How to use garlic and lemon for cleaning vessels


In the global web you can find information about almost everything in the world. A large amount of content is devoted to traditional medicine recipes from all sorts of disorders and diseases. So, you can find information about cleansing the vessels with garlic, lemon and honey. According to user feedback, lemon and garlic instantly clean the blood vessels from blood clots and debris. But is it really? Referring to expert reviews on the effectiveness of garlic and lemon for cleaning vessels. But first, let's see what kind of means it is.

The proportions of garlic, honey and lemon for the composition of the remedy

The proportions of garlic, honey and lemon for the composition of a healing agent

Looking at a set of products, you can immediately say that the prepared remedy will be very healing, because each ingredient (honey, lemon, garlic) is universal in traditional medicine. They are rich in various nutrients, the need for which is indisputable for the body.

Products combine the ability to stimulate metabolic processes, improve and strengthen the immune system, affect many important body functions. Is it true that lemon and garlic instantly clean the blood vessels of blood clots and debris?

Due to impaired metabolic processes, poorly soluble, heavy substances, such as cholesterol, can accumulate in the blood vessels, forming so-called plaques, from the increase of which the vessel can subsequently be completely clogged with a thrombus. So:

  1. Garlic is able to reduce the level of low-density cholesterol, as opposed to increasing the level of beneficial (high-density). And he fights off viruses and bacteria, dissolves salt deposits that accumulate in vessels.
  2. Lemon, in turn, contains a large amount of vitamin C, a substance involved in the cleansing of blood vessels.
  3. And the healing properties of honey are so diverse that, among other things, of course, there are also anti-atherosclerosis.

How to make the composition, in what proportion need honey, lemon and garlic?

Ingredients: 4 lemons in the peel, 4 teeth of garlic, 4 tbsp. l honey, 3 liters of warm water.

Mixing: Smash lemon and garlic in a blender, put into a bottle, add honey and water to the top.

Infusion: three days at room temperature.

Reception: strain before drinking, drink 100 ml 3 times a day.

Course: It is recommended to master 4 cans of tincture.

Repeated course (if necessary): no earlier than 12 months.

Reviews garlic and lemon for cleaning vessels

Reviews of garlic and lemon for cleaning vessels

"Garlic contains allicin, which effectively dissolves cholesterol plaques. Following the course of treatment, cleansing the vessels with garlic with lemon and honey will pass relatively quickly. But there is one" but "if you use garlic products all the time, your body develops immunity to allicin. Thus, cholesterol will begin to accumulate again. That is why it is necessary to adhere to accuracy in the dosage and duration of prophylaxis. And if for garlic-lemon water tincture the interval between courses is at least a year, then the course with pirtovoy tincture can be repeated no earlier than in 5-7 years. "

Garlic means are very strong, so you need to be extremely careful with them. Be sure to get permission from the doctor to undergo this type of prevention. Make sure that you do not have contraindications, as well as no allergies to bee products, citrus fruits, other substances. Do not exceed the dosage, just follow the course.