Hypertonic saline solution


Few people know that ordinary table salt contains not only chlorine and sodium, but many other useful elements. We use salt in the process of cooking, not only as a food additive to impart exquisite taste to the dish. Table salt is very important for the formation of hydrochloric acid and alkali, which allow the gastrointestinal tract and cells to function normally.

Hypertonic salt solution is very famous in everyday life, because it can be used as a remedy.

What are the properties of a hypertonic solution based on table salt?

What are the properties of a hypertonic solution based on table salt?

Surprisingly, ordinary rock salt has a number of beneficial properties. In addition to the beneficial effects on the formation of acid-base balance in the digestive tract, salt has wound-healing and pulling properties. Often, a hypertonic solution is used to remove purulent formations from wounds.

The therapeutic properties of the hypertonic solution can instantly affect the pathological area to which the compress is applied. In the surface layers of the epidermis such a solution destroys all pathogens and bacteria. With the help of hypertonic saline solution, pathogens of fungal and viral infections can be eliminated.

When can I use saline?

As already mentioned, the salt solution removes microbes and bacteria from the skin and also prevents the development of intoxication. Did you know that a hypertonic solution is a unique tool with which you can replenish your body fluids or stop the development of the inflammatory process? In fact, a simple solution of sodium chloride brings many benefits.

What diseases can be cured with this remedy?

As with any folk remedy, the hypertonic solution should be used in the treatment with extreme caution and only after consulting a doctor. By using a single sodium chloride solution, the disease cannot be cured, but its use in combination with pharmacological treatment will give a good result and a positive dynamic.

The amazing properties of water and sodium chloride will help in the treatment of a number of diseases:

  • appendicitis in the chronic stage;
  • pathological processes of joints and tissues;
  • development of abscesses of various internal organs;
  • nasopharyngeal diseases (in particular, rhinitis);
  • headache;
  • migraine;
  • acute respiratory and viral infections;
  • asthma;
  • sore throats;
  • various hematomas;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • edema of different origin;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • damage to muscle, joint tissue, or bone.

Very often, in practice, a hypertonic solution is used as a treatment for purulent wounds, burns, and dermatitis. Salt solution helps to get rid of the effects of amphibian bites or insects. Apply sodium chloride solution and frostbite of the extremities.


The recipe for saline solution knows every specialist in the field of pharmaceuticals. Preparation of a hypertonic solution for treatment at home will not be difficult. Let's see what is needed for this.

The recipe for hypertonic saline


  • water (purified, rain, mineral or distilled) - 1 l;
  • salt - 100 g


  1. Water must be brought to a boil.
  2. Then boiled water should be cooled to room temperature and poured into a container.
  3. Add salt to the liquid. The amount of salt can vary from 80 to 100 g, it all depends on the required concentration of the mortar liquid. If you add 80 g, then the concentration of sodium chlorine will be 8%, and if 100 g - 10%, respectively.
  4. All components are thoroughly mixed until complete dissolution of salt.
  5. The prepared hypertonic solution should be used within one hour after preparation, since subsequently it loses its beneficial properties.

How to apply sodium chloride solution for treatment?

Most often, hypertonic saline is used to treat skin wounds, dermatitis, inflammations, pustules, bruises, joint diseases, etc. A bandage is applied to the affected areas.


  1. As a material for dressings, you can choose gauze or cotton fabric. Remember that the fabric must be breathable.
  2. Fold the selected length of fabric into 8 layers.
  3. The cut of the tissue is placed in a container with hypertonic solution and left for 2 minutes.
  4. Then gently squeeze the bandage and apply to the sore spot. If the compress is used to treat the pathology of internal organs, then it is applied to the skin over the diseased organ.
  5. Compress no need to fix or glue.
  6. Depending on the treatment, the compress is left for 1 to 12 hours.
  7. The treatment course is from 7 to 10 days.

Using the solution to normalize the digestive tract

The use of sodium chloride solution for the gastrointestinal tract

Using a hypertonic solution, you can wash the stomach or do a cleansing enema. In case of poisoning and intoxication of the body, you should drink 1 liter of prepared saline solution. The liquid should not be hot, it should be cooled to 37 °.

For a cleansing enema, you need to prepare a solution of 5% salt from the above recipe, only the amount of salt should be 50 g. Approximately 150-200 ml is enough for cleansing.

Hypertonic solution is also used for washing the nasal sinuses and throat.

Main contraindications

Despite the fact that with the help of a hypertonic solution some diseases can be cured, the use of sodium chloride liquid has its own contraindications. It is not recommended to use the solution liquid from table salt in the following cases:

  • with the development of vascular sclerosis;
  • in the presence of pulmonary hemorrhage;
  • with a weakened heart (especially with regard to the intake of salt baths).

Such a seemingly simple culinary ingredient - table salt - has many beneficial properties. Remember that the use for medicinal purposes of folk remedies must necessarily be coordinated with the doctor. When using the rinse or rinse solution, keep the proportions.