How to treat a cold on the lip


Cold on the lips - a phenomenon known to many. The scientific name for this phenomenon is herpes. According to microbiology research, herpes is a virus that the absolute majority of people on our planet have.

Most often, the cold virus on the lips is in a dormant state and does not manifest itself. The virus manifests itself only when the human body is weakened. The appearance of cold on the lips can be the initial stage of the common cold. As a rule, in some people herpes appears often, in others it may not appear even once in a lifetime. It all depends on the characteristics of the immune system of each individual.

Herpes is a harmless virus, but for whom it will be pleasant to see unpleasant changes on your face. Especially extremely undesirable the appearance of herpes for the fair sex. They are ready to give everything for a tool that will help them as quickly as possible to get rid of colds on their lips.

How to cure a cold on the lips?

There are enough medications on the drug market that help cure or, more correctly, eliminate the symptoms of herpes. These are various ointments, balms, tablets. But why stuff yourself with chemistry? For this reason, many women refuse treatment with traditional drugs, resorting to recipes of traditional medicine.

A well-chosen and prepared home remedy for colds on lips in most cases helps faster and more efficiently.

How to quickly cure colds on the lip?

Folk remedies will help you to quickly cure colds on the lips.

  • The best herb for treating colds on the lips is mint. Prepare a decoction of mint and lubricate herpes. You can also make lotions soaked in a solution of mint. This is a very effective and quick remedy for getting cold on the lips.

  • Chamomile - medicinal plant that helps from many ailments, including cold on the lips. It can be taken inside and out. The effect will be more. Drinking chamomile tea or broth strengthens the protective functions of a weakened body, and gadgets with chamomile will help with local application to get rid of unpleasant herpes sooner and without a trace.
  • One of the effective remedies for the treatment of colds on the lips are also sprigs of raspberry. It is necessary to cut fresh sprigs of raspberry, wash them chop. The resulting mass is applied to the affected herpes skin on the lip. Hold for about half an hour and remove. Repeat as necessary. For the day, this tool can achieve amazing results! Unless of course carry out the procedure several times.
  • Birch bud tincture - Another effective folk remedy in the treatment of colds on the lips. Mix 2 tbsp. l crushed birch buds with a glass of vodka. Close the container tightly and place in a dark place for 2 weeks. Prepared infusion is necessary to lubricate the areas on the lips affected by a cold. Of course, this tool must be prepared in advance, and not when herpes appeared. Otherwise, herpes will pass faster than your infusion will be prepared. But for those who know that their body is often subject to the manifestation of colds on the lips - this is a great tool!

Cold remedies on lips

It is quite difficult to choose a remedy for cold on the lips. I want to try both that and another in order to get rid of it as soon as possible.

  • Many women choose as a remedy for colds on the lips. certain essential oils. As soon as you feel that the cold is about to make itself felt (itching, discomfort, burning), lubricate your lips with lemon balm essential oil. This is a very effective tool!

  • But if herpes has already manifested itself, Melis is powerless. In this case, it will help fir oil. Lubricate affected areas with this tool every 2 hours or more.
  • A very effective remedy for colds on the lips, which is used by many women - this egg shell film. It must be carefully separated from the eggshell and applied to the lips to the places where herpes jumped. The treatment will go much faster.

But, as in any other cases, do not forget that treatment with traditional recipes is not traditional medicine, so none of us are immune from unpleasant side effects when using them, such as allergies.

If you trust the prescription, feel free to use it to eliminate the symptoms of a cold. But the best (if you have the time and opportunity), consult with your doctor and go through a course of drug treatment for colds on the lips.