How to treat chlamydia in men


Chlamydia is one of those sexually transmitted diseases. If you have sex with an infected partner, the probability of infection is fifty percent. It is practically impossible to get chlamydia by household means, for the reason that the chlamydia bacteria cannot exist for a long time outside the human body and die. About fifty percent of the male population of the planet was sick or has chlamydia. How can I cure male chlamydia?

Treatment for chlamydia in men

  • In men, it is extremely difficult to detect chlamydia. A normal smear can give a negative reaction, although chlamydia will be present in the body. Therefore, for the detection of chlamydia in men requires a special analysis.
  • Treatment of male chlamydia can be prescribed only by a doctor. He will prescribe an individual treatment based on all factors and test results. Treatment can last from three weeks and up.

  • If a man infected with chlamydia has a constant sexual partner, she also needs to undergo treatment. Otherwise, the treatment will be useless.
  • The period of time that will take treatment of chlamydia, you need a complete rejection of sexual relations. Otherwise, the treatment will not give any effect.
  • Treatment of Chlamydia in men combines antibiotic treatment and physiotherapy treatments. All the prescriptions are strictly required.
  • Do not rely on the advice of friends in the treatment of chlamydia. Each time the treatment is strictly individual. It is made taking into account the degree of the inflammatory process and the degree of damage to a particular organ.
  • In addition, self-treatment of chlamydia in men is strictly contraindicated for the reason that if you start taking antibiotics that the doctor did not prescribe, the chlamydia bacteria can "get used" to them and become resistant to treatment. And the disease will develop into a chronic stage.
  • During treatment, chlamydia should be strictly adhered to the diet prescribed by your doctor.
  • In addition to antibiotics, the doctor is also likely to prescribe immunostimulants. This is due to the fact that immunity, during chlamydia, is very weak.
  • Throughout the treatment, chlamydia should lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • In addition to all other drugs designed to cure a man of chlamydia, he is prescribed multivitamins. This helps the body to quickly overcome the disease.
  • In addition to tablets for chlamydia, for oral administration, topical medications, such as ointment, are also prescribed.
  • Self-treatment of chlamydia in men can be not only useless, but also dangerous. Since the healed, but not cured form of chlamydia can cause diseases such as erectile dysfunction, prostatitis and infertility.

  • After the man has passed all the treatment for chlamydia assigned to him, he needs to be tested for chlamydia. If the result of the analysis is negative, that is, chlamydia is not detected, another analysis is assigned to chlamydia, which will need to be submitted in a month. If the control analysis gives a negative result, the treatment can be considered successful.
  • If the result of the test for chlamydia was again positive, the treatment method must be changed, and the treatment itself must be continued until complete recovery.

If a man found an infection with chlamydia, do not despair. Immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Performing absolutely all the requirements of a specialist, you can quickly get rid of chlamydia.

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