How to treat bumps on legs

Bumps on the legs - the most common orthopedic problem in the world. Scientifically, this pathology is called valgus deformity. The people also called the disease "bumps on their feet." Doctors have calculated that women are most often affected by this pathology. More than fifty percent of the female population of the planet suffered or is suffering from this pathology.

How to cure cones on the legs? What are the popular methods of treating cones on the legs?

Causes of lumps on the legs

The causes of this pathology may be several.

  1. Predisposition to the disease from the parent lines. In short, if your mom, grandmother, dad, grandfather, or other close relatives suffered from bumps on their feet, it is very likely that you might have these bumps.
  2. If you have ever suffered from various diseases of the cartilage tissue of the joint, bumps on the legs may also appear.
  3. Flatfoot - another reason for the development of valgus deformity.
  4. If you have ever had injuries of the lower extremities, then the bumps on your legs will most likely not pass you by.
  5. If during the day you have excessive pressure on the foot, the load, it is fraught with the appearance of cones on the legs. This is especially true of those women who prefer to wear shoes with a narrow nose and high heels.
  6. In women, ligaments are much more elastic than in men. This explains the fact that women are more susceptible to this disease.
  7. One more cause the development of cones on the legs, Doctors call elevated blood levels of uric acid.
  8. In addition to physiological reasons, there are others. This and frequent fatigue, constant increased stress on the body.
  9. From standing work, and from such on which it is necessary to be constantly in motion, too bumps on legs may form.
  10. Excess weight is one of the reasons for the formation of valgus deformity. This is due to the fact that overweight puts a strong pressure on the legs, thereby contributes to the formation of cones on the legs.
  11. If a person is accustomed to constantly and in large quantities eat fatty meat food, a lot of sugar and salt, most likely, it does not bypass the bumps on his legs.

Signs of cones on the legs

how recognize the disease? What symptoms are felt at the very beginning of the development of pathology?

  • Feeling of constant pain in the feet. The nature of the pain may be of a different nature.
  • Burning sensation in the feet, especially at the end of the working day.
  • Very tired legs by the end of the evening. Sometimes, even. It is impossible to fully stand on the leg because of the arising pain.
  • You began to notice the appearance of corns and calluses.
  • You may notice an inflammatory process at the base of the thumb.
  • And the most important sign - a bone appears near the little finger on the foot.

Corrector for treating bumps on the leg

Corector for the treatment of bumps on the leg Valgus Plus

How to treat bumps on the legs?

What are the treatments for bumps on the legs?

  • First of all, you should contact an orthopedist. Only he can, based on the results of your tests, make the correct diagnosis, and then prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • If the pathology is not yet obvious, and you do not observe the appearance of a bone, most likely, the doctor will prescribe you wearing orthopedic insoles, instep supports and liners.
  • Among other things, the orthopedist will definitely write out a referral for physiotherapy and massage.
  • If the pathology is already apparent, the above methods of treatment will be ineffective. In this case, the treatment is carried out only by surgery.
If you are not the last stage of this disease, we recommend using a special corrector Valgus Plus. First noticeable changes come already in 10 -14 days.

Traditional methods of treating cones on the legs

  • Lubricate a sore spot (a lump that has appeared) with the bile of birds or animals. This drug can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  • Alternate the above treatment with tincture. Tincture should be done as follows - take 5 drops of iodine, add to it 1 teaspoon of 9% vinegar. This tincture grease sore spot.
  • Another great way to deal with bumps on the legs. Take a piece of fresh river fish that you just caught. Attach it to the sore spot, top with a gauze bandage, and leave overnight. You need to perform within a week. And the next week - you should grease the sore spot with fir oil.
  • Very good help, in fighting bumps on my legs, salt baths. To do this, take the salt, dissolve it in water and make foot baths, lasting 10-15 minutes. Kursk treatment - at least two weeks.

  • Another effective recipe for dealing with bumps on the legs. Take thirty tablets of dipyrone, crush them into powder, mix with a whole vial of 10% alcoholic iodine tincture. Smear the cones with this mixture as often as possible.
  • In addition to local treatment, you should eat the following infusion. You will need one teaspoon of dried lingonberry leaves. Fill them with one glass of boiling water, put the liquid in a thermos and leave overnight. In the morning, strain the infusion and take half a cup twice a day.
  • During treatment, we exclude from the diet all smoked, salted and fried foods.
  • Another effective way to cure cones on the legs is to apply potato mash to the bone.
  • And another very effective method of dealing with bumps on the legs. Attention, possible pain. Up to a skin burn!
  • Take salt and snow in equal parts. Apply to the sore spot for a few minutes (how much will stand, on average - about five minutes). Then remove the mixture, quickly blot the skin, wrap with a bandage, then put the paper, then wrap it in something warm, such as a shawl. So you should leave at least three hours, better for the whole night.
  • If you still get burned, use this mixture to treat bumps on your legs, lubricate the burn with sea buckthorn oil.
  • It is best to carry out this treatment method if you have a few days off in stock. Because if you get a burn, it will be hard for you to walk, and especially it will be difficult to wear shoes.

Using the popular recipes for treating cones on your feet, you will quickly get rid of this trouble. And your walk will be easy and relaxed again!

Health to you!

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