How to take calcium


Calcium D3 Nycomed - an integral drug that is able to compensate for the lack of such important for the normal functioning of the body, elements like calcium and vitamin D3. The remedy is taken when there is a shortage of these components, it is used in preventive measures for the treatment of osteoporosis.

In addition, it has such positive effects as improving the strength of nails and hair, will help strengthen the enamel on the teeth and bone tissue. Who has these problems, of course, are interested in how to take calcium D3 Nicomed? In our article we will answer all questions!

How to take calcium D3 Nycomed correctly?

How to take calcium D3 Nycomed

If the lack of calcium and vitamin D is treated for children who are under the age of twelve and adults, one tablet is prescribed twice a day. If the drug is given to children under five years of age, the dosage is prescribed only by a doctor. If the body does not have enough vitamins, the duration of the course of taking the drug is about a month. If a second course is needed, only a doctor will prescribe it.

When a cure for a disease such as osteoporosis, 1 tablet is prescribed in the morning, evening and afternoon. In preventive measures of the disease, one tablet in the morning and evening. The duration of treatment is based on the individual characteristics of the organism, depending on its general condition. Women who are preparing to become a mother, it is advised not to violate the instructions and strictly drink a certain dosage, which was prescribed by the doctor. The fact is that excess calcium can adversely affect the fetus.

Anyone can drink the drug as during the meal, and after. The tablet form of the drug can be absorbed, swallowed, chewed.

Conditions for better absorption of supplements

how to take calcium so that it is better absorbed by the body

Having learned what dosage is necessary in that or another case, the question arises, how to get the best effect from the remedy, how to take calcium so that it is better absorbed by the body? Calcium is better absorbed in the human body, you must comply with certain conditions, such as:

  • Observed a certain diet, which is appointed by the doctor.
  • Do sports, moderate exercise.
  • Acidity of gastric juice.

Also, calcium may not be completely absorbed, if barbiturates and phenytoins are taken simultaneously with it, they reduce the activity of the components. Also, the intake of corticosteroids has a negative effect on the absorption of the mineral complex, calcium is poorly absorbed into the blood and is almost not absorbed.

But, there is a downside, if the patient takes diuretic agents of the thiazide type, the agent with calcium will have a detrimental effect, which will affect the general well-being of the person.

How to take calcium D3 Nycomed, we found out. But, it is worth knowing that, like any remedy, the mineral complex has its drawbacks, which are expressed in the form of such side effects as nausea, flatulence, constipation or just the opposite, loose stools, stomach cramps, an allergic reaction may occur. Although the complex and vitamin, but before applying medical consultation is necessary!