How to treat snot in children (2 years)


Rhinitis - not the best disease, even for an adult, because even its mild form gives a lot of trouble. And the kids are even harder, because they have absolutely no idea how to deal with this and experience constant discomfort.

However, their parents do not always represent how to treat snot in a child, especially when they are 2 years old, when most drugs are banned. How not to give a simple runny nose to complications?

What medical products are allowed in pediatric therapy?

How to treat snot in a child 2 years

Before looking for some effective remedy for a small child from the common cold, you need to understand what caused it. Allergic rhinitis does not make sense to treat with drops and ointments, since it is necessary to act on the allergen itself, in the case of a viral infection (for example, a cold), it is necessary to strengthen the general immunity. Dr. Komarovsky explains: directly there is no sense to treat children’s snot at all, because they are always a consequence. But you can affect the frequency of separation of mucus and its condition, if it bothers the baby.

  • Does it make sense to have nose drops for children? Reviews of parents and pediatricians make it possible to understand that most of these drugs give only an "external" effect: they constrict the blood vessels, which temporarily stops the separation of mucus, but does not reach the source of infection. The only option from this category that really works is Aquamaris, which is allowed for use even in newborns.

As for the narrowing vessels drops (Naphthyzinum, Pinosol, etc.), they quickly cause addiction, and also contribute to dryness of the nasal mucosa, in large quantities provoke adverse reactions from the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The maximum duration of use of such a drug, even in adults, should not exceed a week, and in children at the age of 2, these drops should preferably be used only as a last resort: for example, at night, if the runny nose is abundant.

Traditional medicine against the common cold in young children

Traditional medicine against the common cold in young children

Broths and infusions and on the basis of herbs in the fight against the common cold usually act as a liquid for washing the nasal passages. Traditional medicine most often practices just such a way to stop the separation of mucus as the main one. Here, ordinary salt water of low concentration (1 tsp per 500 ml), as well as any herbal infusions — for example, chamomile, sage, or calendula, are best recommended. It is important to alternate acid and alkali, so as not to disturb the pH of the mucous.

  • The particular difference is, to treat clear snot in a child at 2 years old, or thick green, purulent, you need to observe systematicity: carry out procedures every 2 hours or more.
  • If your baby has a nose, drip it 2-3 times a day. Kalanchoe leaf juice: a safe way, causes an almost instantaneous reaction in the form of sneezing, provokes a rich mucus.
  • It will be useful to do a gentle massage of the wings of the nose, with fingertips pushed on the points and making clockwise rotation in the direction "from the nose".

Regardless of how you decide to get rid of children's rhinitis, remember to get rid of its root causes. Take care that the baby gets enough liquid, as well as ascorbic acid in its natural form - mainly berries and apples. Citrus fruits should be removed from the menu, as they only worsen the condition of the baby. Do not let your child sleep in a horizontal position: it is better that the body is at an angle, otherwise there is a high probability of accumulation of mucus that will interfere with normal breathing. And, of course, restrict access to the street and contact with others.