How to treat heartburn at home

Heartburn is an unpleasant symptom. A sour taste appears in the mouth, which, along with the burning sensation, significantly impairs one’s well-being. How to treat heartburn at home?

Main causes of heartburn

Main causes of heartburn

According to doctors, the main cause of discomfort is the condition of the digestive tract, and in particular we are talking about gastro-esophageal reflux, when the acidic gastric juice, strongly irritating its unprotected walls, enters the esophagus. In other words, heartburn causes inflammation of the walls of the esophagus, which can be obtained by overeating, when food presses on the gastro-esophageal valve and gastric acid enters the esophagus. That is, in many cases, to avoid heartburn, you need to carefully monitor your diet and do not overeat.

Also very often, heartburn can appear after eating, if a person has taken a lying position, which is why the valve opened a little. On the advice of experts, immediately after eating you should not take a lying position, you need to walk a little or sit, you can lie down after 20-30 minutes after eating.

In addition, doctors say that the causes of frequent heartburn can be attributed to obesity, medication, pregnancy in women, drinking alcohol, diseases of internal organs, and more often GIT organs.

It is worth noting that heartburn cannot appear for no reason, and if it is present regularly, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Remedies for heartburn: what drugs must be in the first aid kit?

Currently, there are a huge number of domestic and imported drugs for heartburn, which really help and can help out at a critical moment. Then the question of what to do with heartburn at home will disappear by itself, because you will know how and how to alleviate your condition.

It is worth noting that of all the existing remedies for heartburn, it is possible to distinguish those that neutralize the acid of gastric juice, and those that reduce its production. That is, the drugs act a little differently, but this does not mean that they are different in effectiveness - this is not so.

So, heartburn helps a lot:

Heartburn remedies: what drugs

  • "Gaviscon" - it is used to get rid of heartburn, with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, as well as with belching. Reviews in the network indicate that the drug is really effective. Price - 150-200 rubles.
  • Iberogast is a homeopathic medicine prescribed for heartburn, flatulence, gastrointestinal colic, stomach cramps, constipation, etc. The spectrum of action is very wide. Price - 400-500 rubles.
  • Rennie is a well-known remedy most often used for heartburn. This drug can cope with heartburn and its unpleasant symptoms in just a few minutes. Price - 100-150 rubles.
  • Almagel is also a very popular drug that has been helping people with heartburn for several years. In this case, the drug is used to get rid of other problems associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The cost is 50-120 rubles.
  • "Gastratsid" - this tool is prescribed for heartburn, gastritis, flatulence and peptic ulcer. The cost is 80-130 rubles.
  • "Maalox" - a combined tool that effectively cope with heartburn and belching. It is also important for ridding the consequences of exacerbation of intestinal and gastric diseases.
  • Ranitidine is an effective, but very affordable medicine for heartburn, its cost is 30-70 rubles.

It is worth noting that all these drugs help with heartburn, but to say which one is the best is very difficult, because every person has his own body, a reaction to medications and different causes of heartburn.

Traditional medicine: effective recipes

Traditional medicine can also offer a fairly large amount of tools for getting rid of heartburn, and many of them really help.

Heartburn Aids: Traditional Medicine

So, one of the most important and popular ways of getting rid of heartburn is the adoption of baking soda. Yes, in order to get rid of this misfortune, you need to take 1 tsp. soda, it needs to be diluted in a small amount of water and drink in one gulp. Just note that if the soda does not help, do not immediately take another batch, you can only make it worse.

Also, an excellent remedy for heartburn can be called milk, which when released into the gastrointestinal tract immediately begins to "fight" with acid, you will feel a significant relief of the condition. By the way, many people do not believe that milk can cope with heartburn, but they are mistaken. We advise you to check in practice whether milk from heartburn helps, you yourself will understand everything.

In addition, as an effective remedy for heartburn, you can use mineral water, which must be drunk in small sips to get rid of discomfort. But immediately it should be said that this tool will help only with a light condition.

Many who have come across sizhoga more than once say that the centaury umbrella helps a lot. To prepare the medicine, pour 2 tsp. herbs 2 tbsp. boiling water, leave for 2-3 hours, then strain and take for 2 months 100 ml for 30-40 minutes before meals.

In conclusion, I would like to say that more than 60% of the entire population of our planet suffer from heartburn. But this does not mean that the reasons for its appearance do not need to understand. Remember, if heartburn bothers you for a long time, you need to contact your doctor.

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