How to treat the thyroid gland in women


It is safe to say that, despite the achievements of medicine, modern women are not healthier than their great-grandmothers. So, even for 30-year-old women, the question of how to treat the thyroid gland in women is relevant. And for older women, violations in the work of this body are not considered to be anything out of the ordinary. It's time to change something!

When the thyroid is "faulty" ...

Diseases of the thyroid gland in women and methods for their diagnosis

This is a big problem for the whole organism, because literally everything depends on the thyroid gland: how a person sleeps, what his working capacity is, how much he weighs, what emotions he has, and how the metabolic processes go.

Diseases of the thyroid gland develop imperceptibly for the patient. She does not detect any symptoms until she feels very bad (irritability, sweating, sleep disturbances, loss or weight gain appear) or she has a goiter on her neck, an enlarged thyroid gland. To prevent the disease from running, you should do an ultrasound examination of this organ at least once a year.

Diseases of the thyroid gland in women and methods for their diagnosis

Now let's take a closer look at what pathologies can be detected and how to treat the thyroid gland in women. Diseases of this organ are divided into three groups:

  • thyrotoxicosis. Iron (by the way, having the appearance of a butterfly) produces too much hormones, which leads to poisoning of the body with their excess;
  • hypothyroidism. Iron produces too few hormones. This leads to a decrease in the intensity of metabolic processes;
  • appearance of nodes on the thyroid gland, hyperplasia, goiter.

To find out if there are problems (and what) with the thyroid, you should go to an endocrinologist. He will hear complaints, inspect and issue a referral for an ultrasound scan to determine the structure and size of the gland.

What tests need to pass on thyroid hormones to make an accurate diagnosis? The doctor will prescribe a blood test for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), T_4 and T_3. If its deficiency is found, it means that a woman has hypothyroidism. Consultation of a gynecologist and additional diagnostics of ovarian and adrenal hormones are necessary. Proper therapy will bring the patient back to normal. An excess of this hormone will indicate hyperthyroidism. The treatment will be carried out surgically or medically.

For the diagnosis of goiter, a blood test for hormones is given, an ECG is assigned, a study of tendon reflexes for a time, an ultrasound scan.

Medical strategy and drugs for the treatment of dysfunction

medications for the treatment of thyroid dysfunction

If the examination showed that there is hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis), the doctor will prescribe such drugs for the treatment of the thyroid gland in women:

  • Tyrosol. It reduces the synthesis of hormones and helps keep their amounts under control. The medicine is taken up to 1.5 years, until hormonal indicators stabilize. It has many contraindications; very dangerous overdose.
  • beta-blockers that help eliminate thyrotoxicosis, such as tachycardia;
  • sedatives;
  • capsules with radioactive iodine.

Hypothyroidism requires complex treatment, namely:

  • The basis of treatment is substitution therapy. The main drug is thyroxine. It will compensate for the deficiency of thyroid hormones;
  • In addition, triiodothyronine is administered. It contains hormonal substances produced synthetically;
  • a diet is prescribed with an increased amount of proteins, restriction of fats and carbohydrates and consumption of foods enriched with iodine.

For the treatment of sites on the thyroid, the following medical methods are applied:

  • injection of artificial hormones;
  • oral iodine-containing preparations;
  • minimally invasive methods - injection of ethanol into the nodes, ultrasound treatment, biopsy, exposure to radio waves, laser therapy;
  • operation to remove nodes.

Hyperplasia is also treated with hormonal drugs (in pill form) and radioactive iodine. For the treatment of goiter, an operation, an innovative method of pulse action and hormone therapy are used.

How to treat thyroid at home folk remedies: simple recipes

How to treat thyroid at home folk remedies

If you find an excess of hormones, you can supplement the methods of traditional medicine with these alternative recipes:

  • the healing composition of 500 g of honey, 4 lemons (take them along with the peel), 400 g of walnuts. All grind, mix, use one and a half months to 1 tbsp. l three times a day;
  • alcohol tincture of persimmon. Squeeze the juice from this fruit, dilute with alcohol (in a ratio of 5 to 1). Drink according to art. l 3 times a day before eating;
  • tincture of hawthorn. Her recipe: take 2 tbsp. l flowers of this plant, pour 0.5 liters of alcohol (20%). Infuse for 40 days, drink 30 drops, 4 times a day.

If the gland is not working well enough, the level of its hormones is reduced (hypothyroidism), then try to correct the situation with the help of these recipes:

  • daily intake of 40 g of royal jelly. Take 2-4 times a day;
  • tincture of bee podmor It should be prepared as follows: 1 tbsp. dead bees pour 2 tbsp. vodka. Put for 3 weeks in a dark place. Drink daily under Art. l 3 times.

For the treatment of goiter fit these grandmothers methods:

  • diet of seafood, rye bread, beets, whole grain cereals, walnuts. Normal salt is replaced by iodized;
  • fasting 2 drops of iodine, dissolved in 1 tbsp. milk every 3 days;
  • daily consumption of flaxseed oil for 1 dess. l before meals;
  • eating raw potato juice (50 ml at a time);
  • tincture of sorrel. 4-5 rhizomes shred, pour a bottle of vodka. Insist 2 weeks, periodically strongly shaking. Strain, take 4 tsp. half an hour before meals;
  • evening gargles with alcohol infusion of elecampane herb.

Thyroid pathologies require a serious attitude. Unfortunately, you can hardly manage with folk remedies alone. In the absence of proper treatment, the development of dangerous conditions, such as hypothyroid coma, is possible. But high-quality and timely therapy with the help of modern drugs will stop the progression of the disease and guarantee a favorable prognosis. So do not despair! Health can be restored, just be more attentive to yourself.