Imbilding at home

Imbilding is a system aimed at restoring and developing intimate muscles.. It is in nature that the full health of each person depends on the variety of intimate life. And the very diversity of intimate life depends on the state and ability to own the intimate muscles of the body.

Imbilding has two directions. The first direction is the development of an intimate culture of a man and a woman, and the second is to facilitate the passage of childbirth.

Many women and men have very undeveloped pelvic floor muscles. These muscles, like all others, need to be trained, because by the end of puberty in most people, these muscles do not have a natural tone. And in women after childbirth, this is especially aggravated.

Imbilding at home

Due to the fact that the pelvic floor muscles are underdeveloped, the entire gynecology of a woman suffers. Various inflammations, uterus prolapse, urinary incontinence, tumors appear. As a result, infertility may occur. Much depends on the state of the muscles of the intimate system.: and the location of the uterus, and the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth.

The intimate muscles include the vaginal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Imbilding and pregnancy

The acquired skills in imbilding can be applied not only in sex, but also in carrying a child, during childbirth. In such a system of development of intimate muscles have exercises to get pregnant. One of them is sperm absorption by the cervix.

If you practiced imbilding before pregnancy, you can do it during the pregnancy itself, but if you didn’t do it, it is strictly forbidden to start exercising during pregnancy, and after pregnancy they need to begin exercising 2-3 months after giving birth.

Imbilding and pregnancy

Imbilding is good because during pregnancy the muscles very often become weak. By doing such exercises, you can prevent the prolapse of the walls of the vagina, uterus. Also strengthening the muscles makes it possible to relax them or to strain. These abilities help to relax the muscles of the pelvis, which makes it possible to give birth more painlessly.

When practicing imbedding muscles become elastic, which prevents tissue rupture. There are also exercises to control the diaphragm. The diaphragm is directly involved in the process of childbirth, after training it is much easier to give birth.

Imbueling classes at home

  • For imbilding use such simulators as a laser simulator, a Kegel simulator, a vaginal egg. Their woman places herself in the vagina and develops intimate muscles. It is good when a man and a woman do it together. They feel and understand each other.
  • After using the simulators, a special chamber is also used to massage the vaginal walls.
  • Men also achieve good results when practicing home-based imbilding. They decrease hemorrhoids, massage the prostate, increase protection of the urethra mucosa, strengthen the spermatic cord of the muscles, improve spermatogenesis, increase erection, increase potency.

Classes in home building

  • At home, a woman can freely massage the prostate gland, the anus to a man with her own hands. The man himself can make active contractions of his pelvic muscles, as they are fused with the prostate. Rhythmic muscle squeezing helps to produce the so-called massage. After this exercise, the man will feel a little agitated.

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Each person who is engaged in imbilding strengthens their health. The one who receives pleasure in this way differs only in that he is very sensitive to internal sensations.

Doing imbulling does not require any extra effort. You do not need to go to the gyms or buy any equipment, all these exercises simply depend on how often you can contract the pelvic floor muscles. A couple of minutes is enough to work on your muscles, and they will begin to strengthen.

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