How to take smectu

If you have symptoms of poisoning or other digestive disorders, you can be helped by a truly "folk remedy" - Smecta. It is one of the safest medicines, widely used and considered very effective. Due to its safety for consumers, Smecta is dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription.

When and how to take Smektu?

Irritation of the tissues of the gastrointestinal mucosa, including the small intestine, can lead to diarrhea. Formation in the body of this unpleasant symptom is preceded by an increase in the number of bacteria. These bacteria affect the mucous membrane. Reproduction of pathogenic microflora may occur if a person develops pancreatic dysfunction. Gallbladder and liver diseases can also lead to these consequences. The defeat of the intestinal mucosa can be caused by the presence of parasites, such as Giardia. In addition, such a disease often appears when an intestinal infection is infected. The cause of irritation and, as a result, diarrhea may be irritation of the mucous membrane of chemical genesis. Such irritation may occur as a result of an increase in the body's concentration of alcohol and other substances that are delivered by consuming various harmful products or poisons.

When and how to take Smektu?

  • The well-known drug Smecta can be a real panacea. This tool has excellent enveloping and adsorbing actions. Such properties of the drug allow you to cleanse the body of various harmful substances. These primarily include viruses, bacteria and toxins.
  • Stabilization of the barrier of the gastrointestinal mucosa, an increase in the concentration of mucus and the improvement of its cytoprotective qualities are all directions of Smecta action.
  • Smecta also provides absorption of harmful gases in the body. This drug can treat both the symptoms and the causes of the disease. In addition, Smecta provides beneficial bacteria with the necessary environment for their existence.
  • Smecta should be drunk when there is an acute or chronic character of diarrhea. This medication is taken if diarrhea has arisen due to allergies, poisoning with drugs, food, chemicals, or due to an impaired diet. Smecta also helps to stop diarrhea during infection, being part of a comprehensive treatment of these infections. This drug is also used in the treatment of symptoms of gastrointestinal lesions, such as heartburn, bloating and other discomfort.

In the pharmacy, the drug can be bought in powder. On the shelves are cardboard boxes that can contain 10 or 30 bags, each of which contain 3.76 g of funds. Each bag is designed to turn the powder in it into suspension. Ready medicine needs to be taken inside.

Instructions for children

Smecta: how to take children?

Smektoy can be treated and children and adults. The optimal dosage of medication depends on the age of the patients. This drug can be taken from the first days of life if digestive problems are found in young children. For young patients, the suspension is diluted in a separate bottle (50 ml) and distributed into several doses. Then Smektu can be given to children dissolved in semi-liquid food, which is used for their nutrition. After the child reaches the age of two, Smektu can be mixed with water or juice. However, not every liquid can be used to prepare a suspension. Soda drinks are not suitable for this. Suspension should be given to young children in the intervals between meals, and not with it.

Regarding the amount of the received medication, if acute diarrhea is found in children under 1 year old, they should be given 2 sachets per day. It is necessary to treat this amount of the child's drug for three days, and then reduce the dosage of the drug by half. 2 times more drug is required for children older than 1 year. It should be taken all in the same way, but also include measures for rehydration.

In case of other diseases, the drug is prescribed in the amount of 1 sachet per day for children under 1 year old, 1-2 sachets for children 1–2 years old and 2-3 sachets for children over 2 years old.

Advice for adults

How to take Smektu adults?

To alleviate the symptoms and cure the cause of digestive problems, adults should drink ½ tbsp. suspension, the basis for which is warm boiled water. Proper preparation of the suspension is the gradual pouring of the powder into the water. At the same time it is necessary to stir it evenly. The dosage prescribed by the doctor must be divided into 3 doses per day.

Treatment of acute dearrhea involves the reception of 6 sachets per day. If the readings are different, take 3 sachets. Depending on the disease, the duration of the course of treatment is also varied: from 3 days to 1 week. Smektu can be taken before and after meals. In the first case, this should be done in an hour, in the second - after 2 hours. Smektu allowed to take pregnant women and lactating mothers, and the correction mode of admission is not required.

If taking Smecta does not improve, then the symptoms of the disease should seek medical help.

Smecta is a safe and effective drug to combat the problems of the digestive system. Medication is allowed for adults, children, pregnant and lactating mothers. Treatment Smekta should be stopped if you notice the manifestation of certain side effects. If you do not see the effect of taking the drug, consult a doctor immediately.

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