How to treat varicose veins

Varicosity is not a problem, it is a disease! It is this idea that doctors are now trying to convey to all people who suffer from this insidious disease. Launched varicose veins are more difficult to treat than in the initial stages. Therefore, the sooner you realize that it is impossible to live fully with swollen and swollen veins in the legs, the more chances that the process can still be slowed down.

Modern methods of treatment of varicose veins

Modern methods of treatment of varicose veins

The most advanced method of treating varicose veins is laser correction, when the vein is restored by a laser beam. This method is quickly becoming popular, as it does not require hospitalization and rehabilitation, in contrast to the full surgical intervention.

In some cases, minimally invasive methods can also be used, which are also less traumatic than normal surgery. For example, using a cryectomy, the damaged vein area is frozen and removed. The cuts make very small, which facilitates recovery.

Many people suffering from varicose veins are terribly afraid of the operation and therefore delay the solution of their problem, trying to do with gadgets according to popular recipes and creams. Of course, this approach is fundamentally wrong, because if you already have 4 stages of varicose veins, burdened by the formation of blood clots - the operation is vital! In milder cases, the cream and ointment really does not hurt. For example, a lot of positive feedback now on the tool Varikosette, This is an inexpensive German varicose vein cream.. If you understand the composition, you can see what its differences from other similar creams.

Varikosette contains the active substance troxerutin, and the rest is medicinal components of plant origin: ginkgo biloba, witch hazel, witch nut (horse chestnut). The extracts of these three truly amazing plants create a tonic and veno-strengthening complex that has a positive effect on blood circulation in the lower limbs. And this is a very important property, since varicosity causes stagnation of blood and lymph, as a result of which the edemas appear, veins begin to throb, swell, deform. Solving the problem of blood circulation, you contribute to the resolution of a whole tangle of symptoms.

When can Varikosette cream help?

Cream Varikosette

This tool is often prescribed in conjunction with anti-inflammatory.with varicose veins from the initial to the third stage. It is also recommended for use by women after childbirth.

At stage 2-3, Varikosette solves such problems as:

  • weight of the legs in the evening;
  • increased puffiness;
  • pulling and arching pains;
  • night cramps;
  • vein swelling and knot formation.

This occurs because the medicinal plants that are part of, have angioprotectivem, vasodilatingm, anti-inflammatoryLinsemi, antiedematous and antioxidant effects. In addition, the cream stimulates the production of antithrombin - this hormone directly affects the resorption of blood clots and prevents their further appearance.

Where to buy quality cream from varicose veins?

Despite the fact that Varikosette cream is made according to the German quality standard, in Russia it is affordable and can be easily ordered on the official website of any person. Payment is made upon receipt. The cream is delivered to all cities by mail.

Therefore, if you are not ready to put up with the disease or the painful symptoms overpower the fear of treatment and diagnosis, start using the available remedies for varicose veins and contact the therapist, he must send you to a phlebologist or vascular surgeon free of charge.

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