of therapy is needed - antibacterial, hormonal, insulin, and in neoplasms we cannot do without surgical intervention. Similarly, an increase in the content of cortisol in the urine may indicate the need to eliminate the underlying disease.

It happens, the cause of hormonal failure lies in the wrong lifestyle. In this case:

  • correct weight with a qualified nutritionist;
  • refuse to consume coffee and bad habits;
  • often walk in nature and exercise;
  • take a relaxing bath with essential oils of jasmine, lavender, sage, clove, oregano;
  • give more time for rest and hobbies;
  • visit botanical gardens, reserves, dolphinariums, chat with pets.

Treatment for increasing cortisol can be supplemented by visiting the psychologist's office to relieve stress after adverse events. Able to help and receive vitamins of groups B and C, as well as omega-3 acids, infusions and decoctions of the following medicinal plants:

  • Rhodiola Rose leaves;
  • stalks and leaves of Hypericum;
  • licorice root.

Obesity, the appearance of hair in different parts of the body, sexual dysfunction, deterioration of health can occur due to the fact that a woman has cortisol in her body. These troubles disappear after successful treatment of endocrine and oncological ailments or the creation of moral and physical comfort. Pay attention to yourself - and health will return!