How to take black cumin oil inside for prevention and


There are many amazing plants that have benefited mankind since ancient times. Modern people affected by various chemicals and a polluted environment should remember the healing properties of black cumin. But, in order not to harm yourself with this potent agent, you need to know how to take black cumin oil.

Black cumin (lat. Nigella sativa) is a plant of the buttercup family, which is from 1 thousand BC. e. cultivated in eastern countries and used for medicinal purposes. The use of this herb is confirmed by official medicine. The oil is extracted from the seeds of black cumin by cold pressing, which allows you to fully preserve its chemical composition. Depending on the type of plant, the product can be of different colors - from brownish to dark green, but it certainly has a pleasant aftertaste and aroma.

Caraway Oil - Universal Medicine

Caraway Oil - Universal Medicine

Black cumin oil can not be taken, like many other herbal preparations, in large quantities, because its biological activity is very high. Therefore, in phytotherapeutic recipes, this medicine is most often presented in conjunction with other ingredients that also help to eliminate a specific problem. You need to measure the oil with a plastic, not a metal spoon.

With flu, bronchitis and cough

  1. Mix the cumin oil with olive oil half and put it in the nose 3-5 times a day.
  2. 1 tbsp. l Add black cumin oil to 1 liter of boiling water and inhale.
  3. Combine warm olive oil with cumin in a ratio of 1: 5 and rub the chest.
  4. In the morning and in the evening before meals, take 1 tsp. oil under the tongue and dissolve.

With increasing body temperature

  1. Add 7 drops of medicated oil in 1 tbsp. green tea or anise decoction.
  2. Take after meals for a week.

With gastric ulcer and gastritis

  1. In 1 tbsp. buckwheat honey, add 10 drops of caraway oil.
  2. Before breakfast, eat 1 tsp. the resulting mixture and drink it 1 tbsp. preheated milk.
  3. The course of treatment should last 2 months.

With flatulence and diarrhea

  1. In the case of increased gas formation in the intestine, add 3 drops of the product to a cup of black tea.
  2. To stop diarrhea, 1 tbsp. l Put oil in 1 tbsp. natural yogurt and eat 2 times a day before meals.

For liver diseases

  1. 5 drops of medication and 1 tbsp. l ground oak bark, place in 1 tbsp. May honey.
  2. 6-7 weeks take the mixture on an empty stomach and 1 tbsp. l

With headache

  1. 3 days drink caraway seed oil 1 tsp. 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
  2. Rub the whiskey with oil.
  3. At the time of treatment, refuse products containing cocoa.

With hypertension

  1. Add 5 drops of black cumin oil to hot drinks.
  2. Rub the body with cumin and olive oil, combined in equal shares.


  1. Put a few drops into cold milk.
  2. Drink 1 tbsp. milk 2 times a day.

To lower blood cholesterol

  1. 7 drops of medicine put in 1 tbsp. mint decoction.
  2. You can sweeten the drink 1 tsp. chestnut or buckwheat honey.
  3. Use this decoction every day on an empty stomach.
  4. Try to reduce the consumption of fatty foods.

With stressful conditions and insomnia

  1. Mix 2 drops of oil with 5 g of honey, best of all, cipher.
  2. Eat honey before dinner.

As a rule, black cumin oil is also taken for the prevention of various diseases, since this remedy is an excellent immunomodulator. To protect against viruses and infections, adults should be 1 tsp. Cumin oil per day mixed with low-fat sour cream, freshly squeezed orange or apple juice, honey and consumed after breakfast. Children's dose - ½ tsp. in a day.

Black cumin give slimming bright mood

Black cumin give slimming bright mood

According to experienced nutritionists, black cumin oil can be taken for weight loss. To the result did not disappoint, strictly follow the instructions given in the scheme. Acceptance of this herbal drug should be accompanied by a change in diet. Exclude from the menu animal fats and fast carbohydrates, replacing them with dairy products, fish dishes, cereals, vegetables and savory fruits.

  • Week 1

Half an hour before breakfast 1 tsp. oil wash down 1 tbsp. purified water.

  • 2 week

Use the same “drink” half an hour before dinner.

  • 3 week

In the morning, drink 2 tsp. oil and drink 2 tbsp. water, and in the evening receive cancel.

  • 4 week

Follow the directions for 1 week.

  • 5 week

Take 1 tbsp. l butter before breakfast, no water.

  • 6 week

Increase the dose to 2 tbsp. l

  • 7 week

Drink 2 tsp. means before meals.

  • 8 week

Return to the dosage and 1 week schedule again.

After completing such a course aimed at eliminating excess weight, add a cumin product to vegetable salads 2-3 times a week. In addition, you should always remember how to properly take black cumin oil, for losing weight you are not required to take any other fat-burning oil until 2-3 months have passed, otherwise the body will be too overloaded.

When does healing oil harm?

Caraway seed oil is contraindicated in:

  • taking drugs that lower blood sugar levels;
  • pregnancy, as it can cause miscarriage (but increases the production of breast milk during lactation);
  • recent transfusion of blood or abdominal surgery;
  • organ transplantation (causes rejection).

In addition, this medicinal plant can provoke an allergic reaction, which is expressed in the appearance of urticaria, swelling of the face and nasopharynx, difficulty in breathing and digestive disorders. Before you start taking black cumin oil inside, check with your doctor.

Many health problems are solved with the help of black cumin oil. Experts confirm that the extract from the seeds of this herb is a highly effective preparation of a wide spectrum of action. Knowing how to take such a natural medicine correctly, one can make sure that in the arsenal of ancient doctors there were means that can make life easier for each of us, modern people.