How to treat folk remedies sore throat

Few people are afraid of such a symptom as sore throat. Treatment of folk remedies in this case gives a good result, so many prefer to do without pharmacy "chemistry." If you still do not know how to get rid of discomfort in the throat at home, then we offer you some proven and very effective recipes.

What causes throat irritation?

Why there is irritation in the throat

In order not to overlook a serious illness and quickly eliminate tickling, one should find the cause of this phenomenon. Such a symptom occurs, primarily, if the inflammatory process in the throat begins with a cold, sore throat, laryngitis and pharyngitis, tracheitis, whooping cough. Often, tickling is a consequence of pharyngeal neuralgia, allergies, or smoking. It happens that it is provoked by gastrointestinal diseases, tumors or syphilis.

Tickling can be accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms: a feeling of a lump in the throat, cough, runny nose, pain and a burning sensation in the throat, change in voice, weakness, weight loss. If the matter is limited only by the fact that it hurts my throat (or there are all the signs of a beginning ARVI), then do not rush to spend money on medicines, try using traditional recipes. If you notice other disturbing symptoms, then do not experiment with health - consult your doctor.

Effective home methods that will help to remove the tickle (checked on yourself!)

In alternative medicine, there are many recipes that quickly facilitate and completely eliminate sore throat. Treatment with folk remedies does not guarantee a long-term result, but it relieves dryness, discomfort and helps prevent complications. Good homework helps:

  • plentiful warm alkaline drink - herbal teas (can be with honey and lemon), mineral water without gas, raspberry juice, warm milk. Drink as much as possible;
  • rinse. They should be done every 30 minutes, having prepared such compounds:

homemade ways to help remove tickle

  1. infusion of dry herbal. Take sage (30 g), coltsfoot (25 g), raspberry leaves (20 g), forest mallow (25 g). All ingredients mix. 3 tsp. of this raw material pour 200 ml of boiling water. Let it brew, filter;
  2. decoction of mint, sage, chamomile (they take 15 g) and fennel (5 g). A teaspoon of the composition pour a glass of boiling water. If you do not find any of these components, it does not matter. Even sage itself effectively relieves inflammation;
  3. saline solution. Dissolve a pinch of sea (or ordinary) salt in water, add ½ tsp. soda and a drop of iodine;
  4. beet-vinegar composition. Beet (or carrot) grate on the smallest grater, squeeze the juice. Pour 1 tbsp into it. l vinegar;
  5. propolis based solution. Put a few drops of propolis into a glass of pure warm water (instead of it you can take ginger, sunflower oil, lemon juice);
  6. butter, which fried onions. For the preparation of such funds will need 2 bulbs of medium size. They must be finely chopped, fry in a pan in a glass of unrefined sunflower oil. Cool the composition, separate the oil, use to rinse.

  • vodka compress. Soak a piece of cotton with vodka, attach it to the throat (not capturing the area of ​​the thyroid gland), cover with cellophane film, fix with a warm scarf;
  • therapeutic and vitamin formulations for oral administration:
  1. mix carrot and apple juice (you can also take black currant and cherry), add a spoonful of honey (dining room). To use 3 r. a day for half a glass;
  2. combine grated black radish with milk (in a ratio of 1: 3). Put in this composition 2 tbsp. l natural honey. Take 3 tbsp. l three times a day;
  3. Prepare such a drug: peel fresh banana, mash with a fork (to make porridge), add 3 tsp. cocoa powder, pour it all 1 tbsp. warm milk, mix, put 1 tsp. honey To drink the whole portion of the product overnight;
  4. garlic. Before going to bed, it is recommended to put a clove of peeled garlic into the rock and bite it periodically.
  • inhalation. Such solutions are suitable for their implementation:
  1. chop dried or fresh mint and lemon balm leaves, pour a glass of boiling water. Insist 1 hour. Pour into the kettle or container of the inhaler, inhale the vapors;
  2. honey (3 tsp.) diluted in ¼ Art. boiling water. Breathe, covered with a blanket, over the pan with the composition;
  3. add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the hot water.

What to do and what not to do if it hurts my throat?

If it is locked in the throat, you should dissolve the mint candy or just candy. You should not strain your vocal cords, you should not drink "fiery" tea, carbonated and sour drinks, it is better to remove spicy and salty from the menu. Give up (at least temporarily) from smoking and alcohol.

What, besides the above methods, you can ease your condition? Steam your feet in a basin of hot water. In general, try to keep your feet warm. Dry indoor air will only worsen the condition, so it must be moistened.

Do I need to go to the doctor?

locked in the throat, should dissolve the mint candy

Although sore throat seems to be an innocuous symptom, in some cases a certified doctor should still be involved in treatment. So, if, despite all efforts, home methods do not help, and within three days the situation does not change for the better, then you shouldn’t pull further - this is an occasion to consult with a specialist.

It is not the most correct decision to try to eliminate rawness by popular methods, if the fever is high, the cough and general condition worsen dramatically. If every day for 2 weeks you feel discomfort in the throat (even moderate), then also do not postpone a visit to the doctor. This will help eliminate the presence of benign or malignant tumors.

The general rule is this: if you did not manage to quickly get rid of a sore throat using simple home procedures, it means that you have a more serious illness than the common cold. It needs professional diagnosis and medical treatment. If rinsing with herbs and other "grandmother's" advice proved effective, then you can not waste time visiting the clinic.

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