How to treat panacyria on the toe

If you have injured a limb, and suppuration began under the skin around the nail, it is popularly called “hair.” Most often, this inflammation (in medical language, felon) on the toe develops. Some try to treat with conspiracies, which is useless if you do not use medicines and folk remedies. Which ones?

Big troubles from a small wound: what does a felon look like and why should you be afraid of it?

how felon looks like and why you should be afraid of him

Panaritium is called acute purulent inflammation of the tissues of the fingers of the extremities. It occurs due to injuries that are not treated properly.

In felon very characteristic "appearance". It looks like a vial, inside of which is a turbid fluid - pus. It usually forms around the nail plate. Inflammation causes itself to be agonizing, throbbing or twitching pain. Even if the lesion has a small size, it still hurts so much that a person is deprived of rest and night rest. The skin in the place where inflammation develops is shiny and tense. The end of the finger becomes like a flask. Its motor function is impaired, it is held in a half-bent position.

Panaritium - a very insidious thing! If time does not engage in treatment, the suppuration will spread into the tissue and will affect the tendons, joints and bones. All this may result in the fact that the finger simply stops working. If the pathological process goes far, the inflammation will seize all its tissues. It is extremely difficult to stop or cure such a process. In some cases, the finger even has to be amputated.

How and how to treat such an abscess?

If there is a felon on the toe, early treatment can be done with home remedies. Start the fight with suppuration with such events:

  • Every day, do the bath with a solution of potassium permanganate. Add a few grains of potassium permanganate to warm (but not hot!) Water, so that it becomes slightly pink. Keep your finger in such a bath for about 7 minutes. Then blot the moisture with a sterile cloth, wrap in several layers of bandage and apply Levomecol or Dioxydine ointment over them. Bandage;
  • dissolve salt (2 tablespoons) and soda (4 tablespoons) in hot water and steam out a finger in it (10-15 minutes). This procedure will give a positive result if it is performed every hour. After which you should put a napkin soaked in vodka (ethyl alcohol) on the affected area and put on a rubber fingertip;
  • Prepare a bath of calendula tincture (100 ml of the preparation are required for 1 l of water). Keep your finger in this solution for half an hour;
  • make a bath with eucalyptus tincture. It is prepared in the same proportions as the medical composition of calendula;

a felon on the toe was formed, treatment in the early stages

  • good effect give paraffin warming. Melt a piece of paraffin in a water bath. It should be hot, but not burn. Put your finger in it (for 1 second). Do this several times to form a paraffin "cheholchik" on your finger. When the substance hardens, remove it and smear the finger with iodine;
  • use a proven remedy - pour the protein of one egg into a glass, slowly stirring with a spoon, pour into it 96% alcohol (about 40 ml). White flakes should appear in the liquid. Strain the composition through a sieve. Protein flakes spread on a piece of gauze, folded several times. Apply this composition to the affected area overnight;
  • Dampen a cotton swab with castor oil and apply to the inflammation for a couple of hours;
  • attach to the purulent bladder the flesh of the peeled aloe leaf;
  • steam your finger and fill it with brilliant green. Then twist the fleece and put it under the nail;
  • To get rid of felon, use the healing power of propolis. It will help to bring pus out on the third day from the start of treatment. Perform such manipulations: put 5-10 g of propolis in hot water and immerse your foot in it for a quarter of an hour. At the end of the procedure, do not wipe the limb with a towel.

You can use another, not less effective, method. It will need medical alcohol (100 ml) and 20 g of propolis. The two components should be mixed and shaken well. Next you need to take a bandage, soak it with this solution, wrap the patient's finger and cover with polyethylene.

There is an even more simple recipe. It is enough just to grind the propolis, melt it in a water bath and attach it to the fouling for a day.

Ointments for home treatment

The action of folk remedies is better supported and strengthened with medicines. In order to alleviate suffering and prevent the spread of inflammation, it is advisable to use Furacillin solution to treat the affected area. For the preparation of baths suitable antiseptics Chlorhexidine and Miramistin.

In some cases (if the doctor prescribes it), you have to take antibiotics - Ampicillin, Penicillin, three tablets a day. The course of treatment is a week. If there is a high risk of blood poisoning, Ceftriaxone (Ceftazidime) is prescribed to the patient.

Sleepless night due to felon? Run to the surgeon!

Treatment of felon on the toe

There is an unshakable rule: if a subcutaneous abscess did not let you sleep even for one night, then urgent surgical intervention is necessary. Self-treatment is unacceptable if the temperature rose, swollen and lymph nodes began to hurt under the armpits. The doctor quickly and almost painlessly will open the abscess, and the liquid will come out. We'll have to wait a few minutes.

If the inflammation has spread under the nail, you will have to remove the nail plate.

So you can not do: what treatment can result in loss of a finger?

If your finger is dear to you, then do not do such things with felon:

  • do not attempt to open the abscess yourself, using available means (needle, pin). This will lead to increased inflammation and may even cause sepsis;
  • It is forbidden to use warming ointments and put alcohol compresses.

Since childhood, grandmothers scare grandchildren with "hair." In these terrible stories about how the raw wound ended with the loss of a fingernail or a whole finger, there is a reason. Both children and adults should always remember about security measures - even the smallest wound should be thoroughly washed with hydrogen peroxide and treated with green paint or iodine. It is still much easier than curing felon!

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