How to take a gainer for mass gain correctly


Gainer is a dietary supplement to increase energy intake and stimulate muscle growth. The natural question is how often and when is best to take this product. Some say, the more, the better, because the weight is still not quickly pick up. And it seems to us that we must first figure out how to take a gainer to gain weight and not harm the figure.

About gainer, weight gain, the dangers and benefits of all this

About Gainer, Weight Gain, Harm and Benefit

We need to start with the fact that gainer is not doping and not steroids, but an ordinary dietary supplement made from natural ingredients: milk powder for protein and maize or wheat to replenish carbohydrates. This drug is not harmful to health and has the same effect on the body as food, except for the fact that it is a powder mixture.

Gainer is a low calorie product, rich in proteins that promote weight gain. First of all, it is intended for athletes, because ordinary people can get enough calories and gain some weight just by eating right.

How it works?

The carbohydrates contained in the gainer provide, after a workout, the production of insulin, which is known to transport sugar in the blood to muscle cells. There it will accumulate in the form of fat, thereby increasing the mass. At the same time, proteins, entering the muscles, are used in them as a building material that ensures the growth of new cells.

When is it best to take this dietary supplement?

Considering the mechanism of the effect of the geyner on the body, the optimal time for taking the drug is immediately after exercise, because carbohydrates and high-quality whey protein at this point will be absorbed much faster with the achievement of the maximum effect.

In order to maintain this effect throughout the day, a second intake of a geyner should be made 1-2 hours before bedtime, since the body should not rely on its own protein and consume it from the muscles, thereby nullifying the results.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like everything we eat, drink and breathe, gainers for mass gain can do both harm and good. Many may ask why spend money on nutritional supplements, if you can gain weight by simply increasing your caloric intake. The problem is that large amounts of sugar and protein consumed from traditional sources are low-grade. In order to build muscle, you need not only quantity but also quality.

A haphazard consumption of excess carbohydrates of poor quality leads to the deposition of excess fat. Proteins consumed must also be of high quality - here the biological value is crucial. In this regard, gainer is an indispensable high quality product.

gainers contain a wide range of microelements

The undoubted advantages of a gainer are:

  • low calorie and ease of use;
  • the fastest possible delivery of energy and protein to muscles;
  • Gainer is much cheaper than protein powder.

But there are, of course, critical comments. Muscle growth, in addition to a large amount of energy and high-quality proteins, requires various trace elements, minerals, vitamins. Suppliers of energy and protein in the form of nutritional supplements leave the body without important micronutrients.

Some weight gainers contain a wide range of trace elements, vitamins and minerals. However, not everyone can consume artificial micronutrients, and for the price of such additives is much more expensive.

In short, the main problem is how to link the energy from a gainer with a natural diet in order to provide your body with everything you need and achieve muscle growth.

How to make a cocktail?

Usually a gainer for gaining muscle mass is taken as an energy cocktail, diluting the powder with water or milk. A dose of powder mixed with 100 g of water or milk contains about 400 Kcal.

To prepare a cocktail, take 150-300 g of a gainer powder and mix it with 0.3-0.5 l of milk or water. A mixer, blender, shaker is suitable for mixing, as long as the mixture turns out to be homogeneous, without any grains or lumps. In this form, the cocktail is absorbed into the body as quickly as possible. Drink a gainer, as a rule, in addition to the three traditional meals. That is quite enough.

In fact, each athlete decides how to take a weight gainer for mass gaining, taking into account various factors. These include diet, basal metabolic rate, dissipated power, metabolic type, taking other nutritional supplements, and so on.

There is a simple and practical way to determine your need for supplements:

  1. Before starting the course, weigh and record your weight.
  2. Take a gainer during the week, as indicated on the package.
  3. A week later - a new weighing, and you have to add in weight no more than 200-300 g. If you do not fall into this gap, adjust the dose of the weight gainer by increasing or decreasing it.
  4. The cycle of "trial and error" is repeated until you steadily add 200-300 g per week.

Expert advice

how to take a gainer for mass gain

It is important to understand that dietary supplements are only a supplement, not a substitute for the main diet. Therefore, first of all your attention should be focused on improving the diet and only then on the use of the target supplement.

When buying a geyner, choose a low-sugar product because it showed a negative health effect. The use of supplements can lead to the formation of excess fat, so regular weight control is required.

Generally, if you do not exercise regularly, then to gain weight, you only need to change your diet by choosing products with high quality carbohydrates, protein and sugar. Gainer should be the last resort if it was not possible to achieve a result with a diet.