How to treat diseases of the ears


By right, pain inside the ear is considered one of the most uncomfortable sensations. Everyone probably faced such a problem. Pain has a different nature, they can sharply shoot, give to the head or jaw. All these sensations make you forget about everything in the world and think only about one thing, which ones should you use ear drops for earache?

How to treat pain inside the ear?

How to treat pain inside the ear

Pain in the ear can not act as a separate symptom, whatever the situation, in any case, in this way the human body signals to the patient that some unnatural processes are occurring.

The main reasons that lead to earache are:

  • Foci of inflammation that have formed in the sinuses, tonsils and jaw.
  • Burns, severe hypothermia, both general and local, frostbite.
  • Infections in soft tissues covering the ear cartilage.
  • Acute inflammation of the outer ear.
  • Hit in the ear canal of a foreign object.
  • Too much sulfur in the ears created a sulfur plug and other causes.

First, when he feels great symptoms of earache, he thinks about what to do and how to remove such an unpleasant feeling as quickly as possible. However, it is not necessary to self-medicate without finding out the thorough cause of such a symptom, this can aggravate the situation and lead to disastrous consequences. You should contact the doctor who will help solve the problem.

However, there are situations when home treatment cannot be done. It is the use of camphor alcohol for the ears that will have a positive effect and remove the symptoms. Immediately it is worth emphasizing that in no case should you drip a clean solution directly into the ear. All this is because if the inflamed membrane in contact with alcohol can get a severe burn, and this is not only that will increase the pain, but also lead to rupture of the eardrum. It must be diluted with water for compresses, flagella.

use of camphor alcohol for the ears

However, in order to alleviate the condition, it is necessary to take a small piece of cotton wool, twist it into a flagellum, it is moistened with a small amount of alcohol before that. Here the main thing is neat, you do not need to make it so that camphor alcohol soaks the cotton wool completely or drains it along it. With the help of a twisted fleece, a warming effect will be exerted that will ease the symptoms. If there is no result, you can make a compress.

To cook, you need things like:

  • Camphor alcohol.
  • New piece of cotton fabric.
  • Cotton wool, a piece of film, a bandage, a warm scarf, some greasy cream.

Dilute the product with water, wet the cotton wool, wrap it in gauze, attach it to your ear, wrap it with a scarf. Keep no more than 2 hours.

Before starting treatment with boric alcohol, it is heated to approximately room temperature, then a flagellum is made from a cotton wool and sent to the ear. All rules with flagellum are the same as camphor alcohol. The only difference is that it can be buried in the ear.

There are also drugs, in the form of drops, which are buried in the ear canals. They come in several directions, with analgesic effect and antibacterial properties, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory.

What determines which means to choose?

droplets that are buried in the ear canals

First, the tool should not have a large range of side effects, and secondly, if the child’s ears are dripping, you should carefully read the instructions. Many drugs are not recommended for children. When choosing a remedy, pay attention to its composition, how to drip correctly in the ears and under what diseases, while observing the required dosage. Do not think that if you pour a lot of medicine, the effect will be positive, everything will be the opposite.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is better not to self-medicate, but to go to the doctor who examines the patient, establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate, and most importantly, correct treatment, which will be effective and efficient.