How to treat foot fungus

Mycosis of the feet, or as it is called - foot fungus, is among the most common skin diseases. Not every patient notices the development of the fungus, the symptoms that characterize the disease. Most often the disease is diagnosed by chance. But at the same time, almost 70% of the population experienced the symptoms of foot fungus.

Fungus of the foot: symptoms of illness

Fungus of the foot: symptoms of illness

Fungus of the foot: symptoms of illness

Fungus of the foot: symptoms of illness

The causative agent of the disease can be called several types of fungus, they live in abundance on the floor covering of most public places. The risk group includes all persons who attend such establishments and walk barefoot.

In addition, the use of someone else's shoes, towels, and even hygiene products can also be by transmission. The most favorable conditions for the reproduction of the fungus are the lack of foot hygiene, their excessive sweating, the use of shoes that do not “breathe”.

The main target of the fungus can be called folds between the toes, soles, nail plates. Due to itching, fungi can be under the nails, spread throughout the body, including the scalp.

Mycosis of the feet can manifest itself quite differently. But the most typical symptoms are the appearance of cracks on the heels, diaper rash, coarse skin (corns). Gradually, the infected areas of the skin soften and form layers.

Constant symptoms of mycosis can be called itching and burning, often patients complain of the formation of unpleasant foot odor.

Medication therapy

Fungus of the foot: treatment with medication

As soon as the symptoms of a fungal infection of the feet appear, consultation of the dermatologist is necessary, after the study, including the laboratory, treatment is prescribed. Quite often, a foot fungus is combined with a lesion of the nail plate, therefore, its treatment should be carried out "on all fronts". In addition, the therapy should be comprehensive, often combined treatment is prescribed: local and general.

In the case of a mild injury, there is enough local in which lacquers, solutions (for the treatment of nail fungus), ointments, gels, and powders for the treatment of the foot fungus can be used.

  • Among the means for the treatment of nail fungus can be used such drugs as "Lorecil", "Cyclopiroxolamine-varnish", "Mikosan - serum". Such formulations should be used for a long time, until a new nail grows. Only in this case it will be possible to talk about the full and quality treatment.
  • Creams and gels for the treatment of foot fungus are huge, the active ingredients are different for most. The most popular among them is Lamisil, which is produced in the form of a spray, gel, cream. Cheaper analogue can be called "Terbizil", "Atifin", "Termikon", etc. In addition, other drugs can be prescribed: "Zalain-cream", "Exoderil", "Mikospor", "Nizoral", "Mykozoral" and others .

Preparations for internal use are prescribed only in complex and neglected cases, and are selected individually. It is worth remembering that most of them have their own contraindications, restrictions on use and may be incompatible with taking other medicines.

Treatment of fungus folk remedies

Treatment of foot fungus folk remedies

Folk remedies in the treatment of foot fungus are huge, but sometimes there are very extravagant recipes, which, according to reviews, are extremely dangerous. The most popular and, most importantly, proven is the use of the herb celandine and the medicinal plant Veronica.

To prepare the foot bath with celandine, brew 8 tbsp. l herbs per 1 liter of boiling water, leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Baths must be taken for half an hour. It is recommended to repeat the procedure regularly for 21 days.

The medicinal plant Veronica has long been famous for its healing properties in relation to foot fungus. Use the plant, as well as the celandine, which is prepared so. 2 stalks of the plant are boiled in 1 liter of water for 5 minutes. Take a foot bath, recommended for 15 - 20 min. The procedure must be repeated every day for 14 days.

As soon as mycosis of the foot was diagnosed, the patient must constantly remember that moisture is an excellent breeding ground for the fungus. That is why, in addition to the use of medicines (ointments, creams, baths), for a quick recovery it is important to remember about personal hygiene.

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