If the eye is twitching

You walk down the street, just walk or for some business - and suddenly your eyes start to twitch. The first thought - hit the speck. If this is true, then everything is fixable: you can simply wipe the eye, at least wash it. However, it also happens that the feeling of discomfort only increases, and the tick of the eye is delayed for several days. Probably, there is no such person who never would face a similar problem. If the eye is twitching - what to do and what can it indicate? Let's look for answers to these questions together.

Why eye twitches: possible causes

Twitching of the eye, or rather, the muscles of the eyelid, is a common occurrence, which is called hyperkinesis or a nervous tic. It appears unexpectedly, often passing quickly, within a few seconds, and sometimes it may take a couple of days. In severe cases, the person does not even feel the appearance of this syndrome.

Hyperkinesis does not bring us any good either in appearance or in internal state. Why does the eye twitch? From a physiological point of view, uncontrolled muscle contraction, spontaneous flashing, spasm of the eyelid (most often the upper) occurs. Hyperkinesis manifests itself as a result of the malfunctioning of the brain areas that are responsible for regulating muscle tone and movement. Nervous tic disappears during sleep, and at the time of excitement, on the contrary, increases.

Why eye twitches

The appearance of hyperkinesis is associated primarily with the nervous activity of the body, hence the causes of our troubles:

  • unregulated working days;
  • chronic sleep deprivation;
  • stressful situations;
  • depression or simply fatigue;
  • avitaminosis;
  • general weakness of the body due to illness.

If the eye is twitching, more serious causes may contribute to this, for example, a genetic predisposition to nervous tics.

What to do with hyperkinesia?

How to beat hyperkinesia? Immediately you need to make a reservation that from the point of view of medicine there is no difference, the left or right eye is twitching, since the causes, effects and treatment methods are the same in both cases. Here it would be more appropriate to ask the question: "Why does one eye or another jerk?" - but this is a topic for another conversation.

So, if you decide to live without a nervous tick, then first try to diversify your life, remove all negative things from it. Try to relax more and be less nervous, do what you love. If possible, arrange your work day, stick to at least some regime. On weekends, go to the forest or somewhere to the water. Nothing is more reassuring than the watery surface and thoughts of pleasant things. Chat with interesting people, make new acquaintances. Go to the cinema or theater, finally. Try to get as many positive emotions as possible.

How to beat hyperkinesis

And here are some more useful tips for those who have eye twitches:

  • reduce the consumption of coffee and strong black tea in your daily ration;
  • if there is no possibility of daytime siesta, then find at least 15 minutes to sit on a chair, sit back, close your eyes and just sit;
  • do not wash with cold water;
  • in windy weather hide your eyes behind the glasses;
  • limit sitting time near the TV, and especially at the computer;
  • chop up a sheet of geranium, make a compress from the resulting mass, put it on your eyes;
  • squeeze with a force, slowly inhale and exhale, look in front of you, repeat 5 times;
  • blink often for a minute.

Twitching eyelids: Who to contact?

We figured out why the right or left eye is twitching. If you have tried all possible methods, but the tick does not pass, one thing remains - to turn to a neurologist. It is better to spend a little time, conduct a survey and make sure that everything is in order, or in a timely manner to identify the development of a more serious problem.

Medications for the treatment of hyperkinesis will help restore the normal functioning of the entire nervous system. In addition to medical treatment, the doctor, if necessary, prescribe physiotherapy or massage.

Eyelids twitch: what could be the consequences?

Twitching eyelids

If you still do not decide to go to the doctor, then, perhaps, with a healthy lifestyle, the nervous tic will pass with time. But make sure you understand for yourself that hyperkinesis is the result of nervous overstrain, and in advanced cases, eye twitching can be a sign of the development of serious diseases, such as:

  • neuritis of the facial nerve;
  • inflammation of the middle ear;
  • disturbances in the functioning of the central nervous system;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • stroke;
  • brain tumor.

Is this not a serious reason for going to the doctor?

Folk remedies to help

Perhaps, all the same it is necessary to mention signs, because when it comes to folk remedies, it is difficult to avoid them. So, popular wisdom promises an increase in income, if the right eye is twitching. And when the left eye twitches, it is believed that this is to tears. All right, jokes are jokes, and a nervous tic needs special attention.

Such national methods will help us to say goodbye to him:

  • Herbal collection. Chamomile, motherwort, chrysanthemum leaves are mixed in equal proportions and brewed. Drink infusion need instead of tea.
  • Soothing means - tincture of valerian, motherwort or hawthorn. Not bad also helps decoction of chamomile.
  • Eat prunes, dried apricots, black rye bread, watermelon. These products will help replenish magnesium in the body. The eye may twitch from the lack of this element.

Let's sum up our today's conversation. Anyway, a nervous tic is a fixable matter. Of course, this is not a mote from the eye to get, but still. Moreover, if you believe the national signs, then the twitching of the right eye is only for good. But seriously, once again we recall that the simple twitching of the century can be a harbinger of various problems: ranging from a banal lack of sleep and ending with serious ailments. That is why you should not engage in self-treatment, and you need to go to the clinic for an accurate diagnosis. Be healthy!

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