How to treat a hoarse voice in a child

Who of the parents does not know such a problem - the hoarse voice of the child! How to treat? Do I need to go to the doctor? And if the newborn lost his voice? This happens quite often, so moms and dads need to know how they can help their beloved child. Consider home and pharmacy help.

Where does the voice go and whether it is necessary to take the child to the clinic?

how to treat a hoarse voice in a child

If the child’s voice loses its usual voicing, then the parents of infants are most afraid. To determine why this happened, you should analyze what preceded this state. Typically, loss of voice is caused by such circumstances:

  • the baby shouted and cried for a long time, so he broke his voice. Schoolchildren are often deprived of it due to excessive load on the vocal cords (during a singing lesson), due to stress or a conflict situation;
  • the child met with the virus, he "occupied" the respiratory tract and provoked laryngitis or tracheitis;
  • In the throat of a boy or a girl there was a foreign body - a husk from seeds, nuts, small parts from toys.

Regardless of the reason, how to treat a hoarse voice in a child - a pediatrician or otolaryngologist knows for sure. It will be correct to get advice from such a doctor. It is necessary to treat this problem correctly, so that the disease does not become chronic. In addition, pneumonia can be a complication of tracheitis.

Changes in timbre are often the result of adenoids or congenital cysts of the larynx. There may need an operation. The cause of hoarseness may be allergy.

The symptom is often accompanied by a dry cough, fever and difficulty breathing (due to narrowing of the glottis as a result of edema). These are warning signs.

Treatment according to the rules of traditional medicine

With the loss of voice, the child is shown bed rest.

With the loss of voice, the child is shown bed rest. It is necessary to sharply limit the load on the speech apparatus, the prohibition concerns even whisper speech. In the room where the patient is located, the optimum humidity of the air must be maintained. The room must be ventilated.

If you look in the pharmacy assortment than to treat hoarseness in a child, then you should, first of all, recall the following drugs:

  • antihistamines: Claritin, Zodak, Zyrtec, Cetrin, Cloratadine;
  • aerosols - Ingalipt, Bioparox. These are sprays that are used to irrigate the larynx. They contain an antibiotic that acts locally and relieves inflammation;
  • protivokashlevye and expectorant - Gerbion, Sinekod, Alteyka, Bronchosan, Ambroxol, chest charges;
  • oral resorption tablets - Strepsils (since 5 years old), Faringosept, Lizak, Efizol;
  • Lugol's solutions, Furatsilina - for rinsing;
  • if there is a temperature, then give antipyretic (Panadol).

A very good result is observed after physiotherapy: UHF, electrophoresis, ultraviolet irradiation, microwave therapy.

Popular methods of returning voices

Popular methods of returning voices

No worse than pharmacological developments are the means of alternative medicine. In addition, they can be safely used when osyp the child's voice. What exactly is it to treat? The following recipes have proven particularly well:

  • steam in a thermos hips, cool, add honey. Give the child 1 tbsp. decoction 1 time in an hour and a half;
  • boiled milk. It is cooled, poured 2 drops of iodine and 1/3 tsp. soda A small patient should drink this composition in small sips;
  • rinsing with herbal solutions. Best of all are decoctions of eucalyptus, calendula, chamomile, sage. To enhance their effect, you should add to the glass of liquid for 1 tsp. salt and soda;
  • inhalation. They should be carried out with great care. Essential oils (orange, menthol, eucalyptus, tea tree) are suitable for such procedures. After them, it is not recommended to eat, talk and drink for 15 minutes;
  • enhanced drinking mode. The child should be given tea or milk with honey. You can give him sour compote or jelly;
  • warming compress. It can be made older child (with 5 years of age). To do this, use alcohol, diluted with warm water;
  • lubrication of the neck with Lugol or warm solution of apple cider vinegar (30 ml per 100 g of water);
  • chewing honeycomb.

What will advise the main TV pediatrician of the country?

How to treat a hoarse voice in a child: Komarovsky

Of course, each doctor has his own opinion, but many people are interested in what the famous TV host says. Regarding the hoarseness of the child’s voice, how to treat it, Komarovsky gives parents such advice:

  • give plenty of drinks - natural juices, medicinal decoctions, fruit drinks;
  • exclude hot, cold, sour foods, fatty broths, meat from baby food;
  • humidify the air in the room;
  • provide the patient with a free flow of fresh air (open the window);
  • be sure to carry out inhalation. For children under 6 years of age, such activities are best performed using a nebulizer, using mineral water or saline;
  • make compresses on the throat or apply dry heat (heated salt in the bag);
  • use drugs that soften the mucous membrane shell;
  • keep your feet warm (in the absence of temperature you can make hot foot baths).

Do I need to give antibiotics, if the child has osyopic voice, than medications to treat? Komarovsky believes that the use of antibacterial agents - an extreme measure, without which it can not do if the appropriate nature of the disease. You can not give them to a child yourself, because they lead to a decrease in immunity. And it is necessary in order to defeat the infection. Such drugs are prescribed individually. It is much safer to unsolder the child by increasing the amount of fluid consumed.

If a child often has hoarseness, then delaying a visit to the doctor is a big mistake. It is necessary to treat not a symptom, but a cause. To do this, you must first find it and make the correct diagnosis. Parents will not cope with this task on their own. If the baby's voice is gone, the bluishness of the skin appears and it is noticeable that it is difficult for him to breathe, then it is necessary to call an ambulance.

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