How to stop hiccup

Hiccups can occur at the most inopportune moment for various reasons, while not always it goes away on its own. But even with the strongest reaction of the organism, you can cope, it is enough to know a few simple techniques and little tricks.

How to stop hiccups: proven methods

How to stop hiccup?

To stop strong hiccups, you should use the following methods:

  • It is necessary to swallow a small amount of something bitter or sour. In the event that something with strong and unusual taste gets into the body, the spasm can pass on its own and very quickly;
  • To get rid of hiccups, you can use the reflex path. To this end, several fingers are placed in the mouth, as if trying to artificially provoke an emetic reflex. However, do not really cause vomiting. Thus, one should try to simply knock down the existing rhythm of diaphragm contractions;
  • To stop the hiccups, you need to slowly, in small sips, drink a glass of plain water (preferably not carbonated). This will help release the pharynx and the esophagus from food debris, therefore, the hiccups are eliminated, of course, if it was provoked by this very reason;
  • There are cases that a strong startle helps to get rid of hiccups, but it is better not to abuse this method. Most often, but not always, after a strong startle spasms pass;
  • If the hiccups do not pass for a long time, you can use the following method - open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Next you need to take the tongue with your fingers and slightly pull it in the direction away from you;
  • Another 1 interesting way to get rid of otikoty. In this case, you need around the head of a person suffering from hiccups, tie a narrow red ribbon or a red thread at eye level. A person switches his attention to a new object and stops hiccupping.

In the event that attacks of hiccups occur quite often, while continuing to last for a long time, this may be a sure sign that there are certain problems in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor, as only an experienced specialist after the examination will be able to establish the cause that provoked the attack of hiccups.

What to do if you strongly born?

How to stop hiccup?

Hiccups in the newborn babies are quite normal, but many inexperienced young mothers are starting to get very nervous. The most important thing to calm, soon the attack will pass on their own. But, you can try to help the child using the following methods:

  1. Most often in young children, hiccups appear immediately after feeding. The fact is that while eating food the little mummy just swallowed some air. To remove the spasm it is necessary to take the baby in your arms and in an upright position to vilify a little, pressing him to yourself. It is precisely because the baby is in such a position that all the excess air will escape, therefore, the hiccups will stop;
  2. If a child hiccups badly, while he has cold hands, you need to warm him up as quickly as possible. The fact is that very often in young children hiccups result from severe hypothermia, a long stay in a draft;
  3. To stop hiccups in a newborn, lemon juice can be used, but only if the baby is not allergic to it. In this case, instead of lemon juice, you need to take a strong infusion of chamomile. It takes a couple of drops of one of these liquids to drop under the tongue of the child;
  4. In case of prolonged hiccups, the child should be allowed to drink simple water from a bottle or breastfeed;
  5. If the newborn child often suffers from attacks of hiccups, in no case can it be overfeeding. In case of non-observance of this rule, there is a risk that the hiccups will become chronic.

Remove seizures in an adult

How to stop hiccup?

Strong attacks of hiccups can make not only a newborn child nervous, but also an adult, especially if an important meeting is ahead, business negotiations, a long-awaited meeting. The main thing here is to know a few simple folk methods that can take an attack.

  • You can eat a small amount of finely crushed ice or a slice of stale bread;
  • You can get rid of hiccups by sucking on simple lollipops or eat a few lemon slices;
  • It is advised to use another method - you need to lay your hands behind your back and hook into a lock. Then you should try to stretch the lock out of your fingers and at the same time drink water in quick sips (it is important that the water was cold). Here you need an assistant, because someone must hold a glass of water. Thanks to this method, the attack of hiccups passes pretty quickly.

You need to take a few very deep breaths, and then hold your breath. An exhalation is performed in a paper bag, and the next breath is taken from this bag. Thus, there is an increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the blood, making the attack of hiccups much faster.

There is no doubt that at least one of the above methods will help you or your baby to get rid of even a strong attack of hiccups. But the most important condition - a person must calm down completely. Panic and obsession with achieving a certain result can only increase the spasm.

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