Hypoglycemia is what it is and what it leads to.


Sometimes, even people with diabetes do not complain about strange symptoms: the whole body starts to tremble, heartbeat quickens, and feels hot. At the same time pulls to eat something sweet. It is enough to drink the juice, put a candy or sugar cube in your mouth - and the condition improves. If you talk about these symptoms to the doctor, you can hear the diagnosis of "hypoglycemia." What is it that threatens a person and is treatment necessary?

Death in 30 minutes: hypoglycemia - symptoms and effects

What is it - hypoglycemia

What is it - hypoglycemia? So called pathological condition caused by a sharp decrease in blood glucose levels. Sugar drops to 3.3 mmol / l and below.

Why can this happen? Together with the food, which contains carbohydrates, glucose enters the body. It is "combustible", without which the vital activity of the organism is simply impossible. When glucose enters the pancreas secretes a special hormone - insulin. It helps cells extract energy from this substance.

If the blood glucose level drops rapidly, then a person can fall into a coma, and after half an hour it will be impossible to save him. Such a danger threatens, first of all, diabetics. In order not to become a victim of hypoglycemia, they (and their relatives) must know how to behave in such a situation in order to quickly raise sugar to the required indicator.

Frequently repeated hypoglycemic syndrome causes the destruction of blood vessels, especially the legs and eyes. This can lead to the development of angiopathy and blindness. Insufficient glucose is also dangerous for the brain, since it cannot exist without sugar. If the glucose level drops to 2 mmol / l, the brain cells die. This once again proves that it is better not to bring the body to such a state.

What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia?

  • hunger;
  • tingling in the upper limbs;
  • weakness and trembling;
  • dizziness;
  • increased sweating.

There may also be a lack of coordination, headache, decreased visual acuity, disorientation, a feeling of cold.

Can there be hypoglycemia in a healthy person?

Hypoglycemia can be diagnosed not only for those who have diabetes

Hypoglycemia can be diagnosed not only in those who have diabetes. This pathology is sometimes found in pregnant women - this is due to enhanced hormonal changes. Metabolic processes are accelerated, and the pancreas and thyroid gland begin to actively synthesize hormones. Their excess can cause hypoglycemia.

This condition happens in children. It mainly develops against the background of problems with the endocrine and nervous system. But a healthy child may experience what hypoglycemia is due to unbearable stress, stress, poor nutrition. What causes the fall of sugar to a critical point? The child begins to have headaches, convulsions, and a coma may occur. Hypoglycemia adversely affects the intellectual potential and physical development of children.

If a person is not sick with diabetes, but he has symptoms of hypoglycemia, then this may indicate other diseases of the endocrine system. In order not to risk your life, it is better to undergo a medical diagnosis.

But hypoglycemia is not always an alarm. It can occur when a person has not eaten for a long time, and the body simply needs calories.

Why does hypoglycemia occur? Causes in diabetics and all others

What factors can lead to a dangerous decrease in the level of glucose?

What factors can lead to a dangerous decrease in the level of glucose? Possible causes of hypoglycemia include:

  • incorrect dosage of insulin;
  • fasting over 6 hours;
  • excessive physical overload, which leads to the complete depletion of glucose (when even the liver loses glycogen);
  • the use of large doses of alcohol;
  • improper diet (exclusion from the diet of foods that include carbohydrates);
  • taking drugs that level the effect of antidiabetic drugs - Aspirin, Warfarin or sugar-reducing drugs - Diabeneza, Glinaz, Starlix.

Methods for diagnosing hypoglycemia

The only accurate diagnostic method is a blood test for sugar. Of course, an experienced doctor will recognize this disease from the patient’s characteristic complaints, but laboratory testing is a necessary measure. For the diagnosis, special functional tests are carried out, one of them is with starvation. The development of hypoglycemia is monitored against the background of fasting for 8-12 hours. A positive result is considered if sugar drops to 2 mmol / l. The analysis is carried out at intervals of 2 hours. In addition to the tests, CT, ultrasound sonography and angiography of the pancreas are used.

Some patients do not experience symptoms of hypoglycemia, so they must constantly monitor the level of glucose. This can be done at home with a blood glucose meter. For these patients, a device has also been developed that is placed under the skin. It automatically measures sugar.

How to treat: medical and folk methods

The only accurate diagnostic method is blood sugar testing.

The success of treatment depends on how quickly the syndrome is noticed and whether the measures to eliminate it are taken correctly. An emergency measure that restores glucose levels is eating sugary foods. Sugar, fruit juice, honey, candy, lollipops, milk will do. If a person has lost orientation, then you can lubricate the mouth with a sweet syrup. Relatives of the patient can give him a subcutaneous injection of glucagon.

The pharmacy sells glucose tablets and tubes containing a natural, concentrated carbohydrate syrup that helps stop an attack.

If hypoglycemia develops, treatment with medication should be prescribed by a doctor. But there are folk ways to improve the composition of the blood. Thus, the plant levzey can increase hemoglobin and normalize the level of red blood cells and white blood cells. Medicinal decoction is prepared from it: 15 drops of Leuzey are poured into 1 tbsp. l boiled water and drink thrice a day.

Folk healers also recommend using lemongrass. It strengthens the immune system and reduces the likelihood of hypoglycemia. This plant can be eaten directly raw. For example, to make a salad from lemongrass, dandelion leaves, nettle, onions, use sour cream or vegetable oil for dressing. Such a medical dish will relieve from weakness, drowsiness, low pressure and headache.

Is there a prevention of hypoglycemia?

To prevent the development of the syndrome,enough to sticksimple rules:

  • observe diet;
  • if intensive physical activities are planned, it is necessary to eat foods rich in carbohydrates;
  • during long trips to maintain their strength candy (better - chocolate);
  • diabetics should monitor their glucose levels and not forget to take medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • avoid stress.

Healthy people, who have seen signs of hypoglycemia, may wonder if they are talking about the development of diabetes or a predisposition to it. This is not true. A drop in glucose is a normal reaction to hunger or overwork. Blood simply requires "food." The best treatment in this case is regular meals. But if such attacks become frequent or lead to loss of consciousness, then it is necessary to check for diabetes.