How to take baking soda against cancer


Cancer - this is the case when a person is ready to grasp at any straw. Therefore, even those who are skeptical of unconventional treatment methods are reconsidering their opinions. Among cancer patients there are persistent rumors about how effective baking soda is against cancer. How to take this "medicine" and whether it will worsen the patient's condition?

"Handy" panacea for cancer?

how effective is baking soda against cancer

It is hard to believe, but according to some doctors and traditional healers, salvation from cancer can be found in the kitchen cupboard in every home. Such miraculous abilities possesses ordinary cheap baking soda. What is the special role of sodium bicarbonate? It helps to normalize the alkaline balance in the body. It is important!

The PH rate of the medium for a person is 7, 41. The value of 4.5 is considered critical. Cancer begins its destructive activity when it drops to 5.41. Lymphocytes (namely, they most actively resist tumors) best cope with their protective functions when the alkaline index is 7.4 pH. The cells affected by oncology intensively form an acidic environment around themselves. This has a negative effect on the work of the lymph nodes, and also stimulates the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other "evil spirits" in the body.

Italian treatment method: harmless, effective and cost free

The anti-cancer method of treatment with soda was suggested by Dr. Tullio Simoncini (in the past, he was a children's oncologist, deprived of the right to work in his specialty, precisely because he proposed this technique). It was he who put forward the version that this substance is capable of killing cancer cells, since it deprives them of the necessary conditions for existence.

As you know, a cancer begins to grow in the body if a person’s immune system fails and cannot withstand the attack of malignant cells. For the same reason, Candida fungi are activated in the body. Simoncini suggested that there is a direct connection between these two pathologies (candidiasis and cancer). Based on this, he concluded that soda is capable of cracking down on dangerous cells. Alkaline environment is not the most favorable place for the growth of a colony of sinister candidates. But scientific studies have shown that for cancerous lesions and metastases the most comfortable is the acidic environment, but not alkaline.

The conclusion suggests itself: if you maintain the alkaline balance in the body with soda, then the cancer will have no chance.

How exactly to use soda in the fight against cancer?

How exactly to use soda in the fight against cancer

If everything is so simple, then it turns out that everyone at home can use baking soda against cancer. How to take it for prevention and treatment?

There is only one way to cure a malignant neoplasm with sodium bicarbonate. The soda solution is injected at the site where the tumor has settled. For this manipulation, a special instrument is used - a tube that resembles an endoscope in appearance.

In addition, the patient must, without fail, use a 20% soda solution inside every day without interruption.

After resection (surgical removal of the tumor), it is recommended to put soda droppers - to prevent recurrence. They are made according to this scheme: 10 intravenous fluids (3-5% soda solution) 1 time per day, then a 6-day break. The course is repeated from 3 to 4 times.

But all these procedures can be carried out only in the hospital, and how to be treated at home? The sod supporters of Simonchini’s theory recommend taking twice a day, at a dose of 0.5–1 g, after first spreading it in purified water or milk.

Does soda trust your life?

Not everyone shares the enthusiasm of the Italian oncologist. This theory has many opponents who call Simonchini a charlatan. They give their counterarguments: soda solution just alkalinizes and dries mucous membranes, thus preventing the development of co-infections. This tool will help slow the growth of the fungus, but will not kill it. Due to certain properties, soda actually brings some relief to oncological patients who have external cancer ulcerations. But this effect is temporary. While a person is trying to overcome cancer with soda, the tumor cells spread throughout the body and infect various organs.

Nevertheless, the hypothesis about the ability of sodium bicarbonate to treat cancer (in its early stages) aroused interest not only among patients, but also among competent specialists. In some countries, it even adopted.

A conspiracy of pharmacists or a terrible reality?

Will soda help against cancer

Official medicine rejected the "know-how" of the Italian doctor. He, in turn, explains this with the malicious intent of pharmaceutical corporations that produce expensive chemotherapy drugs. Since no one has ever conducted serious studies on the effect of soda on the development of cancer tumors, it is difficult to refute or confirm the effectiveness of this method.

Reliably confirmed facts of healing from cancer with soda solutions are not. But it is known that one patient died from perforation of the intestine due to infusion of soda solution. The same fate awaited the girl, who tried in this way to recover from uterine cancer.

What can turn soda cancer treatment?

As medical practice shows, attempts to cure cancer with unconventional methods often end fatally. As for soda, it is not as harmless as might be expected. Here are the consequences of the regular use of sodium bicarbonate:

  • normal digestive processes in the digestive tract organs are disturbed;
  • intestinal microflora and stomach will suffer;
  • the ratio of microbial balance in the upper respiratory tract, liver and organs of the urogenital system will change;
  • Artificial alkalization can disrupt the metabolism.
  • prolonged use of soda has the opposite effect - provokes cancer.

Despite the efforts of researchers, the number of cancer patients is not decreasing, but growing. That is why many people do not trust official medicine, but seek help from nature or turn to alternative methods. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, have surgery, undergo chemotherapy (or radiation). In parallel with this (with the consent of the doctor) you can try to heal the soda, and live without any predictions - now and today.