From this wonderful weed prepare infusions and decoctions that help "in many articles." Stomatitis, indigestion, mastitis, hemorrhoids, anemia, jaundice, migraine, burns, vascular spasms - this is an incomplete list of what St. John's wort treats. As you can see, the range of diseases and ailments for which infusions and decoctions help is quite large.

St. John's wort helps from and to: it will eliminate the smell from the mouth and cure hypertension. And tea with Melissa and St. John's wort helps to concentrate and rejuvenate. If you yourself collect and dry St. John's wort for harvesting, the best thing to do in June. It is necessary to treat only the upper part of the plant, because it has the strongest medicinal effect. Gastritis, colitis, diarrhea are treated with St. John's wort broth. Although such serious diseases that clearly require medical intervention, should be treated in hospital. But for external use St. John's wort is simply necessary.

Folk cosmetology and St. John's wort

To turn to nature for help for your body is not a sin, the main thing is to do it right without harming both of you. With the help of tinctures, decoctions, masks and baths on the basis of Hypericum can strengthen hair, get rid of acne and much more.

Hypericum: medicinal properties

Strengthen hair with Hypericum. Take 10 grams of dried chopped herbs, pour 90 ml of alcohol, let stand for a week. Then strain and rub into the hair roots and scalp, the procedure can be repeated 2 times a week. But if you have dry hair, the recipe is somewhat different. Alcohol should be taken 20%, half diluted with water, with oily hair, 50%.

With acne and oily skin will fight this bath: 50 grams of lime, 50 grams of oregano, 35 grams of Hypericum, 25 grams of chamomile flowers, 25 grams of pine needles and juniper. Pour the entire mixture with two liters of boiling water and pour it into a bath, the water in which should not exceed 37 degrees.

Dry skin will save moisturizer with tincture of Hypericum. You need to mix 10 ml of Hypericum tincture, 10 grams of olive oil, 10 ml of water, 20 grams of lanolin, 2 grams of spermaceti. This cream will improve the elasticity of the skin and moisturize it perfectly. Now we go down below.

Our legs are a support that should not lose beauty. To relieve fatigue and tension, improve blood circulation will not be superfluous to use the Hypericum trays. Take equal amounts of dry St. John's wort and nettle, pour two tablespoons of the mixture with one liter of boiling water, draw it, and then your legs can enjoy and rest for 15 minutes from a hard day's work.

Hypericum on your desk

tea with hunter benefits

As in cosmetology, St. John's wort can be actively used in cooking. It is suitable for gourmets, because St. John's wort gives dishes a tart, bitter-resinous taste. This seasoning is especially good for fish.

Tea with St. John's wort is better to drink in the morning, it will help your body wake up and tune in to work. In the evening it can be used to make other kinds of drinks, for example, weed is added to vermouths or tinctures. If you already decided to keep St. John's wort in the kitchen, let him live in closed glass or metal jars in a cool place. Of course, herb for seasoning and tea should be kept in different containers.

Contraindications in the use of Hypericum

With all the variety of therapeutic effects, St. John's wort may be unsafe. You will have to tinker with the plant and remember all the nuances, and there are a lot of them. For example, it is contraindicated for pregnant women and for hypertension it cannot be drunk for a long time. As for the Hypericum tea, it should not be very strong, otherwise this infusion can cause gastritis. If you decide to be treated with a St. John's wort, you should not use amino acids, tricophane, tyrosine, and amphitomine in parallel, and use an inhaler for asthma.

At elevated temperatures, it is better not to take St. John’s wort, otherwise it can cause hives. The serum increases the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet, so it is impossible to sunbathe while taking this herb. Overdosing of Hypericum can hit health a lot: an increase in the harmonic level, the appearance of unwanted hair on the female breast, a change in voice. And men are generally waiting for impotence, if they do not control the ingestion of Hypericum in the body. Therefore, you should not even use proven drugs randomly, first consult with a specialist.

Heal the gifts of nature! Be healthy and happy!